When it comes to drinking, some people are fine with a simply decorated bar, with uncomplicated drinks and gimmicks. The rest of us like to have fun. Themed bars offer not only spirits to liven up the night, but out there decor and theming that give patrons an experience.

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Nearly any big city has at least one themed bar, embracing some sort of kooky aesthetic. With pop culture, such a dominant part of our lives, more and more visitors are looking for bars themed around their favorite movies, musicians, and tv shows. Looking around the world, here are the best of the best.

10 The Hobbit Pub - Southampton, UK

Ever wanted to go to the Shire? This sleepy little pub in Southampton, UK is all Tolkien themed all the time. The theme is definitely and advantages, as old-timey pubs are one a penny in Middle Earth.

The pub has a lovely green area, harkening back to the green hills of the Shire, Tolkien themed doors and arches, and large scale murals. It might seem fairly tame as an establishment, but, few pubs have the added benefit of Gandalf's blessing. Sir Ian McKellen himself visited the pub, giving it his wholehearted approval.

9 The Elvis Room - Portland, OR

Few artists are more of a time capsule than Elvis. The entire aesthetic surrounding him as an artist and his Graceland home is so kitschy and outdated its almost laughable. But, no one can deny that fans of the King are ravenous for a taste of it.

Tailor-made for such fans is The Elvis Room in Portland, Oregon. This themed bar is replete with Graceland decor, including a light-up water feature. Grab a Memphis BBQ Burger and a champagne cocktail and spend your night like the King.

8 Noir Lounge - San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has been a Noir icon since The Maltese Falcon was released in 1941. It only makes sense then that one of their best-themed bars would be Noir Lounge. Located in the Lower Haight neighborhood, Noir Lounge is the ultimate love letter to the genre.

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The bar plays Film Noir films constantly throughout their rooms, serving up art deco charm and cocktails fit for Humphrey Bogart himself. The space doubles as a pub, serving up farm to table goodness in the form of flatbread pizzas, sliders, and pasta.

7 Mean-Eyed Cat Bar - Austin, TX

The man in black might have thought it was too on the nose, but the Mean-Eyed Cat Bar is Austin has to be commended for the effort. This Johnny Cash themed dive is a near-perfect embodiment of Country's favorite bad boy. The building itself was once, fittingly, a chainsaw repair shop, harkening to the working spirit of the state.

While you're here you'll have your run of the mill of classic Texas BBQ. Classically ordered by the pound, it is Texas-style BBQ as you would expect from an establishment such as this. Drink wise it has tons of craft beer on tap and a number of signature cocktails such as Willie Nilly Tea and the hard-edged Rusty Cage.

6 Lebowski Bar - Reykjavik, Iceland

Films that have a signature drink are just better. That's an objective fact. The Big Lebowski, for example, owns the White Russian thanks to The Dude's affinity for them. Luckily, Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik immortalized the dude and his drink of choice.

The bar has donned with Lebowski themed decor and has an extensive White Russian menu with multiple variations on the drink. Their food menu is straight out of Southern California, boasting burgers, shakes, and fries. The bar hosts costume nights and more, making it the ultimate drinking destination for any Coen Brothers fan.

5 The Edison - Los Angeles, CA

Located in the bowels of a former power plant, The Edison embraces every steampunk fan's desired aesthetic. This opulent bar and nightclub is a fantastical slice of old-timey aesthetics with that bit of steampunk clockwork feel.

The bar stays so close to the theme that it requires an elegant dress code to keep the old world spirit alive. Drinks are themed accordingly, including a full absinthe list for those really in the mood for a transportive experience.

4 Scum And Villainy - Hollywood, CA

Is Star Wars Galaxy's Edge outside of your budget range? Do you still want to sit at the cantina and drink a glass of blue milk? Scum and Villainy in Hollywood is here to solve all your galactic woes. This intended popup is now a permanent fixture on Hollywood Boulevard.

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The entire place is a recreation of the iconic cantina on Tatooine, with all the arched booths and robot headed pipes one could dream of. It is a fun and far less expensive way to get that Star Wars experience everyone wants.

3 Beetle House - New York, NY

The Time Burton aesthetic has been a favorite for many since Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Beetle House, with locations both in NYC and Hollywood, embraces all the weird Gothic delight that Burton has to offer and turns it into your new favorite watering hole.

With purple light and insane decor, this space is a Tim Burton Fan's dream come true. The cocktail list boasts names like "This is Halloween" or "Bio Exorcist", and the food follows suit, "Cheshire Mac and Cheese" for example.

2 ABQ - London, UK

You might think that the best Breaking Bad themed bar would be located in Albuquerque, not London. But ABQ is even more insane than you might realize. It boasts itself as the world's first molecular cocktail bar.

You get to mix outrageous themed drinks, accompanied by employees in hazmat suits and chill house and hip hop music. Located inside an RV, this is the ultimate experience for any fan of the hit AMC series.

1 Giger Bar - Chur, Switzerland

Maybe Alien isn't the most appetizing film that first comes to mind, but the design of the Giger Bar is a must-see. Located in Chur, Switzerland, the bar is in honor of artist and designer H. R. Giger, who's Lovecraftian aesthetic inspired Ridley Scott's Alien films.

This bar follows in his footsteps. Located near the Giger museum, all the walls, furniture, and adornment feels straight out of LV-426. You half expect a Xenomorph or Sigourney Weaver to pop out at any minute.

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