There are those among us who crave the extraordinary, and simply can't ignore their burning desire to fly. There's nothing quite like free-falling over some of the world's most jaw-dropping scenery, and marveling at magnificent structures and natural worldly wonders in a way that seeing them from land just cannot live up to. Such experiences are reserved only for the brave-hearted and daring, and for those courageous thrill-seekers of the world yearning for something extra, here are some of planet Earth's best skydiving experiences to scratch that adventure itch.

10 Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara boasts North America’s highest tandem skydive at a whopping 18,000 feet. What's more, this exuberant dive's drop zone is only a short distance from the Pacific Ocean, boasting once-in-a-lifetime views of the dazzling Californian coast.

9 Mount Everest, Nepal

The top skydive for the most elite thrill-seekers simply has to be Mount Everest. It's one thing to climb the highest mountain peak on earth at 29,500 feet, but it's another out-of-this-world experience entirely to soar from above and absorb the otherworldly atmosphere of this bucket list wonder. However, adventurers are expected to pay a pretty penny for the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime thrill – a mind-blowing price tag of around $25,000 along with a spot on a six-month waiting list might make your eyes water!

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8 Denarau Island, Fiji

This 14,000 feet drop doesn't just promise a heart-pumping fall – those who fly from this paradise island's sky are treated to picturesque panoramics of the tropical ocean below, which is so clear that the multi-colored fish and rainbow-hued corals can be seen.

7 Fox Glacier, New Zealand

A thrill-seeker's dreamland, New Zealand's scenery, and landscapes are as beautiful as they are adventurous. With mighty lakes, sky-scraping mountains, and glistening glaciers as your backdrop, it's no surprise that this unrivaled part of the world is a top favorite for skydivers from across the globe.

6 Seville, Spain

This exhilarating skydive in the south of Spain involves a free-fall from the highest altitude permitted in Europe at 15,000 ft – which is enough to excite even the most courageous of adrenaline addicts. If bragging rights aren't enough, free-fallers who accomplish this challenge are rewarded with gorgeous panoramic views of Seville's charm combined with its flowing waters and crystal blue sea.

5 Interlaken, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps isn't just about skiing – this awe-inspiring mountainous wonderland is the perfect location for those aching for the fall. Choose this as your next skydiving venture, and you'll be rewarded with epic views of snowcapped mountains and majestic glaciers as you glide back down to Earth. Adrenaline-junkies who crave heights even have ample opportunity to try their hand at hang gliding too. This unmissable destination for height-fanatics is also among the more affordable places to lose yourself in skydiving – all the more reason to tick this one off your bucket list!

4 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

It goes without saying that every single skydiving enthusiast on the planet must include a fall over Victoria Falls on their must-skydive list. At twice the height of Niagra falls, his heart-stopping waterfall is among the world's largest and most stunningly beautiful, and you can enjoy it all to yourself in a way that most people could never imagine – by taking it all in as you fall from above. The lush greenery that envelopes this magical theatre of nature only adds to its impossible beauty.

3 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Think skydiving, and Dubai immediately comes to mind. What better way is there to experience this iconic desert city's breathtaking skyline than falling from the planet's edge? As you fly, you'll enjoy stunning views of the man-made floating palm Jumeirah below, and nobody else on land can see quite it like those who free-fall from above.

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2 Waialua, Hawaii, USA

Widely considered one of the world's most breathtaking drop zones, this adventure seeker's hotspot in Hawaii sees skydivers of all experience levels fall from up to 20,000 feet above Hawaii’s North Shore. The powdery white beaches and sparkling sea blends effortlessly with the town's cultural sites and scenic landscapes to present incredible birdseye views that only those who fall from above have the opportunity to enjoy.

1 Outerspace

When you've explored the world and the ordinary just doesn't quite cut it anymore, you might want to look beyond the skies. Whilst not advised for the everyday action-lover, this next feat seems as if it came straight from a James Bond movie. Skydiver and world record holder Felix Baumgartner achieved one of the greatest stunts ever accomplished in the world of extreme sports – this extremely brave human bird began his skydive at 120,000 feet above the Earth, and successfully soared back down to reality after enjoying views that no person had ever had the fortune of taking in before sans rocket or plane. And, he streamed and filmed the entire venture live for all to marvel at – but be warned, it isn't for the faint-hearted.

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