The Great Wall of China is China's most popular tourist destination with 10 million people visiting every year. A trip to China would be incomplete without seeing this 21,000 kilometers long historical treasure. Walking across the various parts of the structure will take travelers to ancient times while also showcasing its distinct architecture. To know more, here are the top things to do on the Great Wall of China.

10 Hiking

Each section of the Great Wall offers a wide range of topography, allowing visitors to traverse kilometers of breathtaking scenery. Walking on and around the Great Wall is without a doubt one of the most popular activities among tourists and locals alike. Many firms provide guided hiking outings ranging from several hours midday, until midnight. Also, the multitude of pathways surrounding the wall is attributable to the terraced rice paddy fields that have been used in Chinese agriculture for generations.

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9 Paragliding

Paragliding in Simatai is for thrill enthusiasts visiting the Great Wall. At a height of 300 meters from take-off to the landing zone, paragliding not only provides a bird’s eye view of the wall but also a view of the Chinese countryside. It is authorized on all public-access areas of the wall. It is also one of the numerous things that visitors are looking forward to. Travelers can choose from different paragliding offers from easy to the most challenging like the Simatai.

8 Camping

A real adventurer should try camping near the wall! Great Wall offers camping for guests where they can appreciate the peacefulness of the night, and also stargaze. There is designated camping at the foot of the Jinshanling Great Wall. Camping on the Great Wall is risky, however, it is a romantic and daring once-in-a-lifetime event. Early fall is the greatest time to go wild camping before it becomes too chilly at night. And if the tourists are lucky, they might be able to see the Milky Way in the evening.

7 Picnic

Picnic is a must activity when visiting the Great Wall. Jiankou, part of the Great Wall, is ideal for a picnic, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gaze at the Wall's rough, untouched beauty away from the people. It would also be a fantastic experience while admiring the great architecture of the Great Wall. Moreover, it's also worth noting that it's illegal to light a fire on the Great Wall, therefore tourists must only bring prepared meals or ready-to-eat food packs.

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6 Cable Car Ride

The cable car ride is one of three noteworthy, less physically intensive activities available when traveling into Mutianyu, one of the portions of the Great Wall. Mutianyu is famous throughout the Great Wall of China for its beautiful landscape and comprehensive services. It features cable cars to take travelers up the Great Wall hills and mountains, which is quite helpful for individuals traveling with children or the elderly. Through cable cars tourists can save time and energy, allowing them to spend more time seeing the Great Wall.

5 Scribble On The Graffiti Wall

Scribbling something on the wall is something that would really last for a lifetime in a Great Wall and will serve as the greatest memory for every tourist. The unique wall may be seen on the west coast of the No.14 Watchtower. Tower 14 has a plastic-screened painting space for people eager to add their signatures. Outside, everything appears normal, but as tourists reach the tower, beautiful graffiti art awaits. The inner walls are painted by a giant white fabric with various words and designs written in many languages.

4 Overlook The Whole Great Wall At No. 20 Watchtower

Among the 25,000 watchtowers in the Great Wall, No. 20 Watchtower is the tallest peak that is available to the public, as well as the ultimate destination for the majority of tourists. It takes more than three hours to arrive at the watchtower, and most visitors are unable to complete the difficult trek. Tourists will be astonished when they stand on the pinnacle and stare out across the Mutianyu Great Wall of China.

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3 Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon

For tourists who love challenging activities, the Huangyaguan marathon is much known for its exciting route, amazing Great Wall landscape, and its solemn Chinese community. It's among the top ten most interesting marathon courses. It draws runners from throughout the world. Participants should not only sprint but also crawl with their hands and feet up the rugged Great Wall. Tourists may also enjoy the stunning view of a Chinese village, where there are nice volunteers that distribute water and food.

2 The Roller Coaster Ride

Aside from riding in a cable car, tourists can also experience riding on the roller coaster. The Great Wall was constructed along with mountain ranges. So, to go to the wall, tourists normally have to trek up mountain routes for approximately an hour and then back. Fortunately, roller coaster cars are another exciting method to go down from the wall. It will also serve as one of the best memories tourists can experience upon visiting the Great Wall.

1 Ride On A Train And Watch The Peach Blossom Sea

Watching the Peach Blossom Sea should be on the top list of every tourist that will visit the Great Wall and it was located at Juyonnguan. An attraction that is true of the abundance of peach trees located throughout the neighboring mountains, which explode in a sea of blooms in the springtime. It is a magnificent location where tourists may enjoy the scenic panorama of a train running over the peach blossom sea.

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