With its spectacular scenery, Ontario is among the most excellent spots throughout Canada to go camping. Rainforest, trees, coastline, and lagoons all come together to make for something like a mesmerizing journey, even if it will be the 1st time for said travelers or not. Camping is a favorite summer activity in Ontario, with multitudes of families packing up their cars and streaming out from the metropolitan areas to the wilderness every weekend. To know further, here is the list of campgrounds in Ontario for first-time adventurers.


More Amazing Campgrounds In Ontario

Diverse landscapes make Ontario one of the best places for camping in Canada. This list was updated to include additional camping sites for first-time adventurers in Ontario, such as Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park and Bruce Peninsula National Park.

12 Algonquin Provincial Park

The most prevalent campground in the region is Algonquin Natural Reserve. This vast park spans huge distances and includes numerous outstanding campgrounds. Most of the parks are located across Highway 60, which runs along through the park's mid-southern portion. Furthermore, each of these camping sites has its own distinct personality. Moreover, the Lagoon of Two Rivers Camping site is the most famous location to camp in this area. In addition, the locations are breathtaking, snuggled beneath spectacular pine trees.

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11 Killbear Provincial Park

Killbear, located on a coast and enveloped on three corners by water, is among Ontario's most prevalent, although not the most highly regarded, campgrounds and is a good destination for families. It's a massive campsite with 880 campsites spread throughout seven paths. The locations are relatively flat and placed in pine or mixed tropical forests, with a combination of sand, shrubs, and dust particles. Furthermore, Killbear does have seven shorelines, each of which is placed close to a campground track and is suitable for swimming, kayaking, or any other water activities on Georgian Bay.

10 Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney, roughly 4 hours up the coast of Toronto, has been one of Ontario's most magnificent camping destinations. The campsite is located on George Lake, which has crystalline waters ideal for snorkeling and boating. The camp at Killarney is split into two portions, providing something quite distinct. Furthermore, the locations are typically smaller. The better choices near the waterfront are mainly suited for tents or rather comparatively tiny tow-behind commercial vehicles.

9 Oastler Provincial Park

Oastler Provincial Park is a prominent camping destination due to its location on a beautiful lake surrounded by a mash-up of pine or evergreens and its proximity to Toronto. The campsites are spacious and spaced beautifully, and unlike most other campgrounds, tourists would have a great way to secure a foreshore spot here. Furthermore, it's one of Ontario's quite picturesque campgrounds. Another factor to bear in mind is that the train tracks at the water's end are frequently used by rail lines, and loudness is an issue.

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8 Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Rookie campers must visit Bronte to learn the techniques of camping. This campground, situated inside Ontario, is a portable campsite encounter. The Children's ranch, full of animals ready to be touched, is another attractive detail that appeals to young people. In addition, five nature trails guide one's route through the campground or along the 12 Mile Ravine. Furthermore, if tourists visit in June, they should look for flowering plants blooming throughout the grasslands and trilliums flourishing in the forested areas.

7 Pinery Provincial Park

Pinery Campground has a massive wilderness area with large numbers of campsites scattered out over three camping grounds. This camping site is good for the general public. Suppose visitors are a household going to look for such a lovely location where the kids can cross paths with everyone. In that case, this is the ideal location. The vast stretch of white sand beach facing Lake Huron has become one of the reasons this campsite is so big and popular. Water sports are everywhere here, including the rental of paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, and other watercraft.

6 Sandbanks Provincial Park

Sandbanks is yet another massive park with more than 500 campsites. Four unique camps provide a diversity of encounters, ranging from family entertainment to quiet and personal. The campsite is located just ahead of Lake Ontario. Its three coastal areas are the key aspects of adventure sports here. Tourists may also discover pleasant coastal waters unto the said shorelines and a desert dune running down towards the water. Six walking trails guide one's direction through the campground, emphasizing different features such as rolling sandy beaches, flowering plants, and mangrove swamps.

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5 Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Pancake Bay is widely regarded as having its most sandy location on Lake Superior. It is a vast shoreline contoured around such a wide sea with clear blue water. The ocean here seems to be usually more relaxed than those in other places. It heats up to a swimmable temperature in such a reasonable amount of time. Unlike many other coastal regions, the seaside has gentle, golden dunes. Also, camping at one of these hundred available sites is fantastic. Most are only a few steps from the bay and have breathtaking views of it. Moreover, the places are very well dispersed and placed between many pine trees, ensuring the camper's protection.

4 Bon Echo Provincial Park

One of the many factors campers should keep in mind regarding camping at Bon Echo Nature Reserve is the overwhelming rock formations facade plunging 100 meters downwards into the deepest part of Mazinaw Lake. There are two different campgrounds here. The first one is the Mazinaw, which has hundreds of camping sites and is beautifully situated in a mountainous region of vulnerable granite under massive white dense forests. The other one is Hardwood Hill, which is relatively small and located along the route from Mazinaw Lagoon. This is the spot to go if campers like to have a unique feeling and then have an excellent opportunity to see animals.

3 Awenda Provincial Park

Awenda is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors. The campground is easier to handle with vast stretches of forest land than other backcountry campsites. This campground caters to those who seek solitude and calmness. A hundred spots are spread out over six different areas. And, unlike some of the other camping areas, the locations here are unusually far from one another. This gives the impression of being alone in the bushes while camping. Furthermore, Awenda is exceptional because one of its nearby beaches is identified as pet-friendly.

2 Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park

People who visit Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario will enjoy camping right on the beach. Since the campground is small, with only 147 sites spread along the waterfront and nestled in pine trees, people are recommended to book a spot ahead of time. When camping there, one will have the chance to see wildlife, enjoy unique walks on the beach, and witness the spectacular Agawa Rock pictographs.

1 Bruce Peninsula National Park

Inland lakes and rocky headlands are what make up the stunning Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario. With 232 camping sites spread across the Poplars, Birches, and Tamarack, people will behold the beauty of the unique views over Cypress Lake. Those who prefer to sleep off the ground will have the opportunity to use one of the available ten yurts. A cool dip in the Georgian Bay, glass-bottom boat tours of Fathom Five National Underwater Park, and a stop at Flowerpot Island are some of the things to do when camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park.

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