Cuisines of Korea have attracted a lot of attention from tourists in recent years. One of these examples is ramen and it has grown as a popular dish in the country. It serves as the best go-to instant food for every person from different age brackets. Their beautiful preparation for ramen shows their appreciation for their cuisines. To know more about the best ramen to try in Korea, here are the top Korean restaurants that provide tasty and delicious ramen.

10 Butanchu

Buchu is one of the most-loved ramen restaurants in Seoul. They offer price-worthy ramen that the customers would really love and commend. Their ramen soup is rich, full of meat, and has that incredible flavor and aroma. The meat at the top of the ramen is commendable for it is thinly sliced and equally made, as well as the egg that was precisely cooked. The business is open from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm and Sunday from 11:30 am until 9:30 pm.

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9 Oreno Ramen

Oreno Ramen is one of the restaurants that has been listed in the Michelin Guide book and received the Bib Gourmand award. Locals love this restaurant despite the fact that it originated from a foreign country. Their ramen is affordable and very appetizing. The chicken broth they put in ramen blended so great and resulted in very tasty food. Payment is made on a kiosk outside before entering the restaurant to dine. The business is located at 14 Dongmak-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, and is open from Monday until Sunday.

8 Ramen Jeom-pang

Ramen Jeom-pang is a restaurant in Jongno-gu, Seoul that serves pure Korean Ramen. They have more than 30 different cuisines of ramen. Their ramen is a bit spicy as well as the other cuisines that have been listed on their menu. For foreigners, there is also non-spicy food that can really satisfy their palette and is price-worthy. Dumplings and rice cakes can be added to the Ramen for only 500 won. The business is open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

7 Honne

Honne is one of the ramen restaurants in Mapo-gu, Seoul that can be easily sold out. Their ramen is Tokyo-like and is exceptionally tasty. The soup is made of thick broth but undeniably delicious. The customers can also add more hot water to their soup to fit their liking. Moreover, the ingredients of their ramen are excellent. The business is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 pm until 9:00 pm.

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6 Yuzu Ramen

Yuzu Ramen is a Japanese restaurant in Jung-gu, Seoul, and is known for its dish, Shio Ramen. The place is furnished with a variety of antique items and is equipped with Japanese bar-style seating. Yuzu Ramen is the one who produces their own noodles that they use every day. The texture of it is not the same as the other produced noodles for theirs are more chewable and tasty. Customers who canโ€™t eat too much spicy food shouldn't worry because their ramen is not that spicy. Business starts to operate at 11:00 am until 9:30 pm daily.

5 Ramen Truck Lab

Ramen Truck Lab is located at Mapo-gu, Seoul, and is popular for locals living in the area. Their best seller is the Charsiu, which has excellent taste. The Charsiu had an incredible flavor and tasted like perfection. The shop doesnโ€™t have a strong characteristic scent, and it's well-made to appeal to Korean tastes. It is always brimming with vibrancy. Price ranges at not less than 10,000 Korean won. The business operates daily from 11:00 am until 9:30 pm.

4 Nagomi Ramen

A Japanese Ramen restaurant is located in Hongdae. Nagomi ramen price starts at 6,000 Korean won and their soup became popular for it consisted of pork bone broth and chicken or vegetable broth. The noodles they use are fine and floating in the fatty richness of the pork-scented broth, which is topped with huge chunks of meat and an egg cooked in soy sauce. Also, the place itself is aesthetic, so the customers can freely take their instagrammable photos. They are open daily from 11:30 am until 9:00 pm.

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3 Hakata Bunko

Hakata Bunko is one of the Japanese restaurants based in Hongdae, Seoul. Their ramen is very Japanese and their broth is flavorful because of the pork bones that have been boiled for hours. To add additional taste to the ramen, customers may grind raw garlic into it. Customers can also select different toppings based on their particular preferences. Overall, Hakata Bunkoโ€™s ramen has this delicious taste, is authentic, and is very affordable. The business operates daily from 12:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

2 Kinton Ramen

Kinto Ramen is a famous Japanese ramen restaurant that has been based in four different countries and one is located at Hongdae, Seoul. Their two best-sellers are the Donkotsu Ramen, produced by cooking a significant number of pig bones for a lengthy period of time, and the Toripitan Ramen that has been made with smooth and subtle chicken broth. Kinto Ramenโ€™s goal is for their customers to feel that they are in Japan upon tasting the broth of the ramen and the ramen itself. Business is open from Monday until Friday.

1 Kwanghoon Japanese Ramen

A Japanese ramen restaurant based in Pyeongtaek. Kwanghoon has always been loyal to their flavorful and unique bowls of ramen. Compared to other ramen restaurants that can be found around the vicinity, Kwanghoon is not that big but still stands out and offers tasty ramen. Aside from having delicious ramen, their place is also very welcoming which makes the customers more comfortable as they eat. The business starts to operate at 11:00 am until 8:00 pm daily.

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