The tropical climate of South Florida is enticing for beach lovers, but this region is more than just its shores. Sun, sand, and surf spell this destination but more than that, it’s also rich in history and culture.

The Miami lifestyle is strong in this part of the Sunshine State because the Miami metropolitan area is located here. The vacation vibe is always in the air in South Florida, thanks to the presence of the Florida Keys and other beach towns. From spring break parties to casual beachcombing, this region knows how to serve guests.

After sun-worshiping, one more activity tourists should not miss is exploring the area’s museums. Travel, after all, is more than just relaxation but also learning. In South Florida, that’s always possible and made in a fun way.

10 HistoryMiami Museum

HistoryMiami is among the largest in Florida, so visitors should expect lots of takeaways after exploring its halls. This museum has been serving the community for over 80 years, making it not just a sharer of history but a part of history on its own. The center has more than 37,000 artifacts that tell stories about Miami’s past, community, and culture. It has archaeological items, millions of historical photos, and a permanent exhibit about South Florida's 10,000 years of history. HistoryMiami is not just about the past but also the region’s future.

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9 Fort Lauderdale History Center

Fort Lauderdale History Center is home to New River Inn, among the earliest establishments in the area. The former hotel is now home to the main museum, where visitors can appreciate various artifacts, dioramas, displays, and historical photos. Fort Lauderdale is a vibrant and diverse community with many stories awaiting the ears of eager tourists. The museum is packed with exhibits and educational experiences so it can deliver said stories. Visitors will enter the museum as curious souls and leave excited for more.

8 St. Lucie County Regional History Center

The yellow-colored entrance of St. Lucie County Regional History Center is attractive, but what makes this Fort Pierce attraction special is its stories. This humble museum shares the history of the county, from its Seminole Indian roots to World War II memories. What’s unique within its halls is the Treasure Room which features wrecks of a 1715 treasure fleet, a salvage diorama and its inventory, and a ship model. The word throwback is best enjoyed in this establishment; something tourists should not miss.

7 Museum Of Coral Springs History

The Museum of Coral Springs History is unique in the sense that it’s not just focused on the past but also on the future. The museum highlights the early history of Coral Springs and the efforts to make it a "city of the future." It's teeming with historical items, model buildings, and an interactive exhibit. The museum has a colorful history, changing locations many times until staying in its current home. Now fully renovated, the Museum of Coral Springs History welcomes guests who want to have a trip down memory lane.

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6 Richard And Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum

This West Palm Beach has a long name, probably a reflection of Palm Beach County’s long and vibrant history. Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum hosts a variety of “People” and “Places” exhibits that cater to diverse interests. Over 12,000 years of county and state history await those who visit this attraction. Its archive is brimming with millions of photos, maps, journals, newspapers, periodicals, drawings, and other documents that narrate the stories of the region. History comes alive thanks to this Florida museum.

5 Old Davie School Historical Museum

A school turned into a museum is the best way to learn about history. The Old Davie School Historical Museum aims to preserve and educate the public about Davie and Broward County’s rich history. This museum, after all, is the county’s oldest school building. It is filled to the brim with items about the pioneers, early school life, and old homes. Anyone visiting this school will learn about 100 years of Florida history. Stepping back in time in a school is exciting because there are no exams involved.

4 The Schmidt Boca Raton History Museum

Housed in a historic town hall, the Schmidt Boca Raton History Museum aims to impress. It has many stories to share, like Boca Raton's role in World War II. It also has unique exhibits about the works of architect Addison Mizner, the pioneers, and IBM computers. This museum might be among the few places in the world where tourists can still see IBM’s original personal computer. A museum, a library, and a proud institution, that's the Schmidt Boca Raton History Museum.

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3 Delray Beach Historical Society

Delray Beach Historical Society serves as a bridge between the city’s past and its inspiring future. The center is packed with items related to the community's history -- items that are silent witnesses to its growth. Its exhibits talk about prehistory, the civil war, pioneers, World War II, and natural history. It even has a heritage garden where nature and history are best enjoyed. If there’s one thing Delray Beach Historical Society is proud of, it’s the way they tell stories intending to promote the community.

2 Historic Homestead Town Hall Museum

As its name suggests, the museum of Homestead is located in the historic town hall, the perfect place to share stories of the past. The building, which was completed in 1917, is now home to various artifacts, photos, and books that narrate what makes the city interesting. Its most popular exhibit, however, is the city's original 1924 American LaFrance fire truck. From researchers to tourists and members of the community, Historic Homestead Town Hall Museum is ready to answer questions.

1 The Palm Beach Museum Of Natural History

If natural history is being sought, tourists should head to The Palm Beach Museum of Natural History in Wellington. The natural world is the star of the show in this humble destination. It's the best place to go back to the time of the dinosaurs and the Ice Age. The museum has collections related to archaeology and paleontology in South Florida. It might not be Jurassic Park, but The Palm Beach Museum of Natural History knows how to make stories alive and ever-present.