West Virginia is the perfect place for people who are passionate about hiking. It is home to mountainous landscapes boasting unique adventures for all experience levels and various interests. West Virginia features an outdoor paradise with scenic overnight camp-and-hike trails, family-friendly paths, and marvelous natural wonders. People come to hike the Long Point Trail, Endless Wall Trail, Lindy Point Trail, Seneca Rocks Trail, and many other iconic loops.

They enjoy the attractions at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Dolly Sods Wilderness Area, and Coopers Rock State Forest. However, many don't know about the tallest mountain hike on the Appalachians, which wows and surprises everyone who finds out about it. Here's how to get the best views while hiking this unique trail.


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This Is Why This Hike Makes West Virginia Worth The Visit

People who are regular hikers, particularly hikers of state high points, will be amazed when they find out about a humble little gem in West Virginia, the Spruce Knob hike. The latter is an enchanting spot, a National Forest, and a unique state high point in America. But most importantly, it is the highest point in West Virginia. People visiting Spruce Knob will literally feel like they're seeing a fairytale, where they will witness a forest so dense that is filled with lush green combined with windblown and barren rock. Moreover, this unique spot in West Virginia features inky mountain peaks draped in billowy clouds. It is not much to say that Spruce Knob is filled with shockingly gorgeous views and immense vistas.

  • How to get there: Spruce Knob, the highest point in West Virginia, can be located in Monongahela National Forest, in the state's northeastern corner. Moreover, people can visit nearby attractions, such as the Seneca Caverns and the Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks Recreation Area.
  • Where to camp: People who want to stay the night at Spruce Knob have the choice to sleep at one of the two nearby campgrounds. The first is the Gatewood Campground, and the second is the Spruce Knob Lake Campground.

How To Hike The Spruce Knob, The Tallest Mountain Hike In West Virginia

People who visit West Virginia enjoy taking on the short Spruce Knob hike to behold the beauty of the views from the highest point in the state. However, they also visit to see the mesmerizing nature and fabulous landscapes in Spruce Knob. It is a diverse and deep place that will wow and surprise anyone witnessing it.

People willing to hike Spruce Knob will have to drive their way through the Monongahela National Forest base. The latter features a unique and scenic start of the hike filled with a rich canopy cover. After reaching Spruce Knob's summit, people visiting will find a small parking area, a placard marking the start of the trail, benches, and bathroom facilities.

The short Whispering Spruce trail is the actual summit trail on Spruce Knob. It features impressive sights and is home to an extraordinary variety of ecosystems. Moreover, the Whispering Spruce Trail is easy to hike and is dog-friendly.

After beginning their hike on the Whispering Spruce Trail, people will notice the difference in vegetation at this elevation. The dense canopy thins significantly, giving way to lovely summit panoramas and vistas.

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What To See On Top Of Spruce Knob

People will be stupefied by the scattered barren rock fields on the top of Spruce Knob. The high point hike begins in a brief canopy and turns into a hike filled with exposed rock fields littered with worn boulders. Next, hikers will reach the old stone and steel observation tower. The latter is easy to climb and is two stories tall. Climbing up the tower, people reach the open rooftop balcony, where they will have the chance to take in the 360-degree views from the highest point in West Virginia.

Passing the observation tower, people will be treated to various mountaintop panoramas with views overlooking the nearby valleys and peaks. Those are sprinkled with vibrant wildflowers and offer people the most impressive and magical scenes they've ever seen in their life. Next on the hike, people will witness a towering section of the tree canopy. People will be walking between shadowed tree trunks in this portion of the trail before reaching the parking lot area.

The short Spruce Knob hike in West Virginia takes less than an hour to complete in total. However, it is much more attractive than many heavily advertised and more popular state high point hikes and alternate trails in West Virginia and other places in the US. Spruce Knob is one of the most beautiful day hikes that are worth taking in West Virginia, and where people will have the chance to get the best view of the Appalachian.

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