While many people assume that being vegan is all about staying healthy and fit, there are plenty of people who choose it simply for the sake of the animals. However, whether it’s for health, the animals, the planet, or any combinations of those reasons, everyone, absolutely everyone, has a weakness for fast food at some point or another. Whether it’s tacos from a large chain, pizza from a smaller chain, or a burger chain inspired by one of Califonia’s favorites, Los Angeles has all the fried, deep-fried, greasy, and plant-based guilty pleasures you could ever need.

10 10. Del Taco

That’s right. Some of the biggest chain restaurants in the world are slowly making the switch to a more vegan-friendly menu. While places like McDonald's and Burger King are just beginning to consider their options, Del Taco has been serving up vegan-friendly dishes (made with Beyond Meat's Impossible Burger) for some time now. So for any vegans out there who happen to be in a hurry with only a Del Taco in sight, worry no more. Just pull up to the drive-through and ask for a beyond taco or substitute the beyond meat into any number of other options (and skip the cheese, of course).

9 9. Blaze Pizza

Another sizeable chain on this list, Blaze Pizza has plenty of options for anyone looking to steer clear of the animal products. For anyone unfamiliar, Blaze Pizza is essentially the Subway (another chain sorely lacking in vegan-friendly options) of pizza. With a large variety of fruits and vegetables, including roasted red peppers, artichoke, along with pineapples and jalapeno there are plenty of possibilities. They also have a vegan mozzarella, because as many can probably agree (regardless of where they may stand on the whole pineapple on pizza debate) the WORST type of pizza is a pizza without cheese. Seriously. Why even bother?

8 8. Baja Cali Fish & Tacos

Don’t be fooled by the name, Baja Cali Fish & Tacos may be serving up some fare that vegans usually tend to stay away from, but they’ve also a secret weapon to pull the vegans of Los Angeles out in droves. Cena Vegan. Much like another vegan fast food joint that will be mentioned later, Baja Cali Fish & Tacos has a steady stream of Cena Vegan meats delivered to locations all of Los Angeles. However, anyone looking to hoping to avoid breaking vegan edge should be sure to stick strictly to the vegan tacos. They also have protein style for anyone trying to avoid the carbs!

7 7. Nextmex Express

Anyone familiar with the Los Angeles vegan scene knows that Doomie’s is responsible for some of the most mouth-watering vegan fare in all of Los Angeles County. While they have several restaurants focusing on everything from comfort food to traditional (vegan) Mexican cuisine, Doomie’s Nextmex Express, located in City Terrace, is focused on fast, simple Mexican favorites. The entire menu, like all of their restaurants, is vegan. They’re dishing out incredible tinga “pollo” tacos and wet burritos, bulgogi and mole “pollo” fiesta bowls. Their menu may be somewhat small, but the possibilities and endlessly delicious.

6 6. Orean’s The Health Express

Orean’s The Health Express has been a vegan fast food staple in Pasadena since long before being vegan was the trendy thing to do. And it’ll likely be there long after many vegans have gone back to their omnivorous ways.

5 5. Ramenhood

Should any hungry vegans find themselves near Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles with very little time on their hands and an undeniable hankering for ramen, look no further than Ramenhood, located inside the iconic Grand Central Market. Ramenhood is serving up delicious, savory, and spicy ramen composed of a creamy and delicious broth, with noodle that will have you slurping in no time. Any vegans not particularly interested in the Ramen or the vegan egg inside of it may find the bahn mi poutine more appetizing. They come out hot and quick so be ready to dig in!

4 4. Monty’s Good Burger

Since popping up, Monty’s Good Burger has often been compared to California staple, In'N'Out. While their impossible burgers, simple menu, and delicious shakes are very reminiscent of In'N'Out, their prices are not. So for anyone looking to be served up a pile of fries and tats topped with vegan cheese, two Impossible patties, and all the sauces in the house, just be prepared to pay a little extra. However, the price alone should not discourage anyone from stopping by because the ingredients they use, from the patty to the bun and even the condiments have had a lot of thought put behind them. The second the first bite hits the taste buds of its unsuspecting victim, they’ll be left wondering why they didn’t just order more to begin with.

3 . Doomie’s Home Cookin’

Doomie’s Home Cookin’, located in Hollywood is serving up some of the most amazing comfort food (fried “chicken”, mac and cheese, and several different variety of fries), along with some other incredibly inventive and delicious dishes (fried avocados, peanut butter and “bacon” burger, and “shrimp” po boys).

2 2. Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill is the largest all vegan fast-casual chain in the country. They’ve been serving vegan favorites quickly and deliciously for years. While the menu contains some of the usual suspects, kale caesar salad, buffalo cauliflower, and fries, they also have a seasonal menu often used to explore the possibilities of what a fast-casual vegan restaurant can create. Most recently their spring menu includes a pulled “pork” sandwich using meats from another vegan staple in Los Angeles, Cena Vegan, as well barbacoa tacos with meats also provided by Cena Vegan. They vegan fast-food revolution has already begun, and Veggie Grill has got quite the headstart. With famous fans like Kevin Smith (who became a dedicated fan after suffering his recent heart attack which led him to make the switch to a vegan diet) constantly boosting them on all of his social media platforms, it’s wonder Veggie Grill hasn’t completely taken over.

1 1. Burger Lords

Another all vegan burger joint that runs strikingly similar to In'N'Out, Burgerlords has mastered the art of creating a delicious and relatively cheap burger quickly and efficiently. With a couple of locations (Chinatown & highland park), Burgerlords is beginning to expand throughout Southern California. They’ve got all the classic In N Out-inspired meals. The classic cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, animal style fries, and even vegan milkshakes. They’ve also recently added tofu nuggets to their menu, so anyone looking to fill that nugget-sized void has a good reason to stop by.