Gold is an excellent investment, but it can be hard to find. Luckily, there are some places in the US where gold can be found. Although the process may be long and tedious, there is still hope in getting this precious metal. So these are great spots to find gold.

10 California

California boasts several rivers and streams that contain gold. These include the American River, the San Gabriel River, and the Yuba River. In this state, it’s possible to find gold by sifting through riverbeds and sandbars. This has made gold panning a popular activity. There are also a number of ghost towns in California that were once mining towns. Nowadays, these towns are abandoned, but they still offer a good chance of finding gold. One such example is Bodie, which is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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9 Georgia

Georgia has a long history of gold mining. Prospectors can find gold in many areas of the state, but the most productive areas are typically in the northwestern part. Dukes Creek is a major gold mining location in Georgia. There are also many smaller mines and prospecting operations throughout the state. Georgia has a vast public land where travelers can pan for gold or metal detect for gold nuggets. Some of the best areas to look for gold are near streams and rivers, as well as in old mining districts. Visitors can find gold in the Chestatee, Etowah, and Tesnatee rivers.

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8 Idaho

Idaho boasts a number of recreational areas where prospectors can search for gold. One such location is Boise Basin. Historically, it is one of the most productive gold mining sites in the state. Today, there are still a number of small-scale miners operating in the Boise Basin. Another good place to look for gold in Idaho is in the Salmon River Mountains. This area is home to a number of large placer deposits. There are also several small-scale miners who operate in this area.

7 Montana

Montana is home to several mines rich in placer gold. It also harbors the world-famous Bannack Ghost Town, which is full of abandoned gold mines. Gold panning is a popular activity in Montana, and there are several entities that offer guided tours. These tours typically last a few hours, and participants can keep any gold they find. Montana is a great place for both beginner and experienced prospectors. The state’s rich history makes it an interesting place to explore.

6 Nevada

Having a long history of gold mining, Nevada is home to the famous Carlin Trend, one of the richest gold deposits in the world. There are a number of ways to prospect for gold in the state. Some people choose to pan for gold in rivers and streams. Others use metal detectors to search for nuggets in areas that have been known to produce gold in the past. There are also a number of commercial gold mines in Nevada that offer tours and opportunities for visitors to try their hand at panning or prospecting.

5 Colorado

One of the places to consider visiting in Colorado is the more mountainous western region of the state which is rich in gold, mostly obtained through lode and placer mining. There are many deposits to be found here, including one at Tarryall Creek. Other places to find small amounts of gold include Gilpin County, Teller County, and Summit County.

4 Alaska

Potential gold prospectors won't find it easy in Alaska because the terrain is tough. If this doesn't sound like an acceptable scene, there are still some options available. Guided tours are offered by several entities. The tour guides will take travelers on trips throughout the difficult terrains. This includes hiking through pristine wilderness areas where both recreational prospectors and adventurers can find gold.

3 New Mexico

The most popular mining districts in New Mexico include Elizabethtown Baldy, Hillsboro, and Pinos Altos. These areas are home to small-scale miners who use dry washers to extract placer gold from streams and creeks. The Bear Creek area is also a major source of placer gold. With its rich history and abundant resources, tourists are sure to strike it lucky if they head out in search of this precious metal in New Mexico.

2 Tennessee

If planning to visit Tennessee for a weekend, there's more to it than just visiting parks and sampling different foods. Gold is found here! Most panning occurs near Tellico Plains. Recreational prospecting is also popular, and there are plenty of opportunities for beginners. The best places for the activity include Citico, Cane, and Tobe in Monroe County. Visitors can also find gold along the Tellico River. Overall, Tennessee is a great state for recreational prospectors due to the many areas where gold can be found, and there is a long history of mining in the state.

1 Oregon

Gold mining in Oregon has been happening since 1852. The state offers excellent opportunities for recreational prospectors as well as professionals who want to make a living off of it. Areas worth visiting include Jackson County, parts of Coos, and Curry Counties. There's gold in Applegate River, along the Elk, Palmer Creeks, and Patti Creek. Towns like Bourne, Granite, and Susanville also provide plenty of places where tourists can find their own piece of American history when exploring their rich landscape.