The 10 Best Restaurants In The USA To Get Mac & Cheese, Ranked

On days when all you want is comfort food, a warm bowl of classic Mac and Cheese comes to the rescue. The delicious creamy dish is loved in the US due to its affordability and accessibility. Traditionally made with cheddar cheese and elbow macaroni, the recipe has received a makeover in recent times with versatile toppings, add-ins, and artisan cheese blends.

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The bliss of eating a plate of Mac and Cheese is the same among people of all generations. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best places in the US to get your comfort food fix from.

10 Crave Kitchen and Cocktails – South Carolina

Crave Kitchen and Cocktails, located in South Carolina, deserves the top rank for its award-winning mac and cheese. It was the winner of the poll conducted by Esquire magazine to find the most life-changing mac and cheese in America. With a whopping 85% of the votes in its favor, the restaurant is by far the biggest winner.

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The restaurant has six Charleston mac-off victories to its credit and that makes it America’s favorite spot to enjoy delicious mac and cheese. The famous dish is prepared with 10-year cave-aged sharp cheddar, handmade mozzarella, and imported Parmigiano. The chef’s secret ingredients add a magical twist to the flavorful delicacy.

9 The Attic – California

While in Long Beach, The Attic is a must-visit for its scrumptious cuisines with a Southern California twist. The Attic has taken America for Cheetos to the next level by introducing the Mac n’ Cheetos selection on its menu. The dish is made with a blend of classic cheddar, mozzarella, and jack cheese is topped with hot Cheetos.

If you order Clucker from this section, you will be served a hot plate of mac n’ cheese with fried chicken pieces, a drumstick, and flaming hot Cheetos. The drool-worthy creamy dish is flavorful and you will want to come back for more.

8 Little Pine – Los Angeles

For a gluten-free and soy-free version of the classic mac and cheese, head straight to the Little Pine at Los Angeles. It was named the Restaurant of the Year by VegNews in 2016 and is always praised for its 100% plant-based dishes. The vegan mac and cheese gets the perfect texture with a special homemade cashew cheese sauce.

It's so delectable that sometimes the guests do not even realize that they are having a pure vegan dish and end up loving it. The restaurant not only encourages veganism but donates 100% of its profits to animal organizations. With every bite of their fabulous mac and cheese, you indirectly contribute to a social cause too.

7 Public House – Chicago

The first order that you place at a gastropub will no longer be a beer once you visit the Public House in Chicago. With a choice of 12 interesting toppings, the mac n’ cheese is one of the most popular dishes here. You can get creative here by mixing your choice of toppings that are priced individually.

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For an extravagant treat at $20, you can add all of the toppings that include house-smoked bacon, chorizo, pulled pork and burnt end brisket to name a few. If you're a sports lover, it can't get better than this as you get to watch a match on the huge LED screens while you enjoy the meal.

6 Homeroom – San Francisco

The funky schoolhouse-themed restaurant is the result of the love and craving of the founder Erin Wade for mac & cheese. The restaurant was opened in 2011 and is dedicated completely to serve the best mac and cheese with extremely warm hospitality. The most popular mac here is the Gilroy Garlic that offers a melt-in-the-mouth experience. Even the classy recipe has got a cheesy remake here and is loved by the guests.

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The pizza mac and cheese will make you nostalgic as it is all set to remind you of your high school. For the health-conscious mac ‘n cheese lovers, vegan and gluten-free options are also available.

5 Five Fifty-Five – Portland, Oregon

The prime concept of this restaurant in Portland is to use local and seasonal ingredients to make every dish luscious. The truffle Lobster Mac N’ Cheese is an example of this brilliant concept by Chef Steve Corry and his wife. The butter-poached lobster mixed in with an artisanal cheese blend and black truffles offers a quintessential lobster experience.

The drizzle of white truffle oil makes the dish even more appetizing and visually delightful. However, if you're a big fan of lobster you can try the plain truffle mac n’ cheese and you will be equally impressed. The elegant restaurant also features an open kitchen and is also famous for its award-winning wine list.

4 Datz – Tampa, Florida

Datz at Tampa - St Petersburg has the potential to be the ultimate destination for a comfort food lover. The eclectic menu is filled with a never heard before combination of food and drinks and the owners rightly refer it as a foodie wonderland.

The unique Barry C’s stuffed meatloaf includes a stuffing of bacon-jalapeno mac ‘n cheese topped with a ketchup glaze. It's accompanied by mashed potatoes, peas and pearl onions that complements the dish well. The no. 1 seller here is the burger that is served on bacon-jalapeno mac n’ cheese buns. Although it takes up to 20 minutes for the order to be ready, it is worth the wait.

3 Stonedeck Pizza Pub – Dallas, Texas

With a mission to cook great scratch-kitchen food and to create a home-like environment, Stonedeck Pizza Pub was established in 2014 at Dallas. The pizzeria is adored for its crazy good mac n’ cheese. For meat lovers, there is a specially curated rich mac n’ cheese delicacy with toppings of bacon, ham, pepperoni, beef, and marinara. If you can brave some spicy food, the Hooray for Bollywood is another interesting option.

It includes Indian style Chicken Tikka Masala, feta, and pickled red onion. A vegetarian version named Mean Green is also impressive with a topping of spinach, roasted veggies, and bell peppers.

2 Merchant’s River House – New York

A casual restaurant with a view of the Statue of Liberty, the Merchants River House is an ideal spot for a relaxed evening in New York. The American bistro has an expansive menu and serves everything from pizza and burgers to authentic seafood. The most impressive part of the menu is the Quartet of Mac-n-cheese cone.

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The delicious delicacy is served on a waffle cone with traditional bacon, buffalo chicken and truffle lobster. Modifications are not allowed on the cone, but you definitely won’t feel the need to change the ingredients as it is amazingly delicious. The convenience to carry the mac n’ cheese on the go is what makes it even more popular.

1 Blue Door Kitchen & Garden – Chicago, Illinois

The celebrated and award-winning Chef Art Smith is the executive chef of the farm to table oasis, Blue Door Kitchen in Chicago. The restaurant serves fresh delicacies cooked to perfection with seasonal ingredients sourced from midwest farms. The famous macaroni and cheese is made with a delectable mornay sauce and cavatappi (corkscrew-shaped) pasta. The slow-cooked bechamel sauce with shredded cheddar is extremely rich and creamy.

The interesting shape of cavatappi holds the sauce well so you can enjoy the flavor in every bite. The affordable dish is priced at $9 and you need not search any further restaurant if hunger pangs strike you at Chicago.

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