Taiwan has been affected by Western cultures, making it a combination of heavy urbanization, cityscapes, charming natural wonders, and cultural and spiritual sites. Furthermore, the major reason why travelers fall in love with Taiwan is because of its people. The Taiwanese are mostly known for their modesty, friendliness, patience, for valuing hard work, and for respect for others, making tourists visit the beautiful island and enjoy the top attractions in Taiwan. Here are 10 iconic and charming places In Taiwan.

10 Longshan Temple

Located in Taiwan’s capital, the Mengjia, and called the oldest temple in Taipei, Longshan is created in the Qing Dynasty and has been rebuilt after enduring many wars and natural disasters. It is the typical symbol of Taiwanese traditional architecture, featuring colorful walls, beautiful waterfalls, and gold ceilings. Buddhists, Taoists and Matsu come to the temple to worship together twice a month and fill the temple with food and flowers. People usually stay in the center of Taipei, which features some nice and fancy hotels

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9 Maolin National Scenic Area

Located in the South of Taiwan, Maolin National Scenic Area is famous for its natural resources, featuring mountains, comfortable hotels, and forests in Kaohsiung City, home to several popular sites, including the Love River, and the Purple Butterfly Valley, which is the wintering place for a million colorful Euploeini butterflies and an incredible sight to see This new tourist phenomenon is very popular in the area. To stay in the concept of enjoying a nature getaway, people choose some comfortable hotels around the Meinong forest district.

8 Rainbow Village

Known as the rainbow village, the artwork of the area was created by a former soldier, Huang Yung-Fu, who painted houses in this neighborhood, to save them from demolition. Over the years his talented and colorful artwork including birds, animals, and people, has become popular among tourists and has influenced other remaining houses in the village. The nearby Art street attracts more than a million visitors annually, mostly from Asia. Only 15 minutes drive from the Rainbow village, one can find fancy accommodations to stay at.

7 Taipei 101

Once rated as the tallest building in the world, the Taipei 101 is one of Taiwan’s most incredible buildings and is worth a visit. People gather on New Year's Eve around the building for the countdown clock. Visit this monument to see from various angles the amazing engineering protecting the building from falling, especially after the island survived so many earthquakes. In the heart of Taipei dynamic business centers are situated with some luxurious accommodations to enjoy the perfect stay

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6 Shihlin Night Market

The Shihlin Night Market is considered to be the largest and most popular night market in Taipei. The market is situated between the Yangming Theater and Cirian Temple and offers the best street food, delicious snacks, and a variety of merchandise. Most tourists visit the local night market to get a feel and understand the local culture and customs. For memorable and unique experiences, people can choose to stay in fantastic hotels in the Shihlin district.

5 Dragon And Tiger Pagodas

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are one of the most impressive attractions in Taiwan. Situated on Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung City, these landmarks represent the traditional, spiritual Taiwanese culture. People visit this incredible site, which it has said to bring visitors good luck if they walk from the dragon's mouth and exit from the tiger’s mouth. Inside the landmark, one will find paintings relative to heaven and hell, intending to encourage people to do good and threaten those with bad intent. Home to several visitor sites, including the Love River, Zuoying District hosts many comfortable accommodations.

4 National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum hosts the largest collections of Chinese imperial artifacts and is a symbol of cultural imperial China’s past. Chiang Kai-Shek’s government rescued thousands of items displayed in the museums after the Cultural Revolution fled China's capital. People enjoy staying around the area at fantastic hotels where they can have an incredible stay.

3 Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake National is a scenic area most famous for its rich culture, and agricultural products. Known as Taiwan's largest body of water, it is a great destination for visitors, who enjoy bike and boat riding and take the train to experience the most wonderful nostalgic Taiwan railway. Tourists also take a cable car and head to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, east of the lake, offering breathtaking views of the waters and mountains. The lake is also very busy with yachts and features plenty of hotels around it.

2 Fort Santo Domingo

Fort Santo Domingo temple was built by the Spanish and is what’s kept from the European influence and features stonewalls constructed by the Dutch and British to form the British consulate. People visit this beautiful place, which is today used as a museum, with a professional guide that will give all the full story of the site's history and different uses. Overlooking the Danshui River, the fort is a fantastic place to visit towards the end of the day before heading back to beautiful hotels in the area.

1 Liberty Square

The site of Liberty Square features the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, built in commemoration of the former president, the National Concert Hall, and the National Theater, hosting cultural events and shows from international performers. This stunning landmark in Taipei city is structured with white marble walls, a deep blue roof, and a front garden decorated with red flowers and the colors of the Taiwanese flag. People head back to sleep in accommodations near Liberty Square.