Cutting through Northern Arizona and parts of Southern Utah, Lake Powell is a manmade reservoir standing steadily along the Colorado River. The lake is counted among Arizona’s natural wonders. Not far from the lake is the Grand Canyon.

The presence of all these features within the same locality explains why most tourists look for accommodation near the Lake Powell region. From luxurious lake fronts to affordable apartments, there are multiple options for vacationers to consider.

These are the top-rated resorts on Lake Powell.

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10 Lake Powell Resort

Top on the list of hotels to consider for an Arizona vacation is the Lake Powell Resort. Named after the lake, this resort offers vacationers exclusive access to the lake region. Also, it is among the few hotels in the area with a beach. The strategic location of this resort means vacationers enjoy incredible views of the lake and the Colorado River outlet.

  • Location: 100 Lake Shore Drive Page, AZ 86040, U.S.
  • Cost: $154/Night/Room

9 Lake Powell Canyon Inn

Hotels in the Lake Powell region have completely ignored the inclusion of pools in their overall design. However, the Lake Powell Canyon Inn resort is a whole different package. On the front side of the hotel is a pool area that gives vacationers a chance to soak away Arizona’s scorching sun. The hotel is also fitted with a glass sliding door and a back patio area giving vacationers a rare opportunity to enjoy the region’s serene environment.

  • Location: 150 N Lake Powell Blvd, Page, AZ 86040, U.S.
  • Cost: $83/Night/Room

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8 Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Hotels on Lake Powell are breaking the lake tradition by the day. Most are ignoring the lake shore and opting for outdoor pools. A good example of a hotel that meets this description is Holiday Inn Express & Suites. This resort is fitted with world-grade material, including a well-furnished fitness center. Vacationers who feel the outdoor pool at the hotel is not enough can still stroll their way to the lake.

  • Location: 643 S Lake Powell Blvd, Page, AZ 86040, U.S.
  • Cost: $205/Night/Room

7 Sleep In & Suites

Architecture is one of the key selling points as far as modern tourism is concerned. Hotels in Arizona seem to have realized that and using it to their advantage. Sleep Inn & Suites is a demonstration of how a good architectural representation can make up for other flaws. Also, the hotel features some amenities only common in five-star hotels. From an indoor heated pool to a fully equipped kitchen, vacationers have every reason to consider this facility for their next Arizona vacation.

  • Location: 673 Scenic View Rd, Page, AZ 86040, U.S.
  • Cost: $126/Night/Room

6 Antelope Canyon Inn

Judging by its name, this hotel seats in a serene location where vacationers looking to get the most from their budget have an incredible view of the Grand Canyon and its wildlife. This resort has virtually all the amenities vacationers expect to find in places of its kind. The free BBQ area attached to this facility comes as a huge bonus. Adventurers should never be worried about missing out on their favorite grills.

  • Location: 75 S 7th Ave, Page, AZ 86040, U.S.
  • Cost: $81/Night/Room

5 Lake Powell Motel & Apartments

The Lake Powell Motel & Apartments is a great way to vacation in the Arizona Desert. The hotel uniquely incorporates home-like features, which makes the vacation feel more like an everyday activity. From a fully furnished kitchen to a serene living room, these apartments are the go-to options when vacationing in the Grand Canyon.

  • Location: 750 S Navajo Drive Page, AZ 86040, U.S.
  • Cost: $118/Night

4 Vermillion Cliffs House

The Vermillion Cliffs House is a good option for vacationers who want to stay not too close to the lake and not all that far. Seated approximately 15KM from Lake Powell, this accommodation option is more of a housing rental than a resort. However, it has all the features of a resort including a patio, heating, and a cot.

  • Location: 584 Robert Ln Page, AZ 86040, US.
  • Cost: $552/Night/Room

3 The Penthouse At Lake Powell

Closing this list of incredible resorts to house Arizona vacationers is the Penthouse at Lake Powell. This property sits in a prime location with the best eateries and bars. Inside this hotel feels like paradise. Vacationers have a lot to explore in the area surrounding this penthouse.

  • Location: Page, AZ 86040, U.S.
  • Cost: $122/Night/Room

2 Bullfrog Marina

Not far from the Lake is another resort whose unique architecture carries the day. Bullfrog is an all-inclusive resort that can accommodate the handicapped. The hotel’s proximity to restaurants means vacationers can easily enjoy meals from places of their choice. It is also a pet-friendly place that allows people to vacay as a complete family.

  • Location: UT-276, Lake Powell, UT 84533, U.S.
  • Cost: $200+/Night/Room

1 Amangiri

Amangiri is more than just a lakefront hotel. It is a luxury resort complete with villas and suites. Vacationers have private courtyards with incredible desert views. The Amangiri is fitted with a stable Wi-Fi connection, which allows vacationers to get in touch with the outside world. Best still, the resort is fitted with a spa facility where vacationers go to relax their muscles after an eventful day. Vacationers who will be opting for this hotel must be ready to spend big. Services here don’t come cheaply.

  • Location: 1 Kayenta Rd, Canyon Point, UT 84741, U.S.
  • Cost: $5035/Night/Room