Miniature golf, also known as putt-putt golf, got its start in the U.S. As with many sports and pastimes, this is one recreational activity that has managed to make its way around the world and has brought with it the quirks of the sport. Anyone familiar with their local mini-golf course is probably thinking of giant windmills, course obstacles that are whimsical and fun, or themed holes that make golfers laugh as they finish up a round. The point of miniature golf is exactly that - to have fun with a sport that's been miniaturized, simplified, and available to the average person who isn't necessarily an athlete.


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Around the world, many countries have followed suit with their own mini-golf courses. Not unlike bowling, which is another universal recreational pastime, this fun sport has been a family favorite for decades now. The atmosphere of a miniature golf course is just as much fun as the game itself, with various locations adding their own creative touch to each golf hole. From the moment a person walks onto a mini-golf course to the moment they swing their club for the final putt, it's meant to be quirky - just like these.

Thailand: Dino Park Mini Golf

Phuket, Thailand is not a destination that people visit for miniature golf but maybe it should be! The Dino Park Mini Golf park is one of the most interactive in the world and has courses that are surrounded by animatronic, life-sized dinosaurs. It's an experience, to say the least, and makes golfers feel as though they've taken a prehistoric step back in time.

These dinosaurs have even been known to let out a roar or two at the oncoming golfer, and guests can expect things such as lava pits that bubble rather than your classic water feature. The course is open all year-round and features a full 18-hole course, each one presenting a different and unique Jurassic-sized obstacle.

Netherlands: Bubbeljungle Golf in the Dark

Speaking of interactive, there's nothing quite like the Bubbeljungle Golf in the Dark course that's located in Leiderdorp. This course starts golfers off with a unique mission: to save a famous singer named Diva Laguna, as she's been kidnapped. And how, exactly, are the golfers expected to save her?

By playing the best round of mini-golf that they can! This course combines the best of a miniature golf course and a murder mystery as each clue to solving the mystery is revealed after the final putt. The course itself also glows under blacklights (if that wasn't obvious by its name) which adds a high-stakes effect to everything and makes it all that much more fun.

Minnesota, U.S.: Can Can Wonderland

Can Can Wonderland is a unique experience within itself and features an 18-hole course that has been designed by a number of hands, including local artists, architects, and electrical engineers. Thus, there is an incredible number of features that make a lasting impression on every golfer since it's quite unlike your typical miniature golf course.

Each hole is designed with a theme that sports a popular pop culture reference such as the movie Hot Tub Time Machine or the song 'Wonderwall' by Oasis, according to the course's website. There's even a hole that's designed with a 'natural disaster' in mind and features a wicked-looking tornado on the green. The course also donates some of its proceeds to the Minneapolis-St. Paul artist community, so golfers can feel good about putt-putting their way around each hole.

U.K.: Wizard Golf

The Wizard Golf course in Edinburgh is a bit of a funny place since it does pay homage to everyone's favorite Hogwarts wizard but, due to copyright infringements, couldn't use any of the actual names or descriptions in order to do so.

Therefore, golfers have a course that's entirely devoted to a wizarding world of some kind but with hole names such as 'Troll Cave' and Scrapheap Express.' Still, it's a pretty enchanting experience for those who are fans of all things fantasy and witchy and provides a neat environment in which to play a round of 9-hole miniature golf.

Switzerland: Lauberhorn Crazy Golf

Playing miniature golf at a ski resort location is quite the experience and if it's not the golf that people are going for, then it should be the views. Surrounded by the Bernese Alps, this miniature golf course raises the stakes for golfers who want to strut their stuff with a course that's at a higher altitude than most.

Featuring things such as a snow cannon and cow bell's throughout various golf holes, it's sure to put a smile on anyone's face as they take in these gorgeous vistas.

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