Spanning decades and appealing to people of all ages across the globe, Disney has possibly one of the biggest fandoms in the world. They even have their own convention in the form of the D23 Expo. Though Disney is most definitely for everyone, it has a certain everlasting appeal to the geekier ones among us.

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Just as we geek out and show our fandom pride at comic conventions, so do we at the Disney Parks and Disney knows it and embraces it. If you want to show your appreciation for the fandom, here are ten great places in Disney World to do so.

10 Tomorrowland

Where better to get a Disney geek out on than a place dedicated to the future of yesterday, Tomorrowland. It's a place where you can hang out with Stitch, take a tour on the Peoplemover, take a ride on Space Mountain, and see a great big beautiful tomorrow. Perfect for the sci-fi lover in all of us.

The design might be a little dated by today's standards, but there's a kind of beauty to its retro-futuristic charms. From the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor to the top of the Astro Orbiter, there's plenty to love about today's world of tomorrow.

9 Fantasmic

Hollywood Studios's Fantasmic is a love letter to classic Disney magic. The show combines everything we love about the name and brings it to life before our eyes. A battle of imaginations between our favorite mouse and a host of Disney's greatest villains and with a giant dragon as the cherry on top, how can we not geek out over this?

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The show features nearly all of our favorite characters, villains, and scenes from classic Disney animated features. There is so much to love, at times we prefer it to the Nighttime Spectaculars at the Magic Kingdom.

8 Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

Easily one of the biggest film franchises in geekdomIndiana Jones definitely has a steady supply of fans dedicated to the series who can't get enough of the whip-cracking adventure. So, why not enjoy seeing some of the movies' biggest action sequences off the big screen and in a live stage show?

Seeing Indy run from the iconic boulder, fight off a gang of baddies, find treasure, and run the streets of Cairo up close and personal really strikes up the adventurous spirit. It might be a standard stunt show to some, but to true Disney fans, it's a roaring good time.

7 The Haunted Mansion

Though there is no shortage of rides and attractions in the Disney Parks, few have amassed such a huge fanbase as that of the Haunted Mansion. Fans of the magic and macabre alike are absolutely in love with the halls of Gracey Manor and will ride through as many times as they can to see all its tricks and treats.

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From its cast of hundreds of memorable characters to its iconic spectral scenes, the Haunted Mansion is a Disney Parks icon that will never go out of style. The attraction is so immersive, we can't help but let ourselves fall into regions beyond.

6 Disney/Pixar Film Festival

Though we mourn the loss of the sensational Captain EO, the Disney/Pixar Film Festival in Epcot is still a wonderful attraction for those of us who relish in seeing the animated wizardry of the Disney Studios. With a splendid sampling of animated delights shown in an incredible way, this is just one of many places in Epcot to geek out.

From the inspiring imaginings of Pixar to classic fun with Mickey Mouse, the screenings pull the films into reality using immersive 4-D effects guests young and old will enjoy. Though not as immersive as Mickey's Philharmagic, it's still worth a visit while in the parks.

5 Test Track

While we're in Epcot, let's kick things into overdrive as we cruise over to Future World to get behind the wheel of our own supercar at the Test Track. Beloved by thrill-junkies and techies alike, this ride will do more than blow your hair back as it sends you rocketing over the finish line.

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As the fastest ride in all of Walt Disney World, Test Track has no shortage of fans. Still, we have to give it extra props for getting us pumped up in the queue's interactive simulations and embracing the more scientific aspects of the experience.

4 The Imagination Institute

We've talked a lot about Journey Into Imagination with Figment many times before, but for this list, we're including the entire Imagination Institute. Why? Because the attraction goes all out with its mad-science influence and whimsical design. That and a little lovable dragon goes a long way in our book.

From the nods to Flubber, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and the original Dream Finder character to the interactive games and demonstrations in the Imageworks: What-If Labs, there's enough to satisfy both imaginations of the young and young at heart.

3 Epcot's World Showcase

Where else can you walk around the world in an entire afternoon than at the incredible Epcot World Showcase? We love getting to engage with a multitude of different cultures at the eleven different pavilions. From a Viking church to a Japanese kawaii museum, there are loads of reasons to get your geek on in the showcase.

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Although we have a strong preference for the U.K. and French pavilions ourselves, there are multiple multicultural experiences to enjoy at this Epcot treasure. You can literally spend a whole day just in the World Showcase alone. Don't be afraid to indulge and open your eyes to a whole new world.

2 Star Wars Launch Bay

Though any of Disney's menagerie of Meet and Greet locations could have made our list, the one that makes us geek out the most has to be the Star Wars Launch Bay in Disney's Hollywood Studios. You can meet Mickey and company anywhere in the resort, but you can only meet the likes of Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, and BB-8 here.

This immersive Meet and Greet whisks guests to a galaxy far, far, away for a little hang time with their favorite stars of Star Wars. From meeting our favorite walking carpet to the shadow of the Sith, there's few that can top this experience. Except for maybe one thing.

1 Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Why just meet the characters at the launch bay when you can visit an entire planet of the Star Wars universe? Construct your own Lightsaber, visit a droid factory, jam out with DJ Rex at Oga's Cantina, and walk amongst the world of the sensational sci-fi space opera.

Disney truly went above and beyond the call of duty to bring this place to life. Even down to the Coke bottles, it feels like stepping into this fantastic realm. Troopers march, Wookies growl, and the Millennium Falcon stands proudly waiting to fly.

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