Europe has the most beautiful, natural, outdoor features especially in fall. Its autumn foliage has numerous shades of red, yellow, and orange that are unique to the continent. Hence, many tourists head to Europe every fall just to sightsee. Since it is a large continent, it can be harder to look for specific places to spend on for a vacation. So, below is a list of the best places that have the best fall foliage perfect for a relaxing sightseeing activity.

10 Burg Eltz, Wierschem, Germany

The enchanting castles in Germany are definitely worth the visit including Burg Eltz. It is owned by the Eltz family in its 33rd generation and It sure makes every tourist feel like they’re in a fairytale. It sits in a valley surrounded by a beautiful forest which is spectacular in fall. Imagine sitting on one of the balconies and sightseeing the picturesque view of the forestry. The castle is rich in history during WW2 which is one of the reasons to visit it.

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9 Hrensko, Czech Republic

This small town borders across Germany and has only 275 people. It is relatively small but definitely a beautiful one. The high vintage cottages in Hrensko blend beautifully with fall foliage. Most of the buildings are brown or orange, which adds more color to the nature around them. The town gets fewer tourists than any other town, hence, it is peaceful and very quiet which makes a lovely stroll around its enchanting forest.

8 Dolomite, Italy

Dolomite is where tourists can find the most beautiful mountain ranges that feature fall and winter with its combination of rusty white colors. The whole scenery is unlike any because Dolomite is surrounded by larches that turn beautifully orange and brown during fall. The contrasting picturesque landscapes are definitely Instagram-worthy. Moreover, hiking is highly recommended because of the higher the view the more beautiful it gets.

7 Mullerthal, Luxembourg

The countryside has always been a go-to for fall sightseeing. In the tiny country of Luxembourg lies little Switzerland called Mullerthal. It has hills and grassy landscapes that one can only imagine its beauty in the fall. This little town has a 112 km walking trail that tourists can take advantage of to fully enjoy the vibrant views. They can also visit the beautiful Schiessentumpel waterfall that looks straight out of an Instagram filter.

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6 Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled might be the bluest lake one can find in the world, and it reflects the most beautiful fall foliage in Slovenia. Hence, it has become quite popular over the years. There is a list of things to do here in the fall, like a hike to various viewpoints and getting mesmerized by the retro view. Tourists can also row a boat on the lake. Don’t worry, it is safe because water is calmer in the fall season.

5 Botassart, Belgium

Belgium is known for its chocolate and beers, and what better way to enjoy them than sightsee the orangey and brownish town of Botassart. The most popular destination here is in Ardennes where tourists can get a panoramic view of the town and the river. It is beyond beautiful in the fall, hence, it gets a lot of tourists every year. The specific point for the best sightseeing spot is called Le Tombeau du Geant, which can be hiked or reached via car.

4 Paris, France

France may be known for its fall fashion week, but it also has one of the best fall foliage in Europe. Aside from the touch of retro in urban areas like around the Eiffel tower, some of the best places to catch the foliage are at Jardin des Tuileries, Parc Monceau, and Montmartre. Some of these were built by aristocrats and were the previous residences of popular artists like Picasso. These places are quaint which adds a more vintage vibe to the season.

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3 Lake District, UK

This region is one of the mountainous areas in the UK, and due to this, it has the most beautiful fall foliage. Around this time, the lake is peaceful which makes it relaxing just by looking at the vast green landscapes and the clear water. Fall is also the perfect season to sail and indulge in the water. While enjoying the retro vibe, tourists can also roam around and witness women’s art by Lancashire.

2 Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is one of the most beautiful towns there are in the world. It is a small town but a very popular one in Austria. Tourists have to board a boat to cross a lake and reach the town. Quaint buildings and towers will welcome tourists as they board off and can head on to the city square where class meats history. These buildings only add colors to the fall foliage of the town. The shade of orange, yellow, brown, and red surrounds the town as it sits at the center of nature.

1 Lapland, Finland

Finland is definitely at its best in the fall, from the powerful display of aurora borealis to the best view of the retro surroundings. It has just the right temperature for a comfortable fall experience. Lapland is the best in hiking and outdoor activities during fall because there are not that many people as it remains a secret place, and mosquitoes are gone by then. While hiking, catch some fresh cranberries growing in the forests and take lots of picturesque retro views.

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