Sometimes, those fast food cravings hit and they don’t stop until you find something rich and comforting enough to satisfy them. For vegans in London, those cravings are no longer a problem. The English capital now boasts several exciting fast food joints that serve up the very best in delicious dairy, egg, and meat-free fare.

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Located all over London, these eateries specialize in high-protein meat alternatives, versatile fruits and vegetables, dairy-free cheeses to make every dish extra creamy, vegan desserts, and even drinks that are animal-friendly. Keep reading to discover the 10 best places if you’re looking for vegan fast food in London.

10 Temple Of Seitan

With locations in Hackney and Camden, Temple of Seitan is one of the most famous fast food joints in London, and with good reason. For those wondering, the name has nothing to do with any cult connections whatsoever—Seitan is a meat substitute made from wheat, and the high-protein ingredient simply features in a lot of dishes from the menu.

Here you can get crispy burgers, twist wraps, and hot wings, plus vegan mac and cheese. If you’re not as hungry and just feel like a snack, there’s also traditional English chips and popcorn bites.

9 What The Pitta!

Pitta bread and shaved meat have to be among the top guilty pleasures for a lot of people, so why should vegans miss out on the comfort that a doner kebab can bring? Thanks to What The Pitta!, they no longer have to!

With outlets in Camden and the Croydon and Shoreditch Boxparks, the vegan kebab joint specializes in serving up warm fresh bread around spiced soya chunks. This is then topped with everything from soya tzatziki and homemade hummus to salad and chili sauce. And if you’re really having a lazy night, they deliver!

8 Battered

It doesn’t get much more traditionally British than the classic meal of fish and chips, and the Battered food van is ensuring that vegans no longer have to go without this cultural icon. The food truck technically sells "vish" and chips, which features just as much batter as the original dish.

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The fish is recreated with soya and nori, so there’s an undeniable seafood flavor. Battered also serves all the yummy sides that you would find in any other fish and chip shop, all vegan-ized of course. You can get everything from pies to tartar sauce to mushy peas.

7 The Full Nelson

The Full Nelson in Deptford is London’s answer to McDonald’s and is ideal when you’re looking for that grease fix. The range of burgers here are second to none and come complete with every dairy, meat, and egg-free topping you could think of. While the menu contains items that are vegetarian, there are vegan alternatives available for everything, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Something to look out for is their coated “chicken” burger, which comes with delicious garlic buffalo sauce and mayo seasoned with lemon and black pepper. It doesn’t get any better!

6 Purezza

Who said that going vegan means you have to say goodbye to pizza. Purezza is London’s totally vegan pizza joint that serves up the cheesiest non-cheese pizza ever if you can imagine that. Having moved from Brighton to Camden, Purezza produces its own fairy-free mozzarella using fermented brown rice milk.

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The toppings you’ll find on the pizzas at Purezza leave nothing to be desired. Enjoy roasted eggplant, potatoes, and shaved seitan, or the delectable wild forest mushrooms, smoked tofu, and black truffle base. For chili lovers, there’s also the Vulcano, which features green chili, dried chili flakes and sriracha sauce topped over roasted veggies.

5 Young Vegans

Another traditional British fast food and the ultimate comfort on a bad day is pie and mash. Young Vegans in Camden Market serves up their delicious take on the pies without using any animal products whatsoever. Silky mashed potato or chips come as a side to all their creations, including the seitan and ale pie, the sweet potato pie, the all-day breakfast pie, and the curry pie.

The perfect eatery to visit in winter, Young Vegans also offers a range of divine desserts. But after gorging on the savory menu, most people don’t have any room for the rich peanut butter chocolate mud pies.

4 The Spread Eagle

Pub fare can be considered fast food if your criteria include quick guilty-pleasure meals that leave your soul feeling nourished. The Spread Eagle in Homerton prides itself on being London’s very first totally vegan pub, and it won’t disappoint.

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The Mexican-inspired menu features the most imaginative tacos that lack no flavor despite missing many of the traditional ingredients. The desserts on offer here are also worth sticking around for. Think deep-fried ice cream and chili chocolate. If you’re looking for a drink, their wines and beers are all animal-friendly and vegan too.

3 Biff’s Jack Shack

Looking for something deep-fried? Look no further than Biff’s Jack Shack. With outlets in Homerton and Walthamstow, Biff’s is a master of jackfruit. The vegan answer to fried chicken, jackfruit magically becomes much less fruit-like once it’s been fried, and turns into something that tastes as scrumptious as pulled pork.

There are a million things you can do with jackfruit, as you’ll find out at Biff’s. Try jackfruit “wingz” or a jackfruit burger topped with chipotle slaw, two types of vegan sauce, vegan cheese, and jalapenos for an extra kick.

2 Filth Foods

The name might not sound appealing, but Filth Foods is considered by many to produce some of the best vegan burgers in London. The burger for which the establishment has become famous features a patty made from black beans, no-GMO soy mince and black quinoa, a bun that’s covered in sesame, and inventive ketchup made from beetroot.

Located in Shoreditch, Filth Foods is a must when those fast food cravings hit. With its delectable menu, it’s also the perfect place to visit on the way home from a big night out.

1 Club Mexicana

Londoners have Club Mexicana to thank for providing mouth-watering Mexican fare to The Spread Eagle in Homerton, but the vegan fast food joint also has a location in Shoreditch and in Netil Market. Load up on classic Mexican dishes all adapted for the vegan palate, including Baja tofish tacos, jackfruit carnitas, nachos, quesadillas with “chorizo”, and pan-seared “scallops” with corn esquites.

Londoners rave about the South American eatery on social media, praising it for its fresh and delicious take on Mexican food. There are also brunch dishes available, including an impressive adaptation of chicken and waffles.

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