Within the concrete jungle of New York City is an infinite amount of restaurants claiming to be the best. Every kind of food, cuisine, and ingredient is available in the city, and separating the quality establishments from the average eateries can be quite a task.

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Thanks to the reviews and ratings on TripAdvisor, it’s easier to get an idea about which restaurants offer an unforgettable culinary experience, and which ones fail to stand out from the rest. Keep reading to discover 10 of the best restaurants in the Big Apple according to TripAdvisor, and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

10 Piccola Cucina Osteria, 4.5 Stars

Look no further than Piccola Cucina Osteria for a truly authentic Italian dining experience. Located on Spring Street, Piccola Cucina (and its sister eateries, Piccola Cucina Enoteca and Piccola Cucina Estiatorio) specializes in traditional Sicilian cuisine, which differs from other regions of Italy due to its ancient origins and Arabic influence.

Founded by Sicilian Philip Guardione, Piccola Cucina literally translates to “small kitchen” and boasts Mediterranean favorites like spaghetti and pasta with ragù sauce. You’ll also find southern Italian delicacies like arancini rice balls and stuffed artichokes. For a unique culinary experience, guests should try Piccola Cucina’s wonderful Italian sushi.

9 Black Sushi, 4.5 Stars

If it’s real sushi you’re after, then head to Manhattan’s Black Sushi. Named after natural black rice, which is sometimes called forbidden rice, the eatery is perhaps New York’s best-known innovative multi-grain sushi establishment. Situated in a new location near Time’s Square, Black Sushi aims to serve sushi that is healthier but still delicious.

In this relaxed eatery, you’ll also find organic black rice wraps, noodles and rice bowls, salads and other sides. With 4.5 stars, Black Sushi is one of TripAdvisor’s most popular dining options in New York City.

8 Club A Steakhouse, 4.5 Stars

You can’t go to New York and not visit an authentic steakhouse. Established in 2007 by Albanian-born restaurateur Bruno Selimaj, Club A encompasses all the values that were instilled in Selimaj during his upbringing, including always practicing respect and hospitality.

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There are a separate piano room and wine cellar located in the steakhouse, which is situated on the border of the Upper East Side on East 58th Street. More than a decade after it first opened, patrons continue to frequent the high-end steakhouse to sample its range of steaks, chops, seafood, vegetable sides, and a particularly divine cheeseburger.

7 SottoCasa Pizzeria, 5 Stars

With locations in Brooklyn and Harlem, SottoCasa is among the highest-rated Italian establishments on TripAdvisor. Though SottoCasa is a traditional pizzeria, they also offer appetizers and antipasti, salads and pizza bianca, or pizza without red sauce.

In Italian, SottoCasa translates to “under the house”, and was chosen to describe the ambiance of the restaurant rather than its physical location. While it is nestled at the bottom of a brick townhouse, SottoCasa, the name is more about the “welcome home” feel that guests get when they first walk through the doors.

6 Boucherie Union Square, 5 Stars

Boucherie Union Square is a top West Side bistro serving up authentic French fare and is the ideal place to go for a fancy date night. The brasserie specializes in French classics including escargot and coq au vin, and also offers dry-aged steaks and platters of rich fromage.

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Guests can eat at the butcher counter, in the spacious dining room, in the exclusive second-floor gallery or at the outdoor café, enjoying the white marble décor as they enjoy delicious food and wine from the extensive selection. The menu caters to breakfast, brunch, lunch, late lunch, green hour drinks, dinner, and dessert.

5 Loi Estiatorio, 4.5 Stars

Loi Estiatorio boasts the very best of Greek cuisine, from classic dishes like grilled halloumi and spinach pie to seafood specialties featuring squid and octopus. The recipes come from Chef Maria Loi’s book The Greek Diet and utilize healthy ingredients that make up the essence of Greek food. The scent of olive oil, seafood, yogurt, and Mediterranean herbs and spices is evident from the moment guests walk through the doors.

The high-end establishment combines stellar service, fresh produce and a fine-dining ambiance to create a quality culinary experience. The dessert menu also offers a range of traditional Greek sweets, including the famous baklava.

4 Spice Symphony, 4.5 Stars

Celebrating the wonders of fusion, Spice Symphony specializes in authentic Indian food with a Chinese influence. Featuring a coastal theme, the restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and a detailed menu that caters to every kind of taste. Fans of classic Indian won’t be disappointed with the samosas, lamb korma and tender meats from the tandoor. Those looking for something unique tend to go for dishes from the fusion menu, like the Indian Chinese sweet corn soup.

Opened in 2012, Spice Symphony now spans across two locations—one on East 50thStreet, and one on Lexington Avenue between 31stand 32nd.

3 Jungsik, 4.5 Stars

Jungsik brings Korean food to a whole new level. Describes as “New Korean” by chef Yim, the menu features bold flavors that bring new twists to traditional Korean cuisine. Black cod, duck, urchin, scallops, and caviar are some of the main ingredients in the elegant and flawlessly displayed dishes at Jungsik.

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In Korean, Jung Sik is a formal dinner, but it is also the name of the restaurant’s chef, making it the perfect title for the sophisticated establishment. Jungsik offers signature tasting menus and a contemporary dessert menu, as well as a broad wine list.

2 Samba Kitchen & Bar, 4.5 Stars

Situated on 9thAvenue, Samba Kitchen & Bar serves up tasty Brazilian classics and a range of cocktails to the backdrop of traditional live music that will make you want to dance. The perfect spot for a celebration, the casual venue also boasts live dance performances and happy hour.

The menu is designed to be shared and features a number of small plates allowing guests to sample Brazilian fare. There are also mains of chicken, meat and seafood on offer, and house favorites like feijoada, fried banana, mashed potatoes and bife a Portuguese.

1 Russ & Daughters Café, 4.5 Stars

Opening in 2014 as an extension of the Russ & Daughters catering brand, the Café was designed to give loyal customers a place to sit down and enjoy their appetizers in-house, without having to take them home.

Russ & Daughters specializes in Jewish and Eastern European-inspired nosh, including soups, salads, and a variety of ways with eggs. Salmon, herring, and caviar play a starring role in the menu, which is often presented on boards. The warm and welcoming establishment is open every night until 10 p.m. at its Orchard Street location.

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