Birdwatching is a hobby that's seemingly as old as time and while it's not something that people usually take vacations for nowadays, that doesn't mean it's any less interesting or fascinating to witness birds of prey or a rare species. While birdwatching can be done easily from most people's backyards or the local park, there's something so incredible about witness a species that one has never seen before. There are some places around the world where birds thrive and have populations that are booming, and for fans of the birds, these shouldn't be missed. Here are some of the most popular places for birdwatchers that are gaining more attention as of late.


Kruger National Park In South Africa

South Africa is a haven for animal lovers, to begin with, but it's not only safaris that attract visitors from all over. Kruger National Park, in particular, spans roughly 200,000 square kilometers and is a game reserve, meaning there are more than just birds to see here, as well. The martial eagle, southern ground hornbill, and Pel's fishing owl are only a few of the bird species that can be seen here if a visitor is lucky. Vultures are also a commonly seen bird and the Luvuhu River is a great place to watch all the activity.

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Cape May In New Jersey

Surprisingly, Cape May is home to plenty of bird watching, especially during the fall season when birds are in the process of migrating. As birds fly south, many will pass through Cape May which means that birdwatching will not be in short supply come the end of the summer. Of the species of birds that can be observed, hawks, seabirds, songbirds, and shorebirds are only some of many.

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Everglades National Park In Florida

Similar to Acadia National Park, the Everglades is one of the largest protected lands in Florida and as such, has a booming bird population. White-crowned pigeons, Smooth-billed anis, great blue herons, and snail kites are all popular birds to observe here. The best time to witness these birds is during the early morning hours and also during the springtime and late winter months. With so many waterways, it's easy to see how hundreds of species of birds could call the Everglades home.

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Mount Desert Island In Maine

Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks on the east coast and also one of the most well-known. Along with natural coastlines that feature ocean vistas and mountainous terrain, Mount Desert Island is also part of the park and offers incredible vantage points from which to observe its aerial wildlife display. There are hundreds of species of birds that inhabit this park and among them are warblers, peregrine falcons, and eiders.

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