For certain divers, the prospect of diving with sharks is both exhilarating and scary, because even the most experienced divers might feel vulnerable while spending a dip to one of the sea's greatest successful wild fish. While we all recognize the worth of these magnificent creatures, being in the ocean with them under certain situations is simply not feasible, and that is where shark cage diving comes in. To know further, here is the list of the best places around the world to experience cage diving with sharks.

10 Isla Guadalupe, México

Isla Guadalupe is the greatest location in the globe to swim with enormous white sharks. This desolate volcanic peninsula, located 150 miles outside the coast of Baja California, is only reachable by a day trip boat, as well as a variety of boats offering cage diving adventures onsite. The fantastic white shark season lasts throughout July until November, with many energetic young sharks coming eagerly to breed earlier than the said period and the bigger males appearing in late September until early October.

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9 Western Cape, South Africa

The area of the coast surrounding Mossel Bay and Gansbaai on the southwestern coast of South Africa has long been renowned as the world's largest white shark headquarters. Also, the Western Cape is host to over 60,000 permanent cape fur dolphins, drawing what was previously the world's thickest concentration of great white sharks. In addition, shark cage diving is a big industry in this iconic Shark Alley. Furthermore, deadly interactions with killer whales have driven the great white species further, and whaler great whites have become the most regularly spotted.

8 Farallon Islands, California

The Farallon Islands is host to five different types of seals and sea lions. Each year around late July or January, migrant enormous white sharks pause at these islands on their way to the mid-Pacific to feed on the native elephant seals. Also, the number of sharks that visited the Farallon Islands annually is unknown, although they include other biggest specimens ever documented. Furthermore, unlike other techniques, the ships here utilize mammal-shaped devices instead of mud to lure sharks, limiting ecological effect and any disruption with natural eating patterns.

7 O’ahu, Hawaii

O'ahu, the third biggest of the Hawaiian Islands, is home to various companies that provide cage diving excursions along the island's north shore. Cage divers may anticipate seeing tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, Galapagos, and the rare hammerhead shark. Furthermore, the finest shark sightings take place three miles away in the Pacific Ocean, in which the depths exceed not less than 500 feet. Cage tours emphasize teaching and preservation by allowing guests to snorkel at the top without any need for dive equipment.

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6 Neptune Islands, Australia

The Neptune Islands are located in the Gulf of Spencer, South Australia. The islands are part of a restricted Conservation reserve and remain the sole site in Australia where scuba divers could get up close and personal with the great white sharks. Cage diving is available throughout the day as well as on overnight boats. Also, one group even provides the unusual opportunity of cage diving with deep ocean sharks. Furthermore, Australia is the ancestral homeland of shark cage diving, and it offers the true pleasure of watching these incredible species in their native habitat.

5 Crystal Coast, North Carolina

The Crystal Shore of North Carolina is noted for its rich maritime history, with over 2,000 shipwrecks put to rest all along the coastline. The Crystal Coast provides a wonderful diving opportunity, thanks to its gorgeous temperate sea and abundance of aquatic life. It also serves as a haven for a diverse range of sharks in the vicinity. Tourists arranging a shark cage diving excursion along this area may also witness Atlantic Sharp Noses as well as other types of sharks. Furthermore, the Crystal Coast is proven to be an interesting site for shark cage diving.

4 Gansbaai, South Africa

Gansbaai's vast number of sharks congregate around Geyser Rock and Dyer Island, earning it the title of "Great White Capital of the World." This offers an excellent setting for anyone willing to face the frigid waters and get up close and personal with a variety of shark breeds. Gansbaai is also home to great mako as well as blue sharks. Furthermore, the adjacent coast fur seal population supplies the sharks with an ideal hunting ground. As a result, Gansbaai is undoubtedly the greatest place in the globe for shark cage diving.

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3 Pacific Beach, San Diego

With rising seas and more state support, many baby sharks successfully thrived in this location, and it has become a breeding habitat for multiple shark species. The thresher shark, which uses its elastic tail to paralyze its victim before devouring it, is a common sight off the California coast. Other sharks that frequent these seas have included the historic seven-gill shark and mako shark. Tourists may even join forces with a nearby shark cage professional diving business to witness all of these incredible species close up.

2 Bimini Island, Bahamas

The Bahamas is among the greatest sites in the nation to observe and capture large sharks in their natural habitat. Bimini is famous for the Hammerhead, but it also has other kinds of sharks like reef sharks. Cage diving activities on Bimini Island are available to travelers with or without diving expertise. People involved ought to be in generally excellent condition and feel at ease in the water. Cage divers may be required to be at least 18 years old.

1 Seal Island, South Africa

South African enormous white shark diving is internationally renowned. Although the pristine seas of South Africa may not provide the finest vision of the major shark-diving sites, boarding the cage then viewing from the ship in False Bay provides tourists' best chance of witnessing the sharks perform an astonishing "Air Jaws" move. Furthermore, travelers may swim with sharks around Seal Island between April to mid-September, however, beyond these periods, sharks migrate inshore to feast on large fish and lesser sharks. Also, visiting throughout June and mid-August is the greatest time to witness predation.

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