Hawaii may offer an amazing experience on land but the island’s water is just as amazing. With the mesmerizing waters endowed with unique fauna and flora, snorkeling is an exciting activity every traveler in Hawaii should engage in. Spots for this exciting activity are scattered all over the islands, offering unique sights and experiences for different levels of snorkelers. For an unforgettable snorkeling experience; however, head over to these spots.

10 Poipu Beach Park, Kauai

Kaui is one of Hawaii’s best snorkeling destinations and Poipu beach is one of the island’s top runners. With its beautiful corals and hundreds of fishes, Poipu beach attracts a huge snorkel-loving population. While the clear waters of the beach ensure high visibility, the warm waters make the snorkel comfortable and more enjoyable. Snorkeling here is safe for all levels of snorkelers including beginners as there are lifeguards on the beach. While under the warm water, expect frequent sights of cute colorful fishes, Green sea turtles, seals, and sea urchins.

9 Sharks Cove, Oahu

Sharks Cove is one of the numerous amazing spots for snorkeling in Oahu during summer. The beach combines beauty and great sea life. Visitors to this beach located on the North Shore of Oahu will be met with crystal clear blue waters that make the difficulty walking the rocky shores worth it. There are no sharks here; only several types of fish, green sea turtles, and seals. While in the water, snorkelers should take note of the caves as fishes are fond of hiding in those areas. Snorkeling at Sharks Cove is only conducive during summer as strong waves make snorkeling dangerous here during winter.

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8 Molokini Crater, Maui

Maui is arguably Hawaii’s best snorkeling destination for snorkeling due to its clear waters where so much sea life thrives and there are many spots to enjoy this activity on the island. At Molokini Crater, one will be met with a crescent-shaped island surrounded by crystal clear waters with plenty of great spots for snorkeling. Due to its distance from Maui’s busy tourist spots, this partly sunken crater is usually less crowded, giving one all the opportunity to snorkel and explore the rich sea life under the water. With high visibility underwater, snorkelers here will be graced with sights of gorgeous coral reefs as well as several hundred species of fish.

7 Kumimi Beach, Molokai

Hawaii’s fifth-largest island is not left out when it comes to snorkeling and Kumini beach is one of the island’s best spots to enjoy this adventure. The beach is characterized by golden sand and calm water teaming with sea life. Snorkeling here is an opportunity to witness unique marine creatures such as - green sea turtles, fishes, and sometimes manta rays in the crystal clear and calm waters. The waves do get overwhelming at Kumimi beach during the winter months which makes summer the best time to snorkel here.

6 Turtle Town, Maui

The name is not random. This underwater lava formation in Maui is indeed a place to see the best of the green turtles in Hawaii which is why it has become a mecca for snorkeling. The waters and besides the turtles, the reef is also endowed with colorful fishes that make the water even more interesting. While one can get up close to these graceful sea creatures, it is important to remember that the law prohibits humans from touching, harassing, or chasing turtles.

5 Hanauma Bay, Oahu

Hanauma Bay is a unique shoreline located within a volcanic cone in Oahu. The bay features a beautiful beach characterized by soft white sand and mesmerizing turquoise water. Although the beach may be beautiful on the surface, it is more appealing and adventurous underwater. Snorkeling here is one of the most enjoyable in Oahu as the one will be presented with views of a vibrant reef and different types of fishes and sea turtles. All levels of snorkelers including children are welcome to explore Hanauma Bay and there are lifeguards around to keep people safe. The nearby facilities and easy accessibility combine to make Hanauma Bay the perfect spot for a family getaway with lots of snorkeling.

4 Kealakekua Bay, Kona

There is so much to enjoy at Kealakekua Bay from impressive coral reefs to surrounding lush vegetation and charming blue waters. Dolphins are some of the most frequent creatures one can see in the waters here as well as several schools of fish. Part of this bay’s appeal is in its remoteness and less crowded shores. The clear water is mostly untouched, leaving snorkelers with the opportunity to see the corals in their untouched form. Because of the pristine state of the water, snorkelers can easily witness the rich sea life around the area.

3 Honolua Bay, Maui

Honolua Bay is a great place for snorkeling during low tides. Like many other snorkeling spots in Hawaii, green sea turtles and fishes can be seen here while Manta Rays can also be spotted in some areas. For the best snorkeling experience here, one will be required to swim a little bit into the wider bay area away from the rocky shores and its low visibility. Some hundred feet away from the shores and snorkelers will be in clearer parts of the bay where they can see coral reefs and a multitude of sea creatures.

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2 Ke’e Beach, Kauai

Like many beaches in Hawaii, Ke’e beach is an amazing surf destination during the winter months due to the raging waves; however, during summer it remains calm, welcoming snorkelers and swimmers to explore what is below the surface. Located on Kauai’s North Shore, at the start of Kalalau Trail, this beach features a gorgeous reef and a large population of fish. There are also occasional sights of green sea turtles here. Lifeguards are located nearby and the beach is suitable for beginners although snorkelers are always advised to keep away from the part of the beach close to the ocean as there can be unexpected rip currents at any time.

1 Manta Ray Village, Kona

There’s no better place to get up close to Hawaii’s Manta Rays than Manta-Ray village located on the island of Kona. Snorkelers are guaranteed the sights of these creatures during the popular night dive tours offered here. Unlike many other snorkel adventures around Hawaii, the snorkel here for sights of these creatures happen at night as it is the time when the creatures come around to feed on Plankton attracted to the blue light coming from the surface.