The southern country of Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches that the world has to offer. While people often think of the Carribean, when attempting to fulfill their sand and sea dreams, Mexico also has plenty of offer. If you are thinking of spending your precious vacation time lying in white sand and watching crystal clear blue waves lap the shore, then you may want to consider a couple of beaches in Mexico.

Per Trip Advisor, these five Mexican beaches are pretty much out of a storybook. Countless travelers have visited them and nearly all left dreaming of the day that they could return. The best part of vacationing on the beaches of Mexico is the countless cities and towns that travelers can also hit up for a fraction of the price you might expect. It's like five vacations in one!


Who knew that such sandy paradises were just sitting to our south, waiting for us?

Playa Norte In Isla Mujeres Has The Bluest Waters On Earth

Playa Norte is revered as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Mexico and maybe in all of the world! Located off the shores of Isle Mujeres, Playa Norte is crystal clear and shallow. The calm waters are perfect for families and adults alike. While some beaches in Mexico are scattered with debris and trash, this beach has maintained its pristine appearance. Isle Mujeres has the bonus of being one of the safest cities in Mexico to vacation at. Any crime that you run into here will likely be petty theft and comparable to crime in any other tourist town or city.

This beautiful Mexican beach has earned 4.5 stars out of five on Trip Advisor, and we totally get why!

Balandra Beach In La Paz Looks Like It Belongs On A Whole Other Planet

When in doubt, Balandra Beach is a sure bet for top, sandy spots in Mexico. Located in La Paz, Balandra beach is a nature lover's paradise. People love Balandra beach for its stunning landscape. In one direction, you see miles upon miles of crystal clear waters and to the other are rolling deserts. Balandra is known for its beauty, and also for serenity. While lots of Mexican beaches bring the party, Balandra brings peace and quiet. It's a perfect spot to center yourself and find your inner peace, all while getting a fantastic tan.

Playa Delfines Will Fill Your Travel Tank

There is about a zero percent chance that you will have a bummer of a time while hanging out at Playa Defines. Unlike Balandra Beach, Playa Delfines is going to be bustling and full of energy as it is the largest public beach in all of Cancun. Cancun has a reputation for being more of an action-packed Mexican city, so you know there will be plenty to do should you need to escape the sun and the sand. The major draw to this beach is the stunning ocean views. Try visiting this beach at sunset; you won't be disappointed. It's nearly impossible not to enjoy a day at Playa Delfines or in Cancun.

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Playa El Cielo In Cozumel Is A Snorkeling Paradise

For those vacationers looking to play and party in the turquoise ocean waters off the Mexican shoreline, Playa El Cielo is the perfect beach to get down at. This Mexican beach is top-rated because of the snorkeling experience it offers adventure seekers. The snorkeling experience here is supposed to be one of the very best that your money can buy, so make sure you rent a snorkel or, better yet, book a professional snorkeling experience and see all that this beach has to offer below the waves. It is also one of the very best beaches to snap all of your pictures at. Photography lovers everywhere swear by it.

Playa Bacocho In Puerto Escondido Gives Travelers A True Turtle Experience

If you are looking for a beach experience that offers something a little bit different from the standard, touristy sand, sun, surf, and tropical drinks, then check out Playa Bacocho In Puerto Escondido. While this beach offers a more relaxing environment for vacations to lounge around, it also is home to one of the country's sea turtle conservation projects. If you are fortunate, you'll get a front-row seat to baby turtles being released back into their natural habitat. So cool!

Whichever one of these top-rated Mexican beaches you choose, chances are you will end up having the trip of a lifetime. Happy beaching!

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