You wouldn't think there could be much of a difference between the McDonald's fast food restaurants in the United States and the McDonald's fast food restaurants in Europe. After all, we're both in the Western hemisphere and... it's McDonald's! McDonald's is classic, and people have been "lovin' it" all over the world for years. They have a very specific brand, and it's fast food, so how different could it be? Turns out, there are a LOT of differences between the U.S. and European restaurants, including what's offered on the menu. Here are 10 foods served at McDonald's you can only get in Europe!

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10 10. McHotDog

Many people consider hotdogs to be an American food. After all, what else are you supposed to eat on the 4th of July? But it turns out, hotdogs aren't on the menu for McDonald's restaurants in the United States... but they're on the menu in Europe. Weird! Apparently, the U.S. restaurants did attempt to sell hotdogs for a time, but it sold so poorly that it wasn't on the menu for long. While hotdogs and McDonald's are both classics, they apparently don't mesh well in the States. Go figure!

9 9. 1955 Burger

This menu item is also kind of funny, as you'd think the United States would be all over this offering. The 1955 Burger is referred to as such because that's when the first McDonald's was opened in Des Plaines, Illinois. The 1955 Burger is modeled after the first type of burger that founder Ray Kroc tried to sell, consisting of beef, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onions, ketchup and McDonald's smoky sauce (barbecue). This burger was first released in various European countries like Spain, Italy, and Germany in 2011, and it eventually made its way to the United Kingdom in 2013.

8 8. Bacon Roll

This would undoubtedly do well in the United States, but so far is only available in the United Kingdom. The McDonalds' in the U.K. offer this as a breakfast option, and it's literally just multiple strips of bacon served in a loaf of bread with optional ketchup.

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Considering the prevalent bacon culture in America, we're surprised this delicacy hasn't made its way overseas just yet. The rest of the breakfast menu in the U.K. looks pretty much the same, offering McMuffins and breakfast sandwiches.

7 7. McToast Shoko

Sorry guys -- this decadent, chocolaty goodness is only available in Germany. You really can't go wrong with loose wheat pancakes stuffed with melted milk chocolate, and that's exactly what's on the breakfast menu in Germany. While some might question a sweet treat for breakfast, consider it like a croissant with Nutella. Apparently, there is actually a croissant option on the breakfast menu as well, if you'd rather have that rather than a pancake. Honestly, it all sounds good to us!

6 6. McKroket Burger

Unfortunately for the rest of this world, this delicious burger is only available in the Netherlands. A kroket, which is a Dutch delicacy, is a deep-fried, breaded snack made with beef and cheese. Does it get any better than that? It can, actually -- stick it between two buns. All the Dutch McDonald's restaurants advertise this menu item as "world-famous," yet it seems the rest of the world hasn't heard of it! Then again, we haven't been given the chance to try it. The burger is also said to be topped off with lots of mustard, so watch out for that if you don't like that sauce and happen to be in the Netherlands.

5 5. McShrimp

The United States has Filet-O-Fish. Russia has McShrimp. Not many people would associate seafood with McDonald's, but the restaurant offers a lot of fishy food in Asian countries, as well as fried shrimp in European countries like Russia and Switzerland.

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It's said to be more of a side item in comparison to the giant platters served at seafood restaurants in the United States, but you can always order a couple of servings and make it a meal. If you're not interested in that much shrimp, why not try ordering it as a side in place of fries?

4 4. Chili Cheese Tops

It appears that European countries like Sweden and Denmark are ahead of the game. Chili Cheese Tops are a mouthwatering fusion of hot cheese and spicy chili. These poppers only come as a set of four, however, so it seems to rank in as a side item. You'll probably be tempted to order more than one serving! It also comes with your choice of dipping sauce, with options such as cheese dip (to make the cheesy food cheesier) or chili dip (to make the spicy food spicier.) Why this hasn't hit other countries yet, we couldn't tell you.

3 3. Greek Mac

Ever wanted your standard Big Mac to have an extra "umph?" You should try the Greek Mac in -- you guessed it-- Greece. Instead of a bun, your burger will be served in gyro bread, so it will be a pita of sorts. While the burger will contain your typical onions, lettuce, and tomatoes, there's also a yogurt-like sauce called Tzatziki added to the mix. The Tzatziki is an authentic Greek substitute to your regular cheese, so your meal will be both traditional and yummy if you decide to order the Greek Mac.

2 2. Fish McBites

Here we go with the seafood again... Fish McBites are similar to chicken nuggets, except its fish. Apparently, McDonald's tried this fun meal in the States for a time, but reviews weren't strong enough to keep it around. Europe loves it though! Alongside the box of bites, you can get the perfect dipping sauce to suit whatever you're craving. Choose from a creamy salsa or a special tartar sauce. Sounds super yummy, but unfortunately not available in North America!

1 1. Pastries

The McDonald's restaurants in the United States have plenty of yummy sweet treats (McFlurry, anyone?) But in France, they literally have a McCafe either attached to the restaurant or even in an entirely separate building. Various muffins, croissants, macaroons, pies -- French McDonald's restaurants have it all. Many people in Europe are known to start their day off with a decadent, sweet treat before eating healthier throughout the rest of the day, so it makes sense that this is a prominent offering in Europe. If only it were in other countries, though!

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