New York City is definitely a foodie’s dream. It’s home to world-class restaurants, themed bars, retro diners, and amazing ice cream shops. New York lives up to its reputation of innovation with its unique ice cream shops.

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Ice cream is one of the most beloved treats ever. It’s the ultimate comfort food, supporting you through break-ups, Rom-Coms and everything in between. NYC has got everything from cereal milk ice cream, Korean soft serve, classic scoop, gelato and a wide variety of flavors that are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Here are 10 amazing ice cream spots to get you through your next trip to the city.

10 Big Gay Ice Cream 

What started off as a small ice cream truck back in 2009 has now become a full-blown shop with 3 locations in New York City. There’s one in East Village, West Village, and South Street Seaport, making Big Gay Ice Cream accessible no matter where you’re staying in the city.

Not only do they have a huge menu filled with dipped cones, soft serves, ice cream sandwiches, and milkshakes, but they also sell pints of this stuff that you can take home! Try their Rocky Roadhouse for a fun take of a classic flavor with a chocolate base, mini marshmallows, and toasted almonds.

9 Milkcow 

Milkcow is a Korean ice cream franchise that made it big with over 50 branches worldwide, including New York City where it was extremely well-received. They pride themselves in their local and organically sourced milk which gives their ice cream an extra milky flavor and light texture.

They have unique flavors to complement the subtle flavor of the natural product and offer fun toppings. Their most popular product is their natural, plain milk ice cream with 100% pure honeycomb. People are going crazy for this super simplistic soft serve.

8 Momofuku Milk Bar

This sweet shop was founded by Christina Tosi, an award-winning pastry chef. The first Milk Bar opened in New York City’s East Village in 2008 and grew from there with multiple locations all around the city. With huge success over the years, Milk Bar is one of the best places for dessert in New York, but their ice cream really takes the cake.

The concept of cereal milk was introduced by Tosi in her Milk Bar locations. This concept came to her as she shopped the cereal aisle of her local grocery store. Their cereal milk soft serve is made with brown sugar and cornflakes, making this milky treat taste like the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl.

7 Milk and Cream Cereal Bar 

This ice cream bar in New York is based on the recent trend of cereal. Cereal bars have gained popularity over the past few years, as well as cereal milk that was made popular by Christina Tosi’s Momofuku Milk Bar.

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This ice cream shop aims to bring nostalgia into your desert and create a child-like experience. You choose an ice cream flavor and then a cereal to go with it. They have a long list to choose from, including your favorites like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, Froot Loops and so much more. Revive your childhood with Milk and Cream Cereal Bar.

6 Oddfellows

Oddfellows has multiple locations in New York City. The story behind their unconventional flavors is pregnancy cravings! The founder tried to cater to his wife’s savory ice cream cravings with unique, homemade flavors and discovered his passion for ice cream along the way. The founders have also made it their mission to donate a portion of their sales to the Food Bank of New York, giving back to the community that supports them.

To make Oddfellows even better, they’re the first ice cream shop to offer Happy Hour! Pair your scoop with wine, beer or cider! This alcoholic twist makes Oddfellows the new after-work hang out.

5 Grom 

This Gelateria has 3 locations around the city as well as in Italy, Paris and other countries around the world. They offer a variety of Italian frozen treats from gelato to granita to affogato. They do Italian gelato the way it used to be, natural and simple with no added colors, aromas or emulsifiers.

They change their menu every month to offer a diverse and new experience every time you go, but they always have a selection of classic Italian flavors to remind you or where gelato all started. All their gelato is safe for celiac consumption as well.

4 Soft Swerve 

Soft Swerve is an ice cream shop known for its flavor combinations and aesthetic soft serves. Not only do they look interesting, but they definitely taste interesting too. This is the perfect place to broaden your ice cream horizons.

For Ice creams, they have some unusual options such as Purple Yam and an assortment of tea flavors like earl grey and Matcha. You can swirl together Purple Yam and Thai Tea or Earl Grey and Matcha. Their toppings are just as crazy with cereals, Mochi and even Condensed Milk to add to your swirl.

3 Ample Hills 

The concept behind Ample Hills is that “Every flavor tells a story”. Everything from the flavor, design, aesthetics, color is thoughtfully put together to create a story experience. With unique spins on classic desserts, they offer flavors like Pumpkin Cheesecake, Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate Milk and Cookies and much more! Each shop has a specific flavor, making it different from its sister location. These flavors are based on the area the shop sits in and it’s communities, stories, and locals.

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Ample Hills takes freshness to a whole new level. They care about the quality of their ingredients, believing that this is the way to beautiful ice cream. Their dairy plant is local, meaning everything is pasteurized practically on site of this shop!

2 Sundaes and Cones 

Sundaes and Cones is known for their assortment of cakes for occasions. With a crazy list to choose from, you’re sure to find an amazing one to suit your event. Although, their ice cream is just as good and innovative as their cakes.

With beloved flavors like cookie dough and experimental ones like black sesame, corn, and avocado, this ice cream shop covers all bases for a nice mix of new and classic. This place gets pretty packed at night, so be patient because the ice cream is well worth the wait!

1 Davey’s Ice Cream 

Davey’s Ice Cream has been a New York staple since it opened in 2013. It has a quirky atmosphere and friendly vibe, attracting all kinds, from families to friends to visitors. Their locally sourced dairy makes for a fresh and high-quality product.

Davey's takes ice cream very seriously. From the production of it, the flavors and to the way it’s served, Davey’s makes sure you have a good scoop and a good time every time you go. With a new winter menu offering hot chocolate, pies and homemade marshmallows, Davey’s will keep you warm and satisfied this holiday season.

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