There are more than a few ways to explore the US—solo, with friends, accompanied by your significant other, or via a good old-fashioned family vacation—each has its own merits. But, there is never a bad time to hit the road or take to the skies with mom. Often much-needed one-on-one bonding time is reserved for Mother's Day or her birthday. But you don't need a reason to hang out with your mother, and any time of the year is a good time for a fun-filled mother-daughter getaway. So, whether it's wine tastings, spa treatments, shopping, or adventuring you're looking to bond over, here are the ten best mother-daughter getaways in the US to consider.

10 Sedona, AZ

A mother-daughter retreat or escape to Sedona, AZ, is a great way to indulge wellness-seekers. Just as impressive as the Spa Capital of the Southwest (Scottsdale), Sedona is the perfect place for some slower-paced/quiet reflection, relaxation, and meditation with mom. With great spa hotels and resorts, retreats, a plethora of outdoor activities, including hiking Cathedral Rock or Bell Rock, and more, this city can accommodate both of you. Sedona also has a lovely downtown area with stellar dining, shopping, and entertainment options, so you can't go wrong with this little getaway. Related: Sedona In 3 Days: What To Do, Eat, & See In 72 Hours

9 San Antonio, TX

For a more laid-back escape filled with sights, history, and delicious eats, San Antonio, TX, is another option worth considering for any mother-daughter duo. For many travelers, the main attraction here is the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio. Mother-daughter duos can book a Riverwalk boat cruise, enjoy a wide variety of restaurants that line the streets of this famed area, or simply do some light shopping and sightseeing. If you do opt to see the sights, don't forget to check out The Alamo while you're there.

8 Clearwater, FL

Of course, Clearwater, FL, is an excellent option if you'd prefer an idyllic oceanfront vacation instead of first-rate pampering in the sweet desert heat. In addition to its white sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise-colored waters, this relaxing beach city has a variety of things for you and your mom to get into. From sunbathing to nightly sunset festivals, water activities, museums, some of the freshest seafood, margaritas, and more, Clearwater may just be the beachside paradise you and your mother have been looking for all along.

7 Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs is another ideal destination for mother-daughter twosomes, especially if you both love luxurious spa resorts with great amenities and classic Hollywood vibes. Here, traveling duos can relax poolside after wonderful spa treatments, dine at world-class restaurants, and sip on handcrafted vintage-style cocktails. There is also ample shopping available at unique vintage boutiques, famed celebrity tours, fascinating walkabouts, and more. A bonus with this getaway, Joshua Tree National Park is only a short drive away. So you and your mom can also explore this iconic national park if you're feeling adventurous.

6 Wine Country, CA

A tour of California's Wine Country should be atop the list of incredible mother-daughter destinations—especially if you both have a passion for wine. With vineyards and wineries aplenty, you and your mom can set out on a fun-filled journey through Sonoma County and Napa Valley. While visiting, consider booking a private tour of Wine Country, so you can both kick back and relax. There are also several posh resorts in the area if you want to make this an extended vacay. What's more, once you've had your fill of full-bodied vintages and Charcuterie boards, you and mom can check out the nearby national parks for some additional outdoorsy fun.

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5 Seattle, WA

With ample accommodations, beautiful public gardens, recreational activities, and just about every type of cuisine, Seattle makes for a fantastic mother-daughter trip. Here, you and your mother can check out the Seattle Art Museum, do some sightseeing, book a food tour or two, and even hop on the ferry to Bainbridge Island for some wildlife and whale watching. This is also an ideal destination for the more active mother-daughter duo, as there are more than a few places to rent kayaks and bikes. Plus, Mount Rainier National Park is just around the corner for even more outdoorsy activities.

4 Hudson, NY

On the opposite end of the US, New York's Hudson Valley is also a real treat for you and your mom. The perfect weekend getaway, you two can explore all the quaint towns that make up Hudson Valley if you choose, or spend the entire weekend in beloved Hudson. A fan favorite among east coast explorers, Hudson is brimming with incredible eateries, galleries, shops, and more. A few recommended activities while visiting this lovely area of NY include antiquing, stopping by Hudson Farmers' Market, and taking in all the charm of this chic little town.

3 Charleston, SC

If you and your mother prefer to bond over some of the best food around, then Charleston, SC, is the place to visit. Besides brightly colored coastal architecture, rich history, and more, this lovely little seaside town is considered foodie heaven. So grab your mom and enjoy some renowned local fanfare, and once you've eaten your way through this town, why not check out a few activities? With walking tours, cruises, a waterfront, museums, and ample recreational fun, this city is a good time waiting to happen.

2 Savannah, GA

Speaking of Southern charm and hospitality, Savannah, GA, is another fantastic trip option for mothers and daughters. This city also offers so much in the way of historical sites, stunning architecture, lush green spaces, a beautiful riverfront, fun city tours, and delicious eats. So take a trip around town and see the famous Savannah Historic District, indulge in classic Southern comfort cuisine, and enjoy some thrills and chills on a haunted ghost tour. Whatever piques your interest in the way of activities, you'll likely find more than a few fun things to do here for the perfect mother-daughter getaway.

1 Newport, RI

Newport, RI, is a picturesque coastal city known for its world-class sailing. So, first and foremost, you and your mother should indulge in some quintessential sailing. Once that's been checked off the list, sample some of the most incredible seafood—enter oysters, lobster rolls, and utter bliss—and see more of this lovely town. Newport also has 5-star historic mansions, magnificent sea views, superb spas, first-class cocktail bars, phenomenal art galleries, and designer boutiques. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself and your mother to a few of the finer things in life.