10 Best Movie Tours In North America, Ranked

Fans who love movies love guided movie tours. A movie tour can be a tour of a movie studio, shooting locations or movie star homes, even their resting places. They can be walking, riding or biking. On average, they tend to be two to three hours in duration.

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There's The Hero Tour in Atlanta, the Dearly Departed "death tour" in Los Angeles and the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Burbank, California. In Hawaii, fans can visit the sites where films like Godzilla and Jurassic Park were filmed. Here are 10 of the best movie tours, ranked.

10 The Super Tour Of NYC - On Location Tours

Number 10 on the list is the Super Hero New York City Tour. Film buffs on the tour visit the Times Square spot where Spider-Man rescued Mary Jane, walk around the "Daily Planet" (really the New York Daily News) of Superman fame and see the Statue of Liberty views from X-Men.

The three a half hour bus tour of 40 filming sites costs $56. The highlight of the tour just has to be the visit to the Battle of New York site from The Avengers. Booking in advance is recommended.

9 Kualoa Ranch Experience - Hawaii

If you are in Hawaii and want to indulge your inner movie fan, check out Kualoa Ranch. The $130 price for this four-hour tour includes transportation from your Waikiki hotel and an exploration of the jungles and rain forests where films like Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor, and Godzilla were filmed.

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There's even a buffet lunch of BBQ pork ribs thrown in. You can take advantage of the dinosaur replicas and stage your own fight or flight scene. Movie tour, food, and beautiful scenery. What's not to love?

8 Hero Movie Tour - Atlanta Movie Tours

With the advent of the Marvel Universe, Atlanta, Georgia has found itself in the middle of a superhero movie filming boom. In the 1930s, scenes from Gone with the Wind were filmed here.

More recently, the city even stood in for New York City in Avengers: Infinity War. With the  Walking Dead Rick Grimes spin-off movie in the works, fans might want to check out the bridge where the great man rode into Atlanta. The three-hour bus tour is 8th on the list and costs $60.

7 Warner Brother Studio Tour - Burbank, California

The 110 acre Warner Brothers Hollywood lot started life in 1923. Its tour is a trip through Hollywood's history, from classics like Casablanca down to Harry Potter and Batman.

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Stage 48: Script to Screen is an interactive exhibit that takes fans through the film production process, from the written word to the final production. And fans can get up close and personal with props and costumes from iconic films such a Harry Potter and Batman. The two to three hour tour is 7th on the list and costs $69.

6 New York Holiday Lights And Movie Sites Tour

This tour is a great way to see the holiday lights while watching movie clips and comparing them with the filming locations you see as you cruise the streets on a bus. The films featured all have a holiday theme, from Home Alone 2 to Elf and Noel. 

The tour stops at Rockefeller Center to view its famous Christmas tree. It has been featured in films such as Home Alone 2. The tour finishes at Macy's, home to the "real Santa" in 1947's Miracle on 34th Street. Tickets start at $51.

5 TCM Classic Film Tour Of New York - Turner Classic Movies

Now to number 5. For $56 tourists get a three-hour bus tour of sixty filming locations in New York City, with onboard movie clips and movie trivia quizzes thrown in. The emphasis is very much on classic films, such as King Kong, The Seven Year Itch, Superman and Manhattan. 

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The guide is an actor who recounts the inside story behind the classic films movie buffs know and love. Regular stops are made during this on-bus and off-bus tour and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and take pictures.

4 San Francisco Movie Sights City Tour

The number 4 pick has been home to around fifty-five movie shoots, from Mrs. Doubtfire to thrillers like San Andreas. San Francisco's appeal is in its hilly streets, it's perpetual fog, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and its classic Victorian houses.

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The $49 guided tour uses a mini-bus to ferry fans around San Francisco. They watch clips from movies like Bullit as they ride down the very street on which Steve McQueen filmed that very famous car chase. It finishes up at the Golden Gate Bridge where Kim Novak famously plunged into the icy San Francisco Bay waters in Vertigo. 

3 Dearly Departed: The Tragic History Tour Of Los Angeles

This Hollywood "death tour" is a two and one half hour trip into death. It visits homes and locations where stars like Marilyn Monroe died.

Tourists see where stars like River Phoenix breathed their last breath and hear scary tales of celebrity stalkers, abuse, murder and more. The $65 tour is so good it's been voted onto the list of "1,000 Things to Do Before You Die." It's jam-packed, visiting over seventy sights. Of course, there are visits to a cemetery or two. For sheer quirkiness, it's number three on the list.

2 After Dark Tour - Paramount Hollywood Studios

This is another tour that explores the darker side of Hollywood. Paramount Studios has two daytime tours, but the After Dark Tour sounds, well, dark and maybe a little scary. Tales from the Other Side pokes around the scandals and outrages that Hollywood wanted to keep secret at all costs.

Fortified with Champagne and with only flashlights to guide the way, fans explore the infamous Paramount backlot and even venture into the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It's $99 and runs from September to mid-November. It's a deserving number two.

1 World Famous Studio Tour - Universal Studios Hollywood

If the last two tours are dark, tour number one tour glitters and shouts Hollywood. It's full of 360 3D and 3D HD special effects that bring the fans riding in the open-air tour buses up close and personal with Jaws, King Kong and an all-out action scene from Fast & Furious - Supercharged.

Expect to see Vin Diesel flying through the air. And the host? It's Jimmy Fallon. Well, it's Jimmy Fallon on video. He makes the supercharged tour zing. Tourists who want some peace and quiet can visit Bates Motel from Psycho.

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