With its lush forest, well-preserved culture, and lots of parks, Oregon is a perfect place for those seeking a peaceful atmosphere and some fun activities as well. Portland - the state’s largest city, is, without doubt, the best place to enjoy all the wonderful things Oregon has to offer and for travelers visiting or even planning to live in the beautiful city of roses, these are the best neighborhoods to explore.

8 Mississippi Avenue, Portland

Mississippi Avenue is a vibrant neighborhood in Portland. It is said to be one of the best neighborhoods to live in Portland as it features an Urban atmosphere, delicious food, epic music, well-preserved culture, and lively locals. The neighborhood is in North Portland and consists of lots of coffee shops, bars, and diverse restaurants which offer different distinct flavors from all parts of the world. The beautiful flowers and trees around the city give the neighborhood more appeal. The parks, cultural institutions, and terrific outdoors combine to rank this neighborhood as one of the best in Portland.

7 Laurelhurst

The old-timey houses located in this Portland neighborhood give it a classic appeal. Laurelhurst is a neighborhood located in the Southeastern and Northeastern parts of Portland. It offers savory food, historic attractions, and breathtaking scenery worth checking out. Bars and restaurants are numerous here and most of them are located less than 5 minutes walking distance from each other. The Laurelhurst Park - the most popular park here, features lots of lush forest, amenities, and activities to keep visitors comfortable and entertained at all times. For more things to do, visitors can get on an adventure to explore Laurelhurst’s nightclubs, the delicious food at Laurelhurst Market or the large collection of music at the Music Millennium which is believed to be one ranked as the oldest still operating record stores in the Pacific Northwest.

6 Buckman

Buckman is an urban neighborhood located in Southeast Portland and it consists of standard public schools and lots of businesses. Here, visitors will enjoy a wide variety of dishes in the neighborhood’s restaurants and eateries. The streets are lined up with classical houses and numerous stores, offering opportunities for visitors to stop and shop from the huge collection. With its numerous breweries, Buckman is one of the best places in the world for visitors who want to enjoy beer. Those who love coffee are not left out as the neighborhood also consists of numerous coffee houses which offer some of the best coffee in Portland. The lively vibes, the hotels, and the neighborhood’s parks all combine to give the neighborhood an urban feel.

5 Hawthorne District

Hawthorne District is a street located in Southeast Portland that is made up of retail shops, restaurants, and vintage buildings. The restaurants here are dynamic and some of them offer cuisine that will have visitors enjoying kebabs, Cuban comfort food, or even Thai dishes. Hawthorne features hotels where visitors can relax and also theaters where visitors can enjoy some entertainment. Coffee houses and bars are always somewhere nearby and visitors will often enjoy their drinks in these places while having a great view of the vibrant street.

4 Arlington Heights

The small neighborhood of Arlington Heights is on a hilly plain close to Washington Park. From here, visitors will enjoy scenic views of the city of Portland. There are lots of bars and restaurants in this neighborhood which is merely 0.61 square miles. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of Arlington Heights is its closeness to the amazing Washington Park which offers lots of biking/hiking trails, the Oregon Zoo, acres of lush forest, beautiful flowers, and historic centers.

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3 Nob Hill

Located in Northern Portland, Nob Hill is a hilly neighborhood that offers many historic and natural attractions. The neighborhood is close to lots of lush forests where visitors can go and connect with nature. To begin, there is a lovely view of the city of Portland from the Pittock Mansion located in Nob Hill and visitors will enjoy historic adventures in this mansion as well. The Forest Park in Nob Hill is a popular attraction that offers up to 70 miles of trail to allow hikers and bikers to explore the beautiful trees, numerous bird species, and animals located in the forest area. Parks such as Couch Park, Macleay Park, and Wallace Park are more great places to catch some fun here. The neighborhood also features numerous restaurants and bars with many offering outdoor seating so visitors can enjoy views of the busy streets while enjoying their meal.

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2 Pearl District

This Portland neighborhood is known for its amazing art galleries and lively atmosphere. Pearl District is an urban neighborhood with bustling nightlife, many businesses, and hotels. Here visitors will enjoy streets filled with boutiques, restaurants, bars, a lot of entertainment, and a thriving culture. Even with its Urban atmosphere, Pearl District is still immersed in nature with the tree-decorated streets and parks that offer more of Portland’s nature. The scenic Jamison Square in Pearl District even offers a small pool and lots of green space to keep visitors immersed in nature and visitors in need of a more relaxing area can head over to the Fields Neighborhood Park where they’ll be met with open space and views of the Fremont Bridge.

1 Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland is just a few minutes away from Nob Hill and comes with its diversity which is evident in its hotels and cuisine. When it comes to shopping a lot can be gained in Downtown Portland as shoppers can enjoy tax-free shopping. With lots of things to buy, those who feel like exploring the tax-free shopping opportunity can begin from the Pioneer Place Mall and comb the mall’s technology and fashion offer before proceeding to the lots of boutiques spread out across Downtown Portland. The neighborhood’s trees and beautiful flowers make it colorful and a walk across the streets is an experience worth having for the amazing scenery. For some adventure, visitors can head over to the Director park for some relaxation and fun activities and then proceed to enjoy some coffee in a Coffee shop. At night, the city comes to life with beautiful lights, busy streets, and vibrant clubs and it is just one more thing to enjoy in this Portland neighborhood.

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