Gastronomy is an essential part of traveling. Discovering a new country also means learning more about it through favors and dishes that will make that trip remarkable. For example, exploring the seafood dishes in Peru is a must-do when visiting the country, and quick research shows that pizza is part of the history of many cultures.

A great thing to do while traveling is to plan a day to discover how to prepare mount-watering dishes from different countries. Touristic cities often have cooking classes for tourists that last a few hours. Learning how to prepare classic dishes from other countries can be fun and also helps to be more creative when cooking at home.

9 Learn About Food And History In Florence

Italy is the ultimate destination for travelers who want to take cooking lessons. In almost every tourist city, it's possible to enroll the classes and learn how to prepare their famous pizza, pasta, and the original tiramisu. In Florence, people should look at Mama Florence, a cooking school that teaches about Italian food, wines, and culture. When the class ends, the students can eat everything they'd prepared in an authentic Italian experience.

In Rome, the Montese Cooking Experience teaches travelers how to prepare Tuscan dishes using local products.

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Peru is one of the world's most important gastronomic destinations. Slowly, Lima is discovering that teaching the secrets behind Peruvian cuisine can be a great way to attract tourists. The award-winning chef Hector Aguilar Valle has spent years creating the menu for Michelin Star restaurants on four continents and owns the Peruvian Cooking Class in Lima, where travelers can learn how to prepare classic dishes and drinks in one day.

Another option is the Sky Kitchen which has several types of classes that teach people to prepare their famous ceviche, dishes with quinoa, and classic dishes. For beginners, they also offer fruit tasting classes on the market and explain how to use them in meals.

7 Discovering Some Secrets Of The French Cuisine

It's no secret that France is home to some of the best cooking schools on earth. Yet, people who would like to learn some secrets of French cuisine don't need to spend a whole semester in the country. It's possible to sign up for classes that last one day, and the students can learn how to prepare classic dishes, desserts, and croissants.

La Cuisine Paris is perfect for people who want to learn the classic dishes, visit Parisian markets or learn the basics of French pastry and baking.

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6 Japan Also Has Many Cooking Schools For Tourists

Japan has one of the most appreciated cuisines in the world, and it's possible to learn how to prepare the original dishes when visiting Tokyo. For example, Tsukiji Cooking offers three-hour classes where travelers can learn how to make authentic dishes, such as nigiri sushi, maki rolls, okonomiyaki, and robatayaki. Students spend the first hour exploring the market, looking for fresh ingredients and learning cooking technics from Japanese chefs.

Another excellent option is Cook! Asakusa Kappabashi welcomes students of all ages, making it a perfect activity for families.

5 The Authentic Argentinean Barbecue

For meat lovers, it's impossible to visit Argentina and don't try mouth-watering barbecue. It's also the perfect opportunity to learn the secrets behind it by spending some hours with an expert. Juan and Marina open their home to people who want to learn how to prepare the traditional Argentinean Asado. In a few hours, travelers learn a lot about the cuts of meat and how to prepare each of them properly.

While in Argentina, it's also possible to learn how to prepare empanadas, the most popular snack in Latin America.

4 Taking Classes In A Farm In Morocco

Many people who travel to Morocco are impressed by its cuisine but fail to reproduce the dishes at home. For those interested in cooking, it's a great idea to include one day visiting the Faim d'Epices, a cooking school 20 minutes away from Marakesh. Located on a farm, they have a different menu every day, so checking their schedules is essential. Two Moroccan teachers will explain how to prepare their bread, salads, and main dish during the classes.

3 Thai Cuisine Doesn't Need To Be Challenging

Preparing Thai dishes at home can be challenging, but travelers can learn the essential tricks to master them while visiting Thailand. May Kaidee offers classes in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, an excellent choice for people who want to learn how to prepare vegetarian dishes. The classes often last two hours, so travelers can plan other things for the day.

For those looking for an immersive experience, Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok teaches students how to prepare 12 dishes in one day.

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2 The Authentic Sourdough

The Bread Ahead Baking School is nestled in the heart of London and is open to people with different levels of experience. So, while traveling to the city, it's a great idea to enroll in one of their classes and learn how to prepare authentic sourdough, doughnuts, and dense Nordic rye.

The classes aim for people to master bakery techniques and have different workshops during the year. This is an excellent option for people who want to enroll in a cooking class while traveling but want something less touristic.

1 Much More than Tacos and Burritos

Mexican cuisine is full of flavors, and people traveling to Merida can learn how to explore them at Los Dos. The cooking school offers students an immersion in Mexican ingredients and culture. They provide a seven-hour class where people learn a lot about Yucatán cuisine, but tourists can also take a half-day course and learn how to prepare traditional dishes for a Mayan family. Booking private classes and creating personalized classes is the best option for travelers looking for something exclusive.