Vacationers interested in the Caribbean experience are treated to a good one in Costa Rica. It is among the few Central American countries with more than one coastline. The first one is on the Caribbean Sea and the second is on the Pacific Ocean.

Many vacationers visiting the Caribbean like to settle in areas around the beach. However, Costa Rica’s protected jungle offers valuable alternatives to the beach resorts.

Here are the best 10 resorts to book in the Costa Rica jungle.

10 Lost Iguana Resort

Topping the list of jungle resorts to consider for a Costa Rica vacation is Lost Iguana Resort. It is a rustic hotel set on a whopping 49 hectares of rainforest. Within the resort is a passing river whose bubbling sound is music to the ears of the adventurers. The jungle experience is even taken a notch higher, thanks to the presence of two outdoor pools. The facility is also furnished with a spa to help tourists relax and rejuvenate.

  • Location: Alajuela La Fortuna, Costa Rica
  • Cost: $233+/Night/Room

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9 Bosque Del Cabo

Bosque del Cabo is a laid-back lodge popular for its cozy quarters. Tourists arriving for adventure in Central America find it a good place to operate from. The resort is set in a strategic location overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The ocean views from up there in the hotel rooms make the lodge worth it. The lodge houses a casual restaurant, a bar, and an outdoor pool.

  • Location: Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica
  • Cost: $588/Night/Room

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8 Nayara Springs

Jungle resorts in Costa Rica don’t come cheap. Vacationers must be ready to splurge to have it all. A good example to show how costly it can get is the Nayara Springs Resort. It is an adult-only facility set on the hillside. It is the perfect place for couples seeking to spend some time away from their kids. The facility has several restaurants serving a wide range of delicacies. Tourists also looking for a place to do yoga will enjoy their stay here. Better still, free yoga classes are offered.

  • Location: San Carlos, Costa Rica
  • Cost: $1187/Night/Room

7 Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica

Resorts in the Costa Rica rainforest have gone a long way in redefining luxury. Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica is among the hotels setting standards of what a jungle experience should look like. It is a posh gateway with refined rooms, villas, and suites. The resort houses five restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines with the Caribbean menus dominating. Also, there is an 18-hole golf course where vacationers go to unwind after an eventful day in the jungle.

  • Location: Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica
  • Cost: $1114/Night/Room

6 Playa Cativo Lodge

The Playa Cativo Lodge can be best described as a beach resort and a jungle hotel at the same time. It is best suited for vacationers interesting in beach activities while still enjoying some seclusion. Adventurers interesting in snorkeling will have lots of it from this point. Tourists wondering if all-inclusive resorts are worth booking will appreciate all amenities offered here.

  • Location: Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica
  • Cost: $870/Night/Room

5 Tiskita Jungle Lodge

Popularly described as Costa Rica’s best-kept secret, Tiskita Jungle Lodge offers vacationers the perfect opportunity to experience Central America’s tropical rainforest at its best. It is an all-inclusive property complete with a kid’s club. Those interested in cycling are free to hire bicycles from the hotel. Wi-Fi and breakfast are part of the original package.

  • Location: Punta Banco, Costa Rica
  • Cost: $287+/Night/Room

4 Jungle Green House

Jungle vacations are not a preserve for the rich only. Low-income earners, too, have a chance to tour the Costa Rica rainforest with the Jungle Green House being at the center of it all. Priced at less than 200 dollars per night, on-budget vacationers will find it to be a great deal considering what nearby facilities charge. Tourists are allowed to bring in their pets to be part of the experience.

  • Location: Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica
  • Cost: $152/Night/Room

3 Lapa Rios Lodge

The Lapa Rios Lodge is a luxury-oriented resort covering 1000 acres of private reserve in the Costa Rica rainforest. This lodge is strategically built on a ridge overlooking the ocean. The ocean views from up there are worth the experience. It is the place to be for tourists interested in wildlife tours.

  • Location: Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica
  • Cost: $1334/Night/Room

2 Peace Lodge

Located in the mountainous region of Vara Blanca is Peace Lodge, a facility best suited for those vacationing as a family unit. The facility incorporates a children’s pool where kids go to soak up when the sun gets too hot. Same way, there is an outdoor pool for the adults to explore. The spa service offered in the lodge helps tourists relax better as they enjoy their holiday.

  • Location: Vara Blanca, Costa Rica
  • Cost: $549+/Night/Room

1 Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge

The Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is another incredible resort that vacationers need to consider for their next Costa Rica jungle tour. This lodge is only accessible by water making it a good choice for vacationers seeking some secluded space away from the hawking eye of the public. Restaurants here adopt a tree-house design characterized by beautiful views of the surrounding.

  • Location: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
  • Cost: $440/Night/Room