Included among the Top 25 beaches in the United States by Tripadvisor, Ocean City is not just a Maryland jewel but one of the country’s finest beaches. In the 2022 version of Tripadvisor’s Best of the Best Awards, Ocean City comes at an impressive number 13. That’s not a small accomplishment. The United States has over 87,000 beaches. Some estimates put the number at nearly 100,000. And it’s not just the 3-mile boardwalk, considered one of the best in the country. Ocean City has many other attractions worth seeing and relishing.


The beach runs along the entire east coast of the barrier island, a decent ten miles in length. Of course, one can spread his towel down on the fine sand—on almost any spot— and enjoy the jaw-dropping views around. However, for an ambiance that’s a little more raucous and action-packed, the southern end is preferable. Here’s why.

Visiting Ocean City? Try The Southern Part Of The Beach

The first reason for sticking with the southern part of Ocean City is, of course, the boardwalk. Starting right off the Ocean City inlet, in the city’s southern ends, the award-winning boardwalk extends all the way to 32nd Street, just before the Coastal Highway. The boardwalk area is always bustling with many fun-filled activities, and, for anyone who’s up to some action, just the place to be.

The boardwalk is lined with many fabulous restaurants and eateries as well as lively bars and nightclubs. During the day, the ocean breeze takes up the delicious scents of food and fries—from the hotels that line the boardwalk—and wafts them straight to the nostrils, filling the air with a mouthwatering aroma that’ll make the tongue salivate with expectation. Pizza, burgers, and tasty sandwiches are some famous dining options that will be on hand to satisfy the tongue's longings. Grabbing a seat, and a delicious plate of shrimp, oysters, or crab cakes— at Brass Balls Saloon for instance, or at Harrison's Harbor Watch Restaurant—while taking in the amazing views of the ocean and watching people pass by―is an exciting way to frolic and while away the time. For connoisseurs of french fries, or her fans and fanatics, Thrasher’s French Fries serves them hot and crisp and offers what might just be the best french fries in Ocean City. This is not an exaggeration: People actually drive from other states to have a taste of Thrasher’s fries.

  • How Much Is A Plate Of French Fries At Thrasher’s French Fries? Thrasher’s serves fries in three containers: small, medium, and large at $5, $7.5, and $10.5 respectively.

Amid the boardwalk’s chatter and clatter, there are many other activities that will be of interest to travelers. One of these is shopping. Yes, starting right from the inlet, there’s an impressive variety of stores to cater to every need and want. These include pet stores, jewelry shops, stores for clothes, water sports gear, and equipment, among many others. Trimper's Rides and Amusement Park can be on hand with a dozen thrilling rides—to steal away a whole day—but not the shrieking screams of joy that are known to accompany the rides. Here’s some fun fact: Timper’s Rides is one of the oldest in the United States. But that’s not all. The boardwalk boasts other amusement parks as well. It also teems with bike riders specifically in the morning hours. This is because bikes aren’t allowed past 11.00 AM from Memorial Day to Labor Day on Ocean City’s Boardwalk.

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Other Things To See And Do In the Southern Parts of Ocean City Beach

For those who are into clubbing, and dancing the night away, a trip to Ocean City won’t be complete without a timely detour at Seacrets Jamaica-USA. Standing on clean, clear sand, and surrounded by a warm tropical look and feel—coupled with a scintillating carnival atmosphere— Seacrets is one of America’s finest. And make no mistake. The place is huge. 5,000 merry-making souls can fit in comfortably at any given time. There’s live music, fine food, and a crowd that’s mostly young—and which gets louder and livelier as the evening rolls.

There’s a unique museum at the southernmost tip: The Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum. It was established by the federal government to save lives and vessels in peril upon turbulent water bodies. For history buffs or those who are just curious, there’s a ton of nautical history as well as fascinating relics and exhibits in the museum. And if the waves are not wild and wicked, fishing at the Ocean City Fishing Pier can be quite an experience. Of course, the beach is Ocean City’s most defining feature. However, summer crowds are usually a recurring complaint. For the best experience, the evening hours, or late afternoon should afford some elbow room. The same applies to early morning hours. But for those keen on a quiet, alone time, the northern sides are ideal.

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Even though it’s highly ranked, one still gets the sense that Ocean City is one of the most underrated spots in the United States. There’s some fulfillment one derives in visiting it, like that of discharging a long-deferred obligation. And Knowing which part to go to (and of course, how much to budget)—makes the adventure even more meaningful.