It's easier than many think to have Mexican food at home, and ten times out of ten, it'll be more delicious, too. While it's easy to stop at the most popular fast-food chains for our faves, eating authentic cuisine at home can be healthier and even cheaper in many cases. You don't have to go to Mexico to try these, though!

Mexican food is the perfect balance of comfort and flavor. On one hand, there exist bold spices and tasty sauces, while on the other, there's always a family recipe or method of cooking that holds true in tradition to this day. It's a cuisine that has been passed down through generations and though some shortcuts have been taken to make cooking easier, the basis of Mexican food remains the same: A whole lotta love, and a whole lotta kick. So ditch the foods everyone thinks are Mexican and try these instead.


Quick And Easy Cheesy Enchiladas

Enchiladas are a well-loved Mexican favorite and these, in particular, are simple to make at home. It takes roughly ten minutes to throw these together but no sacrifice is made on the part of the flavor. This recipe is also versatile and can be made with chicken, beef, or kept vegetarian with just cheese.

The whole thing can be done in about 30 minutes and the option is there to make them even more authentic with a homemade red sauce. Cotija cheese is what really puts these over the top, adding a burst of bright, slightly tangy flavor. More cheese on the inside can only help a recipe, and these enchiladas are perfect for an easy, wholesome weeknight meal.

Sheet Pan Fajitas

Everyone has seen sheet pan dinners going around the interwebs, but the most fun are undoubtedly fajitas. There's no end to the creativity one can take when making fajitas and anything from guacamole to salsa and even a fried egg are all fair game.

One huge sheet pan is all the cooking materials anyone needs for this recipe (it's even fork and spoon-free!) along with some olive oil and spices. Traditional fajita blends or marinades are easy enough to find in the international aisle, or get creative and try a homemade spice blend. Chicken, shrimp, beef, and even tofu (or another meat substitute) can all be used - just be sure to cook proteins to the proper internal temperature, which might mean putting them in the oven before or after the veggies are added. Slices of bell peppers and onions complete this sheet-pan dinner. Top with shredded cheese, cotija, guac, salsa, fajita sauce, or even crema!

Pollo Rojo

Pollo Rojo is a crowd-pleaser and also a super family-friendly dinner, simply omit some of the spice. It also couldn't be easier as far as chicken dishes are concerned! With a short ingredient list and simple directions, it's easy to see why this recipe is such a family-favorite.

It's also great when served over rice or even with tortillas, as the chicken should be fall-apart tender if using chicken thighs. The rich tomato sauce is perfect when scooped up with chips or corn tortillas, specifically.

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Chile And Cheese Flautas

The fun thing about this dish is its versatility. It can be made as an appetizer or even a snack, and it's pretty simple. To make it, simply mix corn (fresh is best!), half a cup of canned, roasted green chiles, half a cup of green chile sauce, one teaspoon of sugar, and one cup of jack cheese.

Fill a tortilla with the mixture, then roll it up, fry in oil at 350-degrees for a few minutes, and voila!

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