Visiting Turkey for the first time, and wondering where to spend travel days? Well, there are numerous friendly spots to stay in Turkey for a first-time visit. Turkey is an incredible destination with so much to offer visitors. Situated where Asia meets Europe, Turkey is brimming with incredible seaside resorts, beautiful cultural cities, and spectacular natural wonders, worthy of exploring. It is the place to meet an unforgettable adventure, experience the fascinating beaches, and witness the picturesque architectural wonders. Ready to learn where to stay for the first time in Turkey? Here are the places to check out!

10 Istanbul

With some of the most famous and impressive landmarks, Istanbul is undoubtedly the best city to stay in when visiting Turkey for the first time. From the city, first-time travelers can have access to some of the most popular attractions in the country. The cosmopolitan city has a population of more than 15 million and is the largest city in Turkey, and the whole of Europe. Spending a few days exploring the Bosporus strait, which actually divides the city. A boat trip to the strait, while catching the breathtaking views of the city, and spending some time soaking in the water offers a great deal of Istanbul experience. Other places not to miss in the city are the Grand Bazaar, the incredible Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque.

  • Best Airbnb: Minyon Istanbul Room
  • Best Hostel: Second Home Hostel,
  • Best Hotel: Grand Hotel Palmiye

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9 Cappadocia

Located right at the center of the country, Cappadocia is one of the best places to stay when traveling to Turkey for the first time. The region is famous for its unique rock formations, and the fairy chimneys in Monks Valley. Other than the spectacular chimneys, travelers can explore its numerous canyons, picturesque underground cities, beautiful buildings carved into rocks, and the churches found in the caves. Cappadocia is best for a first-time romantic getaway, and not just because it is full of outdoor opportunities, it is brimming with incredible spots to spend some travel days, including Goreme or Uchisar and Ortahisar for a more undeveloped location.

  • Best Airbnb: Anitya Cave House
  • Best Guest House: Royal Stone Houses, Goreme
  • Best Hotel: Karlik Evi Hotel

8 Bodrum

Bodrum is a perfect place for first-timers visiting Turkey on a budget. Seated along the Mediterranean Sea on the country’s coastline, Bodrum is famous for its magnificent beach activities, with its underwater archaeology museum topping the list! Bodrum is very popular and has become the most impressive tourist destination, even to the locals. Places not to miss when staying in this city include the marina, its beautiful old town, and picturesque family-friendly beaches. The town is packed with colorful shops, markets, bars, and top-notch restaurants.

  • Best Hostel: Eskici Hostel
  • Best Hotel: Bircan Hotel

7 Kas

Nestled on the Mediterranean coast, Kas is a magnificent seaside town, with incredible ruins and other attractions, including Kaputas Beach. Once Antiphellos’ ancient city, Kas is the best place in Turkey to stay and take in some long, fascinating history, including that of the stunning Lion Tomb, which dates back to the 4th century BC. Some of the most enjoyable activities in Kai are snorkeling and scuba diving, thanks to the incredibly unique color of the seawater and the breathtaking aquatic life. One will also witness the underwater shipwrecks and a plane wreck stuck underwater. Kai is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay when traveling to Turkey for the first time.

  • Best Airbnb: Yoga House
  • Best Hostel: Ani Motel & Hostel
  • Best Hotel: Lind Beach Boutique Class Hotel

6 Kusadasi

Kusadasi Is a beautiful Mediterranean resort town, offering an incredible old town, picturesque sandy beaches, and several historical sights to explore. Several restaurants, bars, and nightclubs line its old town, on the cozy harbor promenade. Travelers can also find plenty of beautiful shops and markets spread across the city. Looking for something interesting to do when staying here? Exploring some of Kusadasi’s waterparks and Ephesus’s historical ruins offers a great deal of fulfillment.

  • Best Hotels: Villa Konak, Sentino Marina Suites
  • Best Guesthouse: Sezgins Boutique Pansion (Bed and Breakfast)

5 Kemer

Situated at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, Kemer is a picturesque seaside resort town with an incredibly laid-back atmosphere, making it a perfect idyllic vacation spot. Due to its spectacular surroundings, Kemer is an excellent first-timer-friendly place to stay when visiting Turkey. Almost everyone can have a great time here. Whether visiting alone or with friends and family, Kemer is always full of life and adventures waiting to be explored. Don’t forget to stroll along its stunning port or visit the beautiful beaches.

  • Best Hotels: Seven Seas Hotel Life, Transatlantik Hotel & Spa

4 Antalya

Located on Turkey’s south coast side, Antalya is the region’s largest city. While most visitors don’t give this city as much attention as Turkey’s other towns like Kemer or Istanbul, it definitely deserves the hype, and it makes a perfect spot to stay for first-timers in the country. The city has a lot to offer, including an excellent beach life, incredible dining in the many restaurants in town, cultural experience, bars, and plenty of shopping opportunities.

  • Best Hotels: Concorde De Luxe Resort, Lara Barut Collection

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3 Alanya

Being among Turkey’s most popular resorts, Alanya receives thousands of travelers every year and is packed with incredible holiday resorts and hotels bordering one another, along its beautiful sandy beaches. Best recognized for its relaxed vacation atmosphere, Alanya comprises stunning cultural sights, vibrant nightlife, wondrous day-trip adventures, and shopping opportunities. Here, tourists will find everything they are looking for, and a perfect holiday experience is a must!

  • Best Five-Star Hotels: Haydarpasha Palace, Sirius Deluxe Hotel
  • Best Budget Hotels: Green Garden Suites Hotel, Xperia Saray Beach Hotel

2 Side

Located amidst Antalya and Alanya, Side is an enchanting resort town founded over 2000 years ago, making it one of Turkey’s oldest cities. It is a friendly place, as there is much to experience, including the welcoming locals. The most iconic attractions in the city are its beautiful ancient ruins, which take travelers back to when the city was founded. Other than the city ruins, the town is brimming with incredible sandy beaches, colorful shops, markets, and stunning bars and restaurants.

  • Best Luxurious Hotels: Kirman Calyptus Resort & SPA, Sentido Trendy Verbena Beach Hotel
  • Best Budget Hotels: Side Kleopatra Hotel, Oyster Boutique Hotel

1 Marmaris

Nestled in a beautiful bay, surrounded by lush mountains, Marmaris is one of the most impressive places to stay when visiting Turkey for the first time. Its extensive beach promenade, the picturesque harbor, and the charming old town are just a few of what makes it so incredible. This is not the place to have the most impressive beach experience, but its breathtaking surroundings make it a true holiday paradise.

  • Best Five-Star Hotels: Marmaris Bay Resort, Casa De Maris Spa & Resort Hotel
  • Best Budget Hotels: Elite World Marmaris Hotel - Adult Only, Joya Del Mar Hotel