The more one travels, the more hotels they use. Hotels become part of life when traveling the world. Many people may want to know how hotels rank to enable them to make the right decisions when looking for the best. The more hotels one experiences, the harder it becomes to be impressed. Hotels vary depending on the size, quality of services, amenities, special features, food, and much more. Here are the top 10 rated in the World as of 2020.

10 Mahali Mzuri, Kenya

This is part of the Virgin Limited Edition collection and a safari camp in Masai Mara by Sir Richard Branson. It was voted the best hotel in the world in 2020. Many people praised this hotel by saying it is perfect. The hotel is unique as it is designed in a camp manner and is located in the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya.

The hotel has a Swahili name, meaning a beautiful place, and it is a luxurious camp.

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9 The Opposite House, Beijing

The Opposite House, Beijing, has many special features. For starters, it is built by Kengo Kuma, a Japanese architect, and features an emerald glass building, taking reference to Chinese traditional architecture. When looking at the inside and the rooms, it is impressive due to their minimalist luxurious plush beds, and oak soaking tabs.

It is well-rated for its bespoke world-class amenities and services. Its location is also ideal for Beijing tourists.

8 Nayara Tented Camp, Costa Rica

Nayara Tented Camp is found in the Arenal Volcano National Park in Coast Rica. This is a hotel ranked 3rd on this list for how special it is. It is a safari camp and what it offers is the best experience of both urban and jungle luxury at the same time. The tents offer guests soaking tubs, infinity pools, and views of the rainforest in Costa Rica.

With the hotel located in this Arenal Volcano, visitors enjoy wildlife views, hot springs, spas, special meals and so much more.

7 Capella Bangkok

Capella Bangkok was most rated in 2020 for a good reason. It is found along the Chao Phraya River on its east bank. The hotel is a good retreat and its location outside the city offers guests great peace and tranquility. Additionally, it is known to offer great dining venues and a variety of foods one may need while visiting the area.

The hotel Capella Bangkok has many other additional services that make it attractive such as fitness classes, therapies, a spa, and so much more.

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6 Grace Hotel, Santorini, Greece

The Grace Hotel in Santorini Greece is part of the Auberge Resorts Collection. For a person visiting Greece and would like to spend their time in the best hotel around then, this is a perfect choice. It is a hotel next to the sea and offers luxury at a high level. Staying in this hotel offers a visitor great views of the Aegean.

Guests of the Grace hotel get a chance to enjoy special services such as yoga alfresco which is a magical yoga session. The staff also provide the guests with hike and cruise to different routes.

5 Capella Ubud, Bali

Bali Indonesia has quickly grown to be one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. With that, the area has become home to some of the best hotels and resorts in the world and the Capella Ubud is one of them. It is made up of 22 tented hideaways that are all surrounded by rainforest and there is river Wos below.

This magical hotel offers visitors an unmatched experience with a bar and two restaurants. There is also a campfire for night chills, live music, hot chocolate, movies and so much to enjoy in this place.

4 Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

Kamalame Cay is an island resort found in the Bahamas on Andros Island. Although getting to the resort can take a bit of an effort, once a person reaches there, it is absolutely worth it. It is found on private shores and guests have all the freedom to enjoy the shores, beaches, beachfront, bungalows and so much more.

The resort offers the best seafood, wicker basket-delivered breakfast, bikes to tour the island, golf cars, and great rooms. One will forget everything and enjoy life on this beach.

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3 The Temple House, China

Located in Chengdu, China, the Temple House is unique and offers the best Chinese architecture, facilities, tradition, and modern luxury hotel combinations. It has two glass-based towers and offers a great view of the city below from the 100-year-old building. Rooms in this hotel are very modern but with a Chinese touch making them interesting for visitors.

Temple House has been ranked well for offering unbeatable services and amenities in the area. It is not all about sleeping but for more about the experience a guest enjoys in the hotel. There is a house car, food and beverages, spas, and other services.

2 The Oberoi Udaivilas, India

The Oberoi Udaivilas is the best-ranked hotel in India. It is located in the Udaipur region of India. The hotel features a special Indian architectural design. It is a palace of a hotel and is ranked highly by its visitors. Other than the facilities, just the exterior gives it a king's palace look and feel.

1 The Oberoi, New Delhi

It is the second hotel in India on this list. It is a luxury hotel with more than 220 rooms. The hotel features both an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, bars, restaurants, spas, and the best rooms in the region. The Oberoi, New Delhi is also strategically located within the country’s capital.

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