There is no "wrong" way to vacation, but let's get real. You really can not go wrong with taking a much-needed ocean cruise. Cruises offer travelers the ability to see several pockets of the world from the comfort of a classy, gigantic cruise ship. They explore by day and relish in all that the cruise ship has to offer otherwise.

But how does one know what cruise line to book with? There are so many cruise lines and ships to consider; it can feel overwhelming to commit to any of them, especially when they all seem so similar in amenities.


Well, not all ships are created equally, and we just happen to know the very best one out there. The Norwegian Encore is the best of the best. If you want to do a cruise right, consider this ship. We doubt you will regret it.

The Norwegian Encore Is Huge...Like Small City Huge

The Norwegian Encore is a ship that sets sail in the vast, wide blue sea, but it is easy to forget that once you board the ship and get settled in. The Encore functions more like a city than a transportation vessel. It can comfortably carry 6,500 people, contains entertainment options galore, has pools and decks, a spa, a gaming room, and a giant casino. The ship even boasts twenty restaurants, (some small towns don't even have that!) It truly has everything a person could ever want and then some. Why can't we just live here?

Good Luck Ever Leaving The Pool Deck

Compared to Norwegian's other Breakaway-ships, the Encore's sunning decks are going to be more sparse, but that doesn't mean that they are not stunning. For an extra charge, guests of the ship can upgrade their deck priveledges big time. There are several exclusive areas to catch rays on, but they are not free. The Haven, which spans both sides of the ship as opposed to just one side as with previous Norwegian ships, will make you feel like a celebrity in paradise, but you'll have to fork over about one hundred dollars a day to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Regardless of whether or not you spring for the fanciest sunning decks in all the land, or you play it chill and lounge around at one of the ship's standard decks, you'll be delighted at what the Encore has to offer. How can you not be with three pools, nine jacuzzis, and five adventurous waterslides?

The Entertainment Alone Is Worth The Trip

One element that cruise lovers forever boast about is the endless entertainment options available on the ship. When vacationing on soil, tourists have to work to seek out excitement and fun. Sea-lovers have it easy. All of the shows are right at their fingertips. All they have to do to be mesmerized by songs and sights is walk down the ship hallway to whatever is slated for that evening's stage performance. The Encore's shows are big-time too. The cruise line scored the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical “Kinky Boots.

Slow Days By The Pool Or Fast Trips Around The Track, This Ship Has It All

The Encore has one goal in mind when it comes to its guests: keep them busy, happy, and entertained. When vacationers are not sunning, swimming, dining, and exploring exotic ports, they can take advantage of the ship's go-kart race tracks, laser tag venue, escape room, and extensive gaming pavilion. Guys, you are going to need a lot longer than a week to experience all that this ship has to offer. We are thinking at least a month!

Make Sure To Pack Elastic Waisted Pants Because You Are Going To Feast

Most people know that when on a cruise, shorts, tank tops, and tiny bikinis are going to be an absolute must. Many people might forget that packing a few elastic-waisted pants will be necessary also. Here is the bottom line: when on a cruise, you are going to eat...and eat...and then eat some more. The Norwegian Encore has twenty different eateries on the ship. Travelers can munch on Italian dishes, seafood-based delicacies, Peruvian-inspired foods, and spicey Mexican meals.

Honestly, how else are guests of the Encore ever going to fit anything other than eating into their vacation? The dining options are plentiful, but they are not going to come cheap, especially if you don't choose the right travel package. When dining aboard the Encore, know what is free, and know what will run you a fee.

You know what we just realized? We are in desperate need of a vacation, and we know just the cruise line to book with!