No matter where in the world you travel, you can be guaranteed one thing - there’s a McDonald’s waiting to greet you. You may not even be tempted to indulge in what the fast-food chain has to offer while exploring a new country and culture, but it certainly can be worth your while. One of the most interesting and curious things about an overseas McDonald’s is how the company chooses to represent the country through the various menu options. You can get a McCurry Pan in India, Taro pie in China, or a Pineapple Orea McFlurry in Colombia. So, next time you’re traveling, it might be wise not to deny a McDonald’s meal right away. If you’re visiting Russia any time soon, here are some of the exclusive menu items you’ll find.

10 Country Style Potatoes

Country style potatoes, better known as wedges in the states, make any regular french fry seem boring. But, why Russia? Well, there’s a real explanation for this one. With tensions building between the U.S and Russia, Russia placed a mandate on McDonald’s to use local distributors for their menu items. Since 2018, McDonald’s has been using locally sourced products for 98% of items. They began using Russian-grown potatoes and a Russian factory is used to produce the original McDonald’s french fry, along with Country Style Potatoes for all Russian franchises. A small order starts at 78 rubles, or $1.23.

9 Chicken Wings

Forget about the failed “Might Kids Wings” Mc’Donald’s tried to sell back in 2014. The chicken wings on the Russian menu are legit. Fried, crispy, bone-in, tender wings that are a perfect match with BBQ sauce. They can hold their own against wings at your local pub. Grab six pieces for 191 rubles, or nine pieces for 271. There’s no combo option for this unique side dish, so fries and a drink are separate. Or indulge in the Russian menu and opt for the Country Style Potatoes, instead. Whatever keeps you lovin’ it.

8 The Western Gourmet Burger

The Western Gourmet Burgers are notably smaller than the average burger, but the bold flavor is plentiful. The patty consists of both beef and pork and is flavored with tomato sauce. The burger comes with marinated cucumbers, pickled jalapenos, and onions, and is served on a brioche bun. A regular combo served with a side of famous fries and a drink cost 279 rubles, equivalent to $4.41. You can upgrade to a large for only 30 additional rubles. Why would McDonald’s limit this deliciousness to Russia? No idea, but one can only come up with a conspiracy theory that Putin must be involved in this mad decision.

7 The Grill Gourmet Burger

Loosen up your belt if you plan to indulge in Russia’s Grill Gourmet burger. You can tell from the word gourmet it isn’t going to be your standard, simple patty. This exclusive comes with a minced beef and pork patty between two slices of mature cheese, sweet peppers, and grilled fresh salad on a soft potato bun. It’s served with a garlic-lemon sauce and herbs that give it a unique, upscale flavor for a most eloquent Mc’Donald’s burger. You’ll spend about 278 rubles on just the burger alone, and a medium combo will run you about 329 rubles.

6 Belgian Chocolate Mousse

McFlurries, basic ice cream cones, and syrupy Sundaes might be the most popular items on the dessert menu in the United States, but those treats are far too simple for the Russian palate. Sophistication, rich flavor, and texture are the essence of the dessert menu in Russia with the exclusive Belgian Chocolate Mousse. Not only is this first-class dessert rich in texture and flavor, but it’s elegantly presented as well. The airy dessert is served in a classy pastry cup topped with chocolate shavings. Is this even McDonald’s?

5 Panini Tuscany

There’s little about Russia that will remind you of Italy, but there must be a desire to eat Italian food because this item made Russia’s McDonald’s menu. For 188 rubles, the Panini Tuscany comes loaded with not one, but two juicy, grilled beef steaks, fresh slices of tomatoes, creamy Emmental cheese, crisp arugula, and raw onions. It comes seasoned with basil sauce and herbs and is served in a fried pita. Take it on the go solo, or you can choose to make it a McCombo for only a few extra rubles.

4 Mojito Italiano

If you’re looking for something unique and refreshing to quench your thirst, try the Mojito Italiano. It looks similar to green soda and might throw you off at first, but it’s worth a shot. The bubbles are due to the carbonated water used in the drink. Some might prefer something flatter, but it certainly adds more texture to the drink. It’s infused with tarragon and mint flavors, allowing for a subtle but pronounced taste that will make you tingle. In a good way, of course. And it’s only 94 rubles.

3 McFlurry De Luxe Strawberry Biscotti

Can a McFlurry get any more complex? First of all, no one has ever heard of a McFlurry De Luxe. Is it actually much larger than the standard McFlurry cup? “De Luxe” aside, strawberry biscotti? Russia is really diggin' the Italian influence. The McDonald’s staple dessert everyone has come to know and love has certainly stepped its game up for the Russian menu. Soft served, whole milk vanilla ice cream whipped with a perfect ratio of strawberry filling, and mixed with chocolate biscotti bits is enough to bring any dessert lover to their knees. Additional flavors include chocolate-caramel and chocolate-strawberry.

2 McShrimp

The McShrimp is a Russian McDonald's exclusive. Goldenly fried on the outside with an interesting preference for 1000 island dressing as a sauce over the traditional tartar. You can order it as a side that comes with four, six, or nine shrimp for as little as 173 rubles, or get it as a medium combo that comes with 6 fried shrimp along with the signature fries and a drink for 299 rubles. You can also substitute the fries in any combo for shrimp for a pretty sweet and tasty deal.

1 Shrimp Roll

Not letting up on the delicious shrimp available in Russia, they present - the Shrimp Roll. Similar to the chicken McWraps sold in the states, the Shrimp Roll includes the crispy breaded shrimp wrapped in a tortilla filled with Iceberg lettuce, onions, and a special sauce. You can choose to order the Shrimp Roll on its own for 219 rubles, or opt for the combo for 285 rubles. That’s less than a $1 difference for the addition of standard fries and a medium drink. Yeah, the combo is definitely the way to go.