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There’s no denying that the Ozarks are Missouri’s most notable landmark. Sparkling springs, glittering lakes, heart-sinking heights, as well as spectacular waterfalls —all join together to form an amazing natural artwork that will not fail to sweep onlookers off their feet. And there are various ways of enjoying this natural spectacle. These include taking a road trip, hiking, or climbing—among several others. However, a novel way to take in this idyllic panorama is through the use of mountain coasters.


The truth is, few experiences can compare to a ride through a mountain range while seated on a coaster—tossing and turning on a twisting landscape—while the rush of adrenaline transports the soul to hell and heaven at succeeding intervals. For those whose hearts are up to it, there’s a thrilling way to see the land of the Ozarks from this mountain coaster at Branson, Missouri.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Mountain Coasters

For those who’ve not had this adrenaline-saturated experience, a mountain coaster is almost like a typical roller coaster that visitors ride at various theme parks across the United States. Of course, with a few differences. While roller coasters are elevated railways—removed from the natural terrain—with sharp curves and often steep slopes, mountain coasters are fixed on the natural terrain. Mountain coasters follow the contours and outlines that nature has carved out on a particular landscape. Obviously. Unlike a typical roller coaster which can fashion steep hills where there are none, a mountain coaster takes one through the real landscape and hence provides a more authentic encounter with topography.

Then again, mountain coasters are single-car rides. Therefore, for those who don’t enjoy screaming in unison, as happens with roller coaster rides, mountain coasters provide more personalized, non-contagious emotional experiences. Lastly, there’s the exciting feature of being in charge. Unlike the rides at amusement parks, a driver of a mountain coaster can adjust the speed as he coasts along the terrain—slowing down at stunning locations—or speeding up according to the heart’s (and eyes’) desire.

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Why Branson’s Mountain Coaster Provides An Unforgettable Experience Through The Ozarks

With features of slowing down or speeding up—in addition to the single-passenger infrastructure, Branson’s Mountain Coaster is an exciting way to gape at some of the most scenic natural formations in the United States. Still, we know that pleasure, like misery, loves company. The good news is that for those who want to enjoy a ride with a friend, spouse, or family member, Branson’s Mountain Coaster provides the option of double rides. The only condition is that drivers must be at least 16 years old. They must also be 52 inches tall. That’s about four feet and as many inches.

This mountain coaster can cruise to a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour through some jaw-dropping twists and turns over an 823-meter journey—that features one of the most spellbinding natural sights in the Show-Me State. While the total ride is seven minutes, including the ascents and descents—it will look like seven seconds. Of course, this will vary depending on how many times a driver uses the brakes or the average speed he rides at. While many mountain coasters follow a seemingly uniform movement pattern: Starting at the bottom, ascending to the height—and then one downhill plunge back to the loading station—not so with Branson’s Mountain Coaster. This coaster does not feature a single ascent or descent. Instead, it boasts a number of downhill and uphill sections throughout the 7-minute ride. This is one of the things that make Branson’s Mountain Coaster interestingly unique.

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Planning To Ride The Branson’s Mountain Coaster? Here’s Information You Need To Know Beforehand

For starters, single drivers must be nine years old. And while double drivers should be at least 16 years old, their passengers must not be less than three years old. It’s also important to know that during bad weather, like storms and the like, Branson’s Mountain Coaster will not be operating. That’s because of safety considerations. Also, when riding the cart, there’s a minimum distance to be kept between carts to avoid incidents of carts bumping into each other.

The other exciting feature of Branson’s Mountain Coaster is that no prior reservation is required. Also, all tickets are treated in a first come, first serve manner. For those who want to save time at the park, filling out the Adventure Agreement form in advance will count for some hours. Drivers and their passengers are not allowed to take photos while on a ride. Obviously, this has to do with safety concerns. But the good news is that photos can be purchased after the ride.

The Ozarks are a stunning natural artwork unique for their spectacular beauty. It turns out that a Mountain Coaster provides the best way to take in this natural wonder.