Traveling the world can be quite interesting and creates lasting memories. However, traveling comes with a lot of costs that one must be prepared for including those arising from transport, food, and most of it all accommodation. Anyone who is able to manage accommodation costs or keep them to a minimum, they are able to travel far and wide with few worries.

When touring big cities particularly, the cost of accommodation can be very high. The secret to this is finding the right way to save money. Hostels work very well to save on accommodation. In New York, the following are affordable hostels that will save one’s money.

10 Harlem YMCA

Harlem YMCA is a very cool hostel in New York for anyone looking to reduce their expenses when traveling. The hostel features beautiful spacious common rooms, a sauna, swimming pool, and a steam room making it easy for a traveler to relax. With the hostel having good private rooms, it is easy for families or couples to relax and enjoy their time.

Harlem Hostel is close to many bars and local restaurants. Its location provides a jazz environment like no other for the cost that a visitor pays.

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9 NYC Moore Hostel

It is located at 179 Moore Hostel. NYC Moore Hostel is known for offering huge rooms and bright interiors. It is located in a good street that is easily accessible. The rooms here offer a warm environment for travelers and it is very secure.

The hostel is ideal for friends to hang out and enjoy as it has a spacious area for interacting and engaging in fun games. The hostel offers good parking and has many amazing surrounding restaurants. It is linked to many transport systems as well for great convenience.

8 Chelsea International Hostel

Chelsea International Hostel is a huge and spacious hostel in New York that offers affordable services for travelers. The hostel is well known for having a wide range of facilities that are attractive to travelers. This hostel provides free WiFi, free pizza, a good chilling and entertainment area, comfortable rooms, and beds.

The rooms for this hostel are equipped with AC to maintain good temperatures during extreme weather. One will also enjoy using private rooms, a dining area, a courtyard, and a kitchen.

7 West Side YMCA

West Side YMCA gets on this list for its amazing facilities but keeping the prices low. It is a well-maintained hostel offering comfortable and clean facilities. The hostel is equipped with spacious rooms, comfortable beds, good sanitation areas, and enough space to rest.

The West Side YMCA Hostel is ideal for people traveling as a group due to its shared rooms. Additionally, the hostel offers its customers a good breakfast and a swimming pool.

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6 Q4 hostel

The Q4 Hostel is one of its kind in New York and is very affordable. It is located in Queens giving visitors good access to important regions of the city. The hostel location gives visitors a way of escaping the noise and high traffic of the city.

When using the hostels, visitors use a common kitchen as well as a dining area. The place is fitted with comfy seats, a movie area, and a book exchange area. One will also get free wifi and a chance to play various games such as pool table, ping pong, and many others.

5 Broadway Hotel And Hostel

For visitors looking for a fashionable yet affordable hostel in New York, this is a good option. It is located in an area close to Central Park. Broadway Hostel is good for couples and group travelers in the city. The hostel’s experience is an exciting one with private rooms with coffee machines and a TV.

Another advantage of using Broadway Hostel is that one is also able to take care of their needs with freedom. The rooms are spacious and the beds are large and of good size. With some of the rooms being en-suite, having a kitchen, library, kitchen, and free wifi, it is ideal for travelers.

4 The Brooklyn Riviera

The Brooklyn Riviera is an affordable hostel that will provide you with many attractive services. At this hostel, one will get a locker, laundry services, free breakfast, free wifi, an outdoor terrace, TV, and comfortable rooms.

The Brooklyn Riviera is a strategically located hostel. The hostel is just a 10-minute walk from the train. The rooms are quite big as they can host between four and six people. Additionally, the hostel offers its guests a chance for a BBQ session.

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3 Jazz On Columbus Circle

This is a very unique hostel different from the rest. Jazz on Columbus Circle is located very close to Central Park. It is also a very ideal hostel for young travelers as it has a chill and entertaining atmosphere. Whenever visitors check into this hostel they get lockers, a steam room, luggage storage, and even private rooms.

The dorms for the hostel are quite spacious as they can accommodate as many as six guests. It is a hostel that offers a good relaxation environment with a gaming room and free wifi.

2 American Dream Hostel

For any visitor in New York looking for a fun and youthful affordable hostel, this is the best option. The American Dream Hostel is located in the Flatiron District of Manhattan making it strategically located for several errands in the city. The hostel has beautiful rooms with spacious bunk beds. There are also private rooms.

Visitors will enjoy free wifi, lockers, common rooms, and gaming areas.

1 Royal Park Hotel And Hostel

At Royal Park hostel, one can choose to stay in the hostel or use the hostels. As a result, there are both common-use dorms and private rooms for their guests. The hostel also has an elevator and is very close to central park. It has a nice swimming pool, a good breakfast, and a steam room.

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