Solo Adventures: 10 Best Places To Travel To Alone

It's always fun to travel with your family, your friends, or even just with other tourists, but there's always a new sense of magic and thrill that you get when you're out discovering a foreign city or a new town all by yourself. Traveling alone definitely has its perks. You won't have to wait on other people. You'll get to make choices completely for yourself, and you'll most likely find that you were braver than you thought you were.

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Wondering exactly where you can go if you were to book a trip just for yourself? We've got you covered! From Mozambique to London, these are the 10 best places you can go if you're traveling alone.

10 New York City

New York City has become such a tourist destination that even if you fly into New York alone, there is no way you could ever feel alone. From young businesspeople to entertainers walking the streets at any given moment of any given day, New York City is the place to be if you're a solo traveler who loves adrenaline and loves to be on the move.

The Big Apple is a destination that has something for everyone. Whether you're interested in baseball or Broadway, you'll always have an event to go, and probably would meet new travelers right away. From commuters on the Subway to coffee shop owners, New York is full of nomads just like you and is a great place to explore alone.

9 London

London is a city that's full of so much history and livelihood that you'll never get bored when you're there. It's also a great walking city and easy to get around if you're traveling alone. Whether you're getting around on foot or by tube, London's museums, open pubs, and inviting coffee shops make it one of the best places for solo traveling.

You can tour the entire city alone, taking in the sights for yourself. From walking along the Thames River to visiting every free art museum the city has to offer, London's open doorways to discovering new things make solo tourism so easy. Hanging out at local pubs at night is also a great way to meet fellow travelers and locals!

8 Orlando

On the surface, when people think of Orlando, Florida, they think of Disneyworld, and that's not a place you want to be alone. However, if you're looking to spend a few days alone where the weather is warmer, it's a great city to stay in.

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Surrounded by sunshine and blue skies, Orlando has everything from major shopping spots to fun swimming activities like surfing, snorkeling, and parasailing that you can do with other tourists while on your trip! What's even more exciting is that veteran solo travelers have said that Universal Studios Orlando - different from the family-oriented Disneyworld - can also be a fun place to spend the day people watching, eating, and riding rollercoasters.

7 Los Angeles

Los Angeles is filled with so many people who are looking to make it in the entertainment industry that if you visit the city alone, you're almost guaranteed to run into a friendly, talkative stranger. LA is a city that makes it easy to meet new people.

With great weather to accompany you while exploring Hollywood throughout the day to the bustling nightlife from clubs to concerts, any solo traveler that visits the entertainment capital of the world will have no problem meeting new people. So much of Los Angeles can be seen outside - the Hollywood sign, the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Walk of fame - that being around the fast-paced city life won't make you feel like a tourist at all.

6 Rome

Rome may seem like it's not the best place to be as a solo traveler - after all, it is ranked as one of the most romantic cities other than Paris out there - but there is actually so much you can do as a solo traveler in the city.

From seeing the Colosseum to centering your trip all around authentic food, solo tourism is actually a popular thing in Rome. Rich in history and culture, the stories that you'll discover walking through Rome alone from food, coffee shops, old churches, and historical buildings will mean even more now that you came across them traveling solo.

5 Melbourne

If you ever find yourself traveling alone in Australia, Melbourne is a great place to go. With open bars and pubs all around town, it's easy to make friends sitting next to someone ordering drinks! The city is filled with tons of unique and fresh food restaurants that it would be a great city to do your "Foodie Trip" in!

Next to food, Melbourne is also a shopping center and has tons of antique shops like locally-owned bookshops and vintage record stores for those who love old-fashioned souvenirs. Melbourne is a huge metropolis, so whether you're in search of live theater or an open-air market, everyone is taking the city in just as much as you. Nobody would look twice if you came alone!

4 Amsterdam

You may be wondering what exactly is in Amsterdam that would make it a great place to solo travel, but it's actually been named one of the friendliest places for tourists to be! The Netherlands is full of friendly locals who love to give a helping hand to visitors, and even more if you're by yourself.

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The city is a hub for culture and is 100% safe to walk through on foot alone. From stunning architecture rich with history to wonderful and unique art lined for blocks and blocks, discovering Amsterdam on your own can be an amazing experience.

3 Mozambique

Mozambique, South Africa, is another popular destination for travelers, especially during the winter season. If you're looking to escape the cold for a while but not exactly sure where to go, consider this beautiful country. Known for its coastline, its water activities from scuba diving to snorkeling in crystal ocean blue water can be one of the most fun things to do!

Still a developing country, Mozambique can be a great getaway spot for anyone who looks to escape the bustling city life. Take a taxi and drive up the coastline. The view is one you won't ever forget.

2 Vancouver

Many people might be surprised to find this out about Vancouver, but if you're a lover of art and are looking to escape major cities like LA or NYC, Vancouver is the place to be. With a nightlife that's centered around live art, music, and theater, any solo traveler who loves to be entertained would enjoy a few days in Vancouver.

Canada has also been ranked as one of the countries lowest in crime and is completely safe to move around alone. From great brunch spots to an exciting downtown shopping scene, Vancouver has a lot more in store for the solo traveler than one might think.

1 Iceland

Known as one of the safest countries in the world, Iceland has also been named by veteran solo travelers to be one of the most exciting places to visit alone. For lovers of natural landscapes, Iceland is the place you'll want to go to. Discover the Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss, and beautiful glaciers framed by a blue, cloud-filled sky. It can be breathtaking when you know you've traveled all that way on your own.

From swimming to hiking, Iceland's diverse natural landscape provides a plethora of outdoor activities throughout the year that any solo adventurer can conquer. If you truly are up for an adventure, consider visiting this Nordic town on your next solo trip!

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