New York City is the most populous city in the US and is among the largest cities in the world. It's the home to a ton of museums, historical sites, parks, and even some really high-end restaurants. For a foodie, New York City is one of the best cities in the US to visit.

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NYC is home to just about any type of cuisine that a visitor could want to get their hands on. But we have to admit that when most people think of New York City, they think of one dish in particular: pizza. New York City is home to the first pizzeria in the US, among countless other places to get a slice.

To see 10 of the best places to get pizza in New York City, keep reading!

10 Emmy Squared

Emmy Squared is a restaurant located in Williamsburg that any pizza fan needs to try. While most pizza in New York City comes with a thin, foldable crust and the round pie is sliced into huge pieces, Emmy Squared is different.

At Emmy Squared, the pizza is served up Detroit Style. For those of you that aren't huge pizza fans and have no idea what that means, it just means that the pizzas are square and the crust is thick and chewy. Emmy Squared was founded in 2016 and features a menu of different types of pizza that will please any taste buds.

9 Roberta's

Since Roberta's opened in 2008 in Bushwick, they've gone through a few changes. They've really expanded the area where their restaurant is located and they've even opened a couple more locations for people that can't quite make it out to Brooklyn.

But even though Roberta's has added an outdoor seating area and even opened a California location, there are some things that haven't changed about Roberta's. The most important thing s that the pizza is still delicious. The crust is crispy and has an oven-baked char to some bits and the cheese is chewy. What more could you want from a pizza?

8 Joe & Pat's

Joe & Pat's is a pizza restaurant that has a long history in New York. This pizzeria was founded back in the 1950s when a pair of brothers moved from their home in Italy to New York. After their move to Staten Island, the two of them decided to open a restaurant and serve up pizza to the people of New York.

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Joe & Pat's has been family-owned since it first opened and has been serving up the thin crust pizza that made them famous the entire time. Along with their various kinds of pizza, Joe & Pat's also serves up a lot of other authentic Italian dishes. But let's be honest, this restaurant is known for the pizza they opened with - a simple one with sauce and gooey mozzarella.

7 Lucali

Lucali is a pizza restaurant that opened in 2006 in Brooklyn. Since opening, Lucali has become a huge name in the world of pizza. It's popular with locals, tourists, and even A-listers like Beyoncé and Jay-Z who ate there instead of going to the Grammys.

Unlike some other casual restaurants in NYC where visitors can grab a slice of pizza on a paper plate and be on their way, Lucali is more of a fine dining experience. Visitors give their name and number and then stay in the neighborhood and wait for the call that their table is ready and they can come get their food. But Lucali's thin crust and fresh ingredients definitely make it worth it.

6 Dani's House Of Pizza

Dani's House of Pizza is a pizzeria that has been in New York City since the 1950s. Considering this restaurant has been in the city for so long while so many other restaurants have opened and closed, it's obvious that Dani's House of Pizza must be doing something right.

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Dani's House of Pizza is owned by the grandson of the original owner. This restaurant has really made a name for itself in NYC for the special sweet sauce that they have on their pizzas. If you're looking for a unique slice in the city, Dani's House of Pizza is the place to go.

5 L&B Spumoni Gardens

L&B Spumoni Gardens has been open in New York City since the late 1930s when it was opened by Ludovico Barbati. He moved to the US from Italy and decided to start making and selling spumoni, a type of gelato, to give people a taste of his home country. Eventually, the shack he was selling spumoni out of evolved and started also selling pizza and even had an area for people to sit and enjoy their food.

L&B Spumoni Gardens is still a part of New York City's history and is still open in its original location now. There's a dining area inside as well as seating outside for people to enjoy their iconic Italian cuisine. Although the menu features quite a bit of food, the pizza is definitely what draws in many hungry visitors.

4 Zero Otto Nove

Zero Otto Nove is a restaurant that's located in Little Italy in the Bronx. It's in a convenient location for visitors that want to take a look around the shops before they pop in to get a taste of authentic Italian cuisine.

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The decor inside Zero Otto Nove is designed to resemble an outdoor courtyard in an Italian village and it definitely adds to the ambiance of this restaurant. Beyond that, there's a dining room that looks more like a traditional restaurant. Although this restaurant is definitely known for attracting the tourists, there's a good reason that so many of them flock to Zero Otto Nove. The food is delicious and the pizza is the highlight of the menu.

3 Joe's

Joe's Pizza opened in Manhattan in the 1970s, two decades after the owner immigrated from Italy to New York City. Today, Joe's Pizza is located pretty close to where the original store was and is still as popular as ever with New York City's pizza lovers.

When you think of New York-style pizza, you think of a huge slice of pizza that has a thin crust and comes by the slice on a paper plate. If that's what you're looking for, Joe's Pizza is among the best places in New York City to stop in and grab a slice. It's a delicious example of the pizza NYC has become famous for.

2 Louie And Ernie's Pizza

Louie and Ernie's got its start back when the original owners opened their first pizza restaurant in the 1940s. They moved to the Bronx in the 1950s and opened Louie and Ernie's, a pizza restaurant that is still known for serving up some of the best New York-style pizza in the city.

This pizzeria has an old-school counter and serves up pizza either by the slice or by the pie in a way that really feels nostalgic. If you're looking for a simple, thin crust pizza in the heart of the Bronx, Louie and Ernie's is the place to go.

1 Prince St. Pizza

Prince St. Pizza is a small pizzeria in Nolita that has become pretty popular over the past few years. They serve up their pizza in two different ways - either the classic New York-style slices or in their signature square pizza format. There are a ton of places to get a slice of New York-style, so we highly recommend getting your hands on one of their square pizzas.

Prince St. Pizza is a pretty busy pizzeria with a really small location. This means that you may get lucky and find somewhere to sit down and enjoy your pizza, but it's recommended that you take it to go. Half the fun of eating pizza in NYC is taking it out to eat it on the sidewalk while you explore the city anyway.

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