Costa Rica remains one of the most adventurous countries in the world especially for water activities due to its violent water bodies. While the beaches are well suited for exciting surfs, the rivers lying in the Jungles across the country present the stage for thrilling white water rafting adventures. So buckle up, hold on tight, and get ready for an exciting ride at the best white water rafting spots in Costa Rica.

9 Savegre River

The purity of the Savegre River is one of its most unique characteristics but besides that, the ride is a show of scenery as adventurers will be met with sights of a beautiful waterfall and the rich greenery of the forest. Prepare to paddle through large rocks on insane class III rapids here as the ride is challenging. The stop at the splashing waterfall is one of the epic experiences this fun ride offers. At the waterfalls, adventurers will have the opportunity to enjoy an intense shower and refreshing swim under the pouring waterfall that’ll make them as clean as newborns.

8 Penas Blancas River

This river combines the exciting experience of white water rafting with safari exploration. Here, adventurers will be presented with views and sounds of Costa Rica's amazing wildlife while floating through the beautiful rainforest. The mild rapids make the float a relaxing one thereby creating an ideal and safe whitewater rafting stage for families with children. Wildlife that can be seen here include monkeys, crocodiles, sloths, birds, and many more.

7 Reventazon River

Reventazon River is characterized by class II to III rapids and it is known to offer a thrilling experience without presenting too much risk. Just little bumps here and there that will (of course) get one soaked. Being one of the most important sources of water to San Jose, this 145 km river presents beautiful views of a lovely rainforest and wildlife. Some parts of the river consist of dangerously high drops that will have adventurers getting dipped into water as they paddle their way out of the strong rapids.

6 Toro River

The 16 km ride at Rio Toro also known as the bull river is one of the most exhilarating white water rafting experiences in Costa Rica. The river which is characterized as presenting class III to IV rapids takes adventurers through unique gorges and lush vegetation on lots of bumps and drops. The abundance of natural elements and wildlife categorizing the ride makes it more exciting although one must prepare to deal with getting thrown around the waters and dodging rocks.

5 Sarapiqui River

The ride at Sarapiqui river is adventurous and scenic as it takes adventurers across extreme rapids while presenting views of the beautiful rainforest which is home to monkeys, different bird species, and other animals. The river is considered to feature class III to IV rapids and will have adventurers paddling against the water which is usually determined to smash people on the rocks and overturn them. The history associated with the Sarapiqui river also makes it worth exploring. This river was a key player in the transporting of weapons, provisions, and even soldiers during the Filibuster war that took place in the country in the mid 19th century. For this reason, it is now considered a national monument.

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4 El Chorro Section, Naranjo River

Naranjo River is one of those white water rafting spots that will have one saying “That was awesome but never again will I do that.” The river presents class IV rapids and flows through a path filled with dangerously narrow passages and lots of rocks with some positioned overhead, by the side, and in the water thereby causing rafters to deal with dodging the giant rocks while trying not to get overturned by the rushing waters. The lush forests nested beautifully on the surrounding hills are beautiful views to enjoy but the adrenaline rush is the ultimate reward here.

3 The Balsa River

The Balsa River located in La Fortuna is known to present class II and III rapids. The scenic river offers a thrilling adventure through a path that consists of a beautiful lush forest, towering hills, and amazing wildlife. The float on the water body will have adventurers engaged in a battle for their stability on the merciless rapids of the river as they speed downhill dodging the treacherous rocks nested on the river.

2 Tenorio River

The ride on the Class III and IV rapids of the Tenorio River is a splashing one. The views of the river are beautiful, to begin with, and the adrenaline rush the ride offers is ecstatic. The river is located in Guanacaste and its waters take adventurers through lush forests, and terrifying drops dangerously positioned at the edge of giant rocks that will have adventurers getting dipped and even overturned into the water. Lifeguards are usually positioned at these stages of the river to pull people out of the water before the rushing water offers them a ride of doom.

1 Pacuare River

Pacuare River is a territory best left to the brave. This river is characterized as a class III to IV rapid. It is arguably the best spot for water rafting in Costa Rica as it takes adventurers through a beautiful rainforest and paths that feel like fantasy. On the way, there are beautiful waterfalls and gorgeous mountains at the sides of the river to offer adventurers a cool-off and some refreshing time before proceeding with the rest of the long journey.

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