Pop culture themed bars, restaurants and cafes are popping up all over the world and it's difficult to know which ones to visit. While there's a lot of great options to take a look at in the United States, the rest of the world also has so much to offer.

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Pop up restaurants are one thing, where the location is specifically designed to be an immersive experience for a short amount of time, but what are some of the best permanent locations across the world? We've chosen 10 of the best and ranked them.


If you're in London and want to experience what the 90s was like for kids growing up in England, then the Cereal Killer Cafe is for you. It couldn't be more 90s if it tried. With a selection of crazy cereals, flavored milk and even chicken coated in cornflakes, it has a bit of everything.

What's more, the decor is designed to look like a child's bedroom from the 1990s. There are arcade games to play on, beds to sit on and an endless amount of movie, TV and music memorabilia that will take you back a few decades.


Speaking of London, if you're more of a fan of the classic English tea room then the Tea Terrace is the place you'll really want to visit. With some classic British food and afternoon tea, this is lunch with a twist.

The cafe is themed to reflect popular books and fairy tales, complete with fantastic quotes across the walls, quirky designs, and a Cinderella carriage. That's right, you can eat your meal inside your own magical pumpkin carriage!


Giger is the famous concept artist who worked on some incredible horror films including Alien. To continue on the legacy of his work he helped some fans in Switzerland create authentic Giger. There's a few across the world now, but the original is in Chur.

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The architecture, seating, and interior are based on Giger designs and wouldn't look too out of place inside the ship of one of the aliens. It's a fantastic place to sit and eat and while the food isn't spectacular, the room you'll be sitting in is one of a kind.


It's not very often you come across the last bar at the end of the world, but that's exactly what this food and drink place claims to be in Paris. It's heavily designed to feature some really iconic nods to sci-fi properties.

You can walk around this amazing place and find a different theme in each room. There's a real apocalyptic feel to the whole restaurant and a few great props dotted around, including a Millenium Falcon and some V for Vendetta masks! It's been nicknamed the geekiest bar and it's easy to see why.


The Game of Toast restaurant and cafe in Abu Dhabi has managed to combine the flavor and flair of Westeros with modern food. The result is a really fun meal with a few great sandwich options and a lot of perfectly themed extras.

Whether it's the breadboard your lunch is served on or the goblet you drink from, every detail of the restaurant has been well thought out. Even the menus are shaped like shields. While it's perhaps not as immersive as some other options, it's certainly quirky and different.


Doctor Who fans, there's a themed restaurant based on your favorite TV show that you can visit in New York today. You can enter the Pandorica through the T.A.R.D.I.S. itself and immerse yourself in some Whovian lore.

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The restaurant is expertly decorated to represent many different seasons of the show, with nods to the companions and even some of the props. What's more, the menu has a lot of dishes based on meals from the Doctor's past, including fish fingers and custard.


There's a lot of Harry Potter themed restaurants across the world. Whether you're sitting in the Hogs Head at Universal Studios, or perhaps in one of the many pubs England has to offer, it's easy to find a restaurant for muggle fans.

The Lockhart in Toronto though is fantastic for its decoration and atmosphere. While they only offer snacks and brunch options, their cocktail range in on another level. There are many subtle hints to the wizarding world across the building making it feel not just like a fan design but like an actual location from one of the books.


Every Friends fan wants to spend a little bit of time in Central Perk and there's a lot of options to do so. But if you don't want to do the traditional thing of going to New York to live out your Friends fantasies, then you can head on over to Singapore.

There they have their own version of the Central Perk cafe complete with their own smelly cat to pet. They do an interesting mix of American and Asian food and have recreated part of the famous apartment inside as well, just to tick every box on the wish list.


The Rue La Rue cafe was all the hit if you wanted to relive some of the golden days. The short-lived cafe is now sadly closed but it was perfectly designed to mimic the show with some excellent memorabilia from past seasons.

With so many Golden Girls fans out there, there's a lot of hope for a revival in the future that would look to recapture the magic. With such good reviews, there's sure to be more in store. Even the coffee cups had the faces of the stars on them and the environment created a unique experience.


Movie fans rejoice because there's a perfect geeky restaurant right in Los Angeles that will help you step into another galaxy. The Scum and Villainy Cantina has taken its inspiration from the many diners from Star Wars. They've managed to perfectly replicate that rusty feel as you order one of the many suspicious-looking cocktails.

With food options on the way, there's a lot more in store for this bar and restaurant. Fans love to come and dress up as their favorite film characters while visiting and there's even an area for the resistance members to plot their next course of action. This is by far one of the best-themed restaurants in the world for pop culture fans.

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