Vermont is among the few less pronounced American states whose tourism activities are worth highlighting. While the state misses out on the political and economic dynamics of giant states, its landscape makes up for this undoing.

It doesn’t take much for the average vacationer to realize how much the Vermont environment has to offer. With a significant part of the state being elevated and forested, vacationers will have a hard time settling for one specific overlook.

Here are the ten best overlooks for incredible views in Vermont.

10 Wright’s Mountain

Wright’s Mountain serves different vibes from other overlooks in Vermont. It is not every other day when vacationers have access to structures resembling barns at the peak of an overlook. With Wright's Mountain, it is the exact phenomenon that vacationers are treated to. Such features are so rare, and that alone is part of the reasons why it is among the most popular overlooks in Vermont.

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9 Eagle Mountain

The viewpoint adventure in this part of the world is largely a mountain affair. The experience at Eagle Mountain isn’t any different. It is among the select few that vacationers don't have the luxury of leaving out of the list. Best still, this overlook seems to have better packaging as a tourist destination largely because of the features in proximity. The highlight of the Eagle Mountain experience is Lake Champlain located not far away from the mountain. The views of the lake from up there are tempting even for people who don’t want to take a splash.

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8 Mount Ellen

Vermont is among the best places for hikers to be in the US. With the multiple trails to explore, adventurers have every reason to stick around. Adventurers have quite some good times here for obvious reasons. At 4,083 feet high, vacationers will have an awesome experience up there. Being among the few mountains in the area rising above 4,000 feet, it says a lot about what those who brace the height are treated to. Regardless of the trail that vacationers settle for, the satisfaction of reaching the summit and enjoying those wonderful views cannot be emphasized enough.

7 Prospect Rock

Like most of the other places on the list, getting to Prospect Rock feels more like a hike. The journey to and from the rock is approximately 3.1 miles. It is a fairly easy trail that can be explored with dogs on a leash. It is the perfect spot for a full family outing in Vermont. Once at the peak of the rock, the views from up there are worth the hassle.

6 Gile Mountain

Gile Mountain is equally a worthy consideration when touring Vermont during the winter. It is among those scenic overlooks in the area vacationers cannot afford to miss. With an elevation of approximately 400 feet, this trail can be considered relatively easy. In case the views at the summit of the mountain are not satisfying, vacationers can go ahead to climb up the fire tower for better views.

5 Mt. Abraham

Vermont has a special technique for naming most of its landmarks. The name of this overlook is inspired by the 16th president of America, Abraham Lincoln. Apart from having the president’s name, it is also popular as one of the highest peaks in Vermont. The journey to the top is an interesting one, and the incredible views from the summit are worth it.

4 Black Mountain

Huge climbs are not for everyone. Understandably so, not everyone is cut out to go up a 4,000 feet mountain. Even for them, there are incredible overlooks that are fairly lower and can be explored easily. A good example of the same is Black Mountain. Even at 1280 feet, vacationers have a lot to see once at the summit.

3 Equinox Mountain

Overlooks in Vermont are almost fairly distributed across the state. This time around, it is Bennington County doing the magic. Considered one of the highest peaks in the region, Equinox has topographical prominence that every vacationer would wish to have a slice of.

2 Mount Mansfield

It is virtually impossible to talk about Vermont overlooks and leave Mount Mansfield out of the conversation. With the Green Mountains being widely mentioned, it is also important to note that Mount Mansfield is the centerpiece that vacationers cannot afford to miss. At approximately 4393 feet, Mansfield is the highest mountain in the state. Thanks to its incredible height, it goes without saying the wonderful views vacationers are left to explore from up there. Once at the summit, visitors are treated to a 360-degree view of the area that goes beyond the imaginary boundaries of Vermont.

1 Ludlow Mountain

While this mountain is popular for winter activities, it is still worth a stop during fall. At 3,343 feet above the ground, vacationers can explore far and wide without requiring sophisticated tools. The steel fire tower seated at the tower means vacationers have a rare chance to visualize a large area from up there.