Egypt is by far the tourism hub of North Africa. It is a history-rich Arab-speaking nation whose story never ceases to amaze. Interestingly, most of Egypt’s history doesn’t exist in written form. It is in the form of physical structures.

Museums are the real deal here. From the pyramids, the myths, the mysteries, and the civilization stories, everything is inscribed in the dozens of museums distributed all over the country.

The following 10 Egyptian Museums are worth the visit.

10 The Nubian Museum

Topping the list of Egyptian museums that leave a lasting memory is the Nubian Museum. Ironically, it is among the least known museums, yet its history is unmatched. Having been constructed in the late 90s, this museum incorporates aspects of modern architecture while still showcasing the cultural heritage of the Nubia region. The museum has over 3000 pieces of art demonstrating the evolution cycle of the Nubia.

  • Location: Aswan, Egypt

9 Karnak Open Air Museum

Whenever issues of museums and heritage are at stake, everybody would expect to find an enclosed building showcasing pieces of history. However, the Karnak Museum is packaged differently. It is an open-air museum situated in the Karnak Temple Complex. Also, it is the world’s largest in its category. Unlike in typical museums, all the artifacts in this complex are scattered everywhere for the vacationers to explore.

  • Location: Luxor, Egypt

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8 Memphis Museum

Memphis is another open-air museum vacationers need to visit. Recognized as a world heritage site, there is a lot to be explored here. This museum is named after what it displays; ruins from the city of Memphis. The site has everything an average vacationer would expect to find in an archeological site of its kind. Best still, it is a less-frequented area meaning adventures have all the time in the world to explore through the ruins.

  • Location: Cairo, Egypt

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7 St. Catherine's Monastery

St. Catherine’s Monastery allows vacationers to get a bit biblical. It is the perfect spot for individuals seeking to make sense of the written biblical stories. This museum is located at the base of Mount Sinai. It is believed that the biblical Moses received the 10 Commandments at that very spot. Some items on this site used to support the theorem explained above are murals, illuminated icons, and golden icons. The monastery offers overnight accommodation to interested vacationers.

  • Location: South Sinai, Egypt

6 Air Force Museum

Museums in Egypt are not limited to ancient stories alone. There is also the important aspect of modern-day Egypt and the struggle Egypt has undergone in recent times to be what it is today. It is at this point that the Air Force Museum comes in. This museum is more about the October 1973 war. Outside the museum are helicopters and other way artifacts that signify the war. Inside the museum are huge screens displaying 3D films of the said war. Children also have a designated play area which makes it the perfect gateway for a family vacation.

  • Location: Salah Salem Road, Egypt

5 Museum of Islamic Art

Egypt is among the few Arab-speaking North African countries that have embraced religious diversity. Having experienced the Christian aspect of it at St. Catherine’s Monastery, it is time to explore diversity from the Islamic angle. The Museum of Islam has everything vacationers would want to know about Islam. From some of the rarest copies of the Koran to pieces from the Ottoman Empire, the list of goodies to explore here is endless.

  • Location: Cairo, Egypt

4 Museum Of Egyptian Civilization

The Egyptian civilization story is something every North African vacationer needs to witness firsthand. Located in the Fustat region, this museum documents some key timelines of Egypt’s civilization story. The story is written in the form of textile, ornaments as well as wooden tools. History lovers who visit this museum get to appreciate Egypt’s journey to modern civilization even more.

  • Location: Cairo, Egypt

3 Royal Jewelry Museum

As inscribed in the name, this museum displays jewelry used by Egyptian Royals. Due to the value of the materials found there, this museum has been modernized and security heightened. It is among the most authentic museums in Alexandria whose significance goes beyond tourism.

  • Location: Alexandria, Egypt

2 The Royal Chariots Museum

Royals in Egypt had a special lifestyle that went beyond the crown and the jewelry. Back in the day, rulers moved around in chariots. These chariots have been refurbished and restored into their original state to be part of Egypt’s history. Besides the chariots, this museum also displays other artifacts used by the royals. Horse accessories and workers’ clothes are also part of the must-see features.

  • Location: Cairo, Egypt

1 Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is the perfect way to conclude the Egyptian experience. It is one of Egypt’s most significant pieces of history. Over 120,000 objects and artifacts are stored behind the pink walls of this palace. This museum is not limited to issues of royalism alone. There is also the aspect of children’s toys from the past. The Egyptian Museum is an accommodative place for all

  • Location: Cairo, Egypt