Bungee jumping is no joke. It's the act of leaping from a really high place while attached to something that will make you bounce back up. The ultimate activity for someone who loves an adrenaline high, it’s become extremely popular around the world. Because of the increase in jumpers, a lot of places have sprung up to host this activity, and some of them are downright scary.

If you’re just about to embark on your first bungee jumping activity, you’d have to be extremely brave to start with one of these. If you're a seasoned pro, however, these should be on your to-do list. Whatever the case, if you’re looking for a real surge of adrenaline, these are the places to seriously consider. Good luck!

10 10. Macau Tower, China

This bungee jump is a no-brainer since it holds the Guinness World Record for being the highest. If your goal is to find the highest bungee jump in the world and take it on, then look no further than Macau Tower in China.

The equipment for doing this jump is intense, including a recovery system — which is only to be expected, considering how high it is. It’s comforting that all the necessary precautions have been taken care of. I don’t consider myself a coward, but I’m not sure I’d ever leap off this one. People who do this are far more courageous than me! And apparently, there are a lot of courageous people in the world because Macau Tower is extremely popular being 764-ft high.

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9 9. The Last Resort, Nepal

Over a 160-meters high gorge, with a raging river below it, this is another adrenaline-inducing jump. What’s cool about this one is that they film your jump and can then sell you the DVD post-jump! If you want to capture the moment in your life that you were most terrified, this is your chance!

Seriously though, the views from this jump are absolutely stunning so if you’re looking to do a bungee jump where you’ll be staring at something absolutely gorgeous as you go, this one in Nepal is the one to go for. At least the sight of that blue river and the surrounding nature might be enough to distract you from the gut-wrenching feeling of the jump itself...

You can’t actually bungee jump over the Grand Canyon, but this is the closest you’ll get since it’s right on the edge, not to mention over where the river used to be that ran into the canyon! If you’re mostly into the sight-seeing aspect of these activities, this is a good one to do considering you could go see the Grand Canyon in the same trip.

This location is one of the Bungee Jumping Organization’s few, and they schedule jumps for certain times throughout the year that you can join as an individual or as a group. The height of the jump is 142-meters, so although it’s not quite as high as some of the others on this list, it’s a definite scary drop. It might be a good jump to take if you’re looking for jumps within the USA!

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7 7. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, Colorado

Another amazing USA bungee jump is the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in Colorado. I’m sure it surprises no one that Colorado is home to an amazing bungee jump, considering the gorgeous sights and landscapes.

Located in Colorado Springs, there’s a whole host of other things to do besides jumping. Traveling with friends and family to this area is quite easy since there's more than just one thing to partake in. Besides amazing food spots, you can take a ride on a zip-line and even a skycoaster! All of them provide amazing views and are sure to leave you with visual memories to last a lifetime.

6 6. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

The world’s highest bridge that you're able to bungee jump off is located in South Africa, from a bridge named Bloukrans Bridge. This is another one for the seasoned bungee jumpers or the real adrenaline junkies; the people desperate to put themselves in a situation where they’ll probably experience as much fear as they do excitement. Only the extremely brave jump from this one!

It holds a number of world records, including the oldest person to bungee jump when it was undertaken by a 96-year-old, which makes me feel kind of pathetic since I wouldn’t attempt this one. It's good motivation to get out there and just do it!

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5 5. Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico

Rio Grande Bridge is the highest bridge that Bungee Expeditions—a USA based bungee company—jump from. So if you’re looking to start jumping within America, but still really want to go for something that’ll impress people, this is the one to try out.

Its location has been used in a lot of TV shows and movies because of its extremely scenic appearance and, of course, is operated by the most trustworthy bungee company in the states. If all else fails, at least you can be sure that you’ll be safe and in experienced hands if you’re willing to attempt this one. You can do it!

4 4. Volcano Bungee, Chile

When I was younger, volcanoes were my worst fear. I’m not sure why, I live in Scotland so I’m not within reach of any active volcanoes, but the very idea of them used to freak me out so much that I had nightmares. And yet even I’m morbidly fascinated by this jump in Chile.

You’re taken 10,000-feet into the air by a helicopter and then bungee right into an active volcano, coming within 700-meters of lava. And while this sounds absolutely chilling, it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind experience that you would never forget. I, for one, am extremely impressed by anyone willing to brave this.

It’s certainly something that not many people get to do. If you’re looking for the most unique bungee experience, this is it.

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3 3. The Nevis, New Zealand

On the other side of the world is the Nevis, in New Zealand. New Zealand is on my top five list of travel destinations because it’s absolutely breathtaking, which makes sense why jumpers would anna bungee from here.

The jump is 143-meters, so it’s among the highest out there. To be honest, I think the view might be my favorite of all on the list. It’s one of those views that might be so amazing that the fear would just escape your mind. So for those of you on the other side of the globe or who might be traveling there, this is one to look into.

2 2. Danube Tower, Austria

Europe isn’t really a hotspot for bungee jumping; the more heard-of locations tend to be in Asia or even over in North and South America. But make no mistake, Europe does have a couple of amazing locations, and the Danube Tower in Austria is one of them.

Named because of its amazing view of the Danube River, this jump takes place in Vienna, which is an amazing vacation destination. If you were looking to take a trip to Europe and wanted to combine an adrenaline rush, visiting Vienna and jumping from the Danube Tower is probably the best combination that you could ask for. Stunning views, a beautiful city, and that rush of fear and excitement you’re looking for from a bungee jump — what more could you ask for?

1 1. Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

It shouldn’t really be surprising that the other wonderful bungee jump in Europe is in Switzerland. I mean, have you seen Switzerland?

It’s 220-meters and was used in James Bond: Goldeneye. Seriously. Remember that bungee jump scene that was absolutely incredible? Well, now you can create it! It’s one of the most famous jumps in the world for that reason, and even if it hadn’t been in the movie, it’s a beautiful jump to do. So if you’re ever near Switzerland and decide you want to take on this rush, I would highly recommend it.

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