There are a lot of things that the Dominican Republic is famous for. According to, some of the things that area is known for include things like chocolate, as well as various kinds of fruit. But another thing this place is really known for is the number of gorgeous resorts people visit each year. Here are some of the adults-only and family-friendly all-inclusive resorts that are located in the Dominican Republic.

There Are Some Great Adults-Only Resorts

Those who are looking to check out some adult-only resorts in the Dominican Republic have quite a few options to choose from. According to, there are some nice places there that are not kid-friendly. Here are a couple of the luxurious resorts that have the best reviews on TripAdvisor.


Catalonia Royal La Romana Is A Place Where Adults Can Enjoy Time Away From Kids

According to, Catalonia Royal La Romana is a wonderful spot where adults can check out when they are looking to have a vacation away from children. Also, there are lots of fun things visitors can do while they are there.

For instance, this is a pretty great place for men and women who are looking to play some tennis, since there is a tennis court there. People who have been there had claimed checking in is really easy, which is a pretty important thing for many people. Visitors have also claimed the rooms themselves are extremely nice, and some guests received a delicious tray of fruit in their rooms.

Punta Cana Princess All Suites Resort & Spa Is A Relaxing And Quiet Place For Adults

According to, this is the place for adults to go if they want to visit a resort that has some really good food. At least one of the reviews that someone left about this famous resort claim that there is a lot of great food there, including steak.

The only drawback to this place is the fact that some of the people who have been there claimed that there is not a lot to do. However, since this place is meant for adults, relaxation seems to be a big deal there, so that is not particularly surprising. This is a place that adults will enjoy if they are in search of some peace and quiet.

Some Of The Resorts There Are Family-Friendly

While some of the people who wish to go to resorts are looking for a trip away from children, there are also lots of people who want to bring children along with them. According to, there are plenty of resorts for families to go to in the Dominican Republic.

Ocean El Faro Has Lots Of Activities For Children

Lots of people of all ages seem to think that Ocean El Faro is a fun place to go. According to, there are lots of really cool and engaging things for kids to take part in while they are there, and this is also a spot that adults love as well.

This is one of many resorts that offers a fun club for their youngest guests to take part in while their parents enjoy some time to themselves. Some of the reviews of this place claim that the staff members are really good with children, so perhaps this is the place for parents to check out when they’re looking for a great vacation spot for the whole family.

Majestic Mirage Punta Cana Has A Club For Kids

Finding a place that can accommodate one’s needs is important, and that is even more true for families who are vacationing together. According to some reviews on, Majestic Mirage Punta Cana has staff members that are very accommodating when it comes to people with food intolerances.

That already makes this an awesome resort for people with children, but there are other things that make this resort a fun family-friendly place as well. For example, they have a club that is just for children, so that means little ones will probably love this place as much as their parents do. Babysitting is also available at this popular resort as well.

Tortuga Bay Hotel Is A Great Resort For People Of All Ages

There is something for everyone to enjoy at Tortuga Bay Hotel, and that is why this is a great spot for families to go to. According to, there are some families who have actually picked this resort multiple times because they love it so much.

Some people have even decided to visit Tortuga Bay Hotel each year instead of finding a new spot to go to. Parents who want to spend some time away from their little ones can take advantage of the babysitting that is offered there. Parents can also get bikes for their kids during their stay.

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