There are certainly a lot of reasons as to why you should go and visit South America if you get the chance, and today, we're going to try our best to run through all 10 of the biggest and best nations that you could explore.

As is the case with the majority of destinations, there's some trepidation in regards to the safety of some of the places that we're about to list. While we can understand the logic behind that, in many ways, that adds to our sense of intrigue as we try and understand what makes these countries really tick.

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10 Ecuador

The capital of Quito features some of the most resplendent and historic buildings you’re ever likely to find throughout the entirety of the continent and that, in itself, gives Ecuador the kind of unique edge that we enjoy.

It’s well known for being a Spanish colonial center in more ways than one, but you can really feel the history that just bleeds out of places like the Galapagos Islands.

Also, the Middle of the World line is an understandably entertaining tidbit to explore, especially if you’re into your Geography facts.

9 Paraguay

It feels like you can’t even discuss Paraguay without touching upon some of their magnificent water features like Monday’s Falls or Triple Frontier. Funnily enough, we use the term feature like it’s been inserted in as some kind of tourist attraction – when in reality, nature trumps all in this country.

This landlocked nation is bordered by two very powerful neighbors, and as such, it’s a little bit more low key than you may expect. The swamplands take up a large portion of the area, and as you can imagine, it’s often tricky figuring out what lurks beneath.

8 Venezuela

When you use the term political crisis it can be pretty easy to get carried away in the chaos of things, but when you stop and take a minute to appreciate Venezuela, you’ll realize what a stunning country it actually is.

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There are plenty of tropical resorts to explore, with the Isla de Margarita being a well-known favorite (as you can probably imagine).

The natural wonders here are pretty endless, and it serves as one of the most underrated countries in the entire continent even to this very day.

7 Bolivia

If you don’t go and visit the salt flats if you test the waters in Bolivia, then you really aren’t doing this place any kind of justice whatsoever. In equal measure, you should probably go and check out Yungas Road, because that’s about as close to a ‘final boss’ level road as you’re ever going to get.

From the Andes Mountains to the Atacama Desert and beyond, there’s so much to explore and investigate in Bolivia. The high altitudes ensure that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as you can probably imagine, but if you live for a bit of adrenaline, this is where you should be.

6 Argentina

Glaciers, mountains, national parks, and cities that are painfully underrated in the grand scheme of world travel: what’s not to love? Argentina has some financial issues that the country isn’t trying to run away from, but when you put that to one side, you’ve got a country that gets more and more interesting every time we look into it.

They seem to have found the perfect balance between the chaos of city life and the beauty of enjoying the countryside. It helps that most of their waters are the same color as their flag.

5 Chile

When you drive up through some of the mountains in Chile, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to some kind of Utopia that you never want to escape from.

If you want to get a little bit freaky, though, then visiting somewhere like Easter Island is always good for a bit of a spook factor. It’s one of those destinations we try to understand, but really can’t – in a good way.

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Santiago brings in the city numbers, too, and when the weather is so consistently amazing, that isn’t all too surprising.

4 Uruguay

Uruguay gives off the vibe of a country that belongs in Europe but has all the benefits of a South American land: such as magnificent sculptures, unbelievable beaches, and really nice weather.

From their finishing to their steakhouses and magnificent promenades, Uruguay is one of those unassuming countries that doesn’t get much of a look in because it isn’t considered to be particularly ‘in your face’.

In today’s climate, though, and in a continent with as many issues as South America, we can guarantee you that isn’t always a bad thing.

3 Colombia

You’ve all heard the horror stories and you’ve watched the Netflix documentaries, and you’ve done so because there’s always been such an overwhelming fascination with Colombia. Alas, beyond the madness, you’ve got a state that has more than 60 recognized languages, a whole host of fantastic cities, and beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see.

The history behind this country, and the reality that it is faced with on a day to day basis, it part of the story and it’d be wrong not to tell it like it is.

2 Peru

Two words: Machu Picchu.

If you venture high into the Andes and decide to take a trip here, then we can guarantee you’ll enjoy one of the best experiences of your life. Call it an out-of-body experience, call it magic, call it an epiphany, call it whatever you want.

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There are little nuggets of South American history scattered across these waters, and it certainly helps that the people are incredibly friendly, too.

Peru is viewed as the underdog in sports and in day to day life, and we like that tag.

1 Brazil

The Amazon Rainforest is in dire straits and needs to be attended to immediately, because the more of it we lose, the more heartbreak there is around the globe.

Brazil has certainly fallen on hard times in recent years and there’s no point in trying to deny that, but it’s still a vibrant country full of so much hope, color, laughter, and culture.

Christ the Redeemer may serve as the leader of peace in the eyes of many, but if it’s not him or Sugarloaf Mountain or Copacabana Beach, there are a million and one other things for you to see and enjoy.

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