In a way, a fishing trip is one of the best post-pandemic vacations a person can take. Some readers might be reading this and shaking their heads in disbelief at that idea, but it's true. Consider it: the destination is predetermined by the number and types of fish in one spot, which already provides a great landscape, inevitably. It gives way to even more exploration as many popular fishing spots are located in national parks or along the coastline. It's a chance to be social and go with a fishing buddy or a group of friends, and, the best part: it takes people back to primitive roots when sitting back, relaxing, and waiting for a bite was part of daily life.


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Fishing is a hobby that doesn't require professional athleticism or advanced skills in order to participate. A fishing pole, some simple gear, and, if necessary, a fishing permit make up the perfect fishing trip. Across the U.S., there are many spots that people would give up their most prized catch to visit, so why not make it a reality? Start with these.

Mammoth Lakes, California

On the West Coast, Mammoth Lakes is known as the best place to catch trout, by far - and it's not likely that you'll get any argument by the locals on that. This location, in particular, is perfect for a group, especially if not everyone is as keen on the idea of fishing. With the Sierra Nevada Mountains serving as the lake's backdrop, visitors are free to fish, hike, and bike at their leisure. Therefore, it's the perfect family-friendly spot, as well!

This location is open throughout the entire year although those looking to fish might want to check trout trends before planning their trips. It's also easily accessible and can be flown to from LAX but, of course, the drive isn't too bad, either.

Salmon, Idaho

Idaho is a beautiful and understated state and it's not surprising that some of the best fishing in the country is also found there. Salmon River is isolated and remote and absolutely beautiful in its serene and untouched nature. Those seeking a fishing trip here will get far more than just a good catch, they'll be greeted with an incredible landscape from which to do it all.

Catching cutthroat, rainbow, and brook trout are common here, but - fun fact - Idaho is also the only state in the country with steelhead and ocean-run salmon, according to Cool Material. If that doesn't make this a bucket list fishing destination then we're not sure what does.

Lewes, Delaware

Fish doesn't always take place along the lake and a bucket-list fishing destination sometimes entails a more active landscape. Delaware might not seem like a destination that's on the must-fish list but Lewes, specifically, is worth it. Not only is it a great destination for a vacation with a laid-back atmosphere and easy access to Delaware's great beaches, but it's a bit quieter than the beaches further north of it.

This is another family-friendly location that kids and adults will love, especially for those who love fishing with a bit of a challenge. Lewes is home to both freshwater fishing (with a lake nearby) and ocean fishing and, during the latter, visitors can expect to catch fish such as tuna, marlin, and flounder.

Lake Champlain, Vermont Or New York Side

If there's any lake system that gives way to a primo fish selection, it's Lake Champlain. The reason that both Vermont and New York are listed here is that, according to either state, it doesn't match which one a person's fishing license resides in - one is enough for either side. Since they're so close, sharing the same body of water, it just wouldn't make sense to have two permits. Therefore, step one is already a piece of cake.

Now, let's get to what people really want to know: what kind of fish can a person except to catch here? Walleye, large and smallmouth bass, northern pike, brown bullhead, chain pickerel, channel catfish, lake trout, landlocked Atlantic salmon, yellow perch, rainbow trout, rainbow smelt, and brown trout, to start.

Meeker, Colorado

Colorado is an unbelievable landscape for hiking, mountain biking, and camping, but it's also home to some of the country's greatest fishing. Meeker is the best place that visitors can head to if they plan on catching something worth bragging about.

This location is also unique because it offers but public and private fishing, with private requiring a fee for its isolation. Don't worry, though - the public fishing waters will still get visitors some great catches, just with a bit larger of an audience.

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