When Bridgerton was released on Netflix in 2020, it took the world by storm. Suddenly, everyone was obsessed with 19th-century fashion, estate homes, perfectly manicured acres of gardens, and, of course, romance. When thinking of these Regency-era details, it's easy enough to get swept up into a daydream of one's own. For many people, this daydream includes having the chance to stay in their own period-accurate, stately house.

What Bridgerton fans should know is that this is absolutely a reality. With a little help from Holidu, fans can now stay in one of the top-five historical manors that the search engine has curated. So get ready to don that ballroom gown and head off to the U.K., because these Bridgerton-inspired rental options are sure to steal everyone's hearts.


Modern Elegance And Charm: The Lindens, Circle 18th-Century

For those seeking a semi-modern Bridgeton experience, The Lindens is the rental of choice. Located in the scenic village of East Lulworth, Dorset, this manor home is described as a 'luxury country manor.' This home dates back to the 18th century but has been renovated to include every modern amenity one could wish for on vacation, and so much more. The house features high ceilings that make one feel as though they're in the presence of royalty, traditional wood flooring, and several fireplaces throughout for those chilly nights.

Upon first entering the home, it appears to be the perfect country house - and that's because it is. The drawing room opens up to reveal bright sunshine and a garden overlook, evoking all of those scenic Bridgeton views one might wish for while on an English countryside vacation. The kitchen is all-encompassing and ready for cooking, featuring the wonderful modern amenity of heated flooring - the one thing every renter didn't know they even needed. With a breakfast area overlooking the garden as well as a separate formal dining room, there's no way one couldn't feel at home amongst such gorgeous features.

Moving onto the bedrooms, each one has traditional nods to the home's 18th-century charm. While it has been renovated, the large windows, high ceilings, colors, and textures of the rooms speak to the manor's early history. Feeling like a stroll around the grounds? Be sure to pack a parasol and explore acres of woodlands and manicured gardens.

Rental Details:

  • Cost: £2,020/night
  • Guests: Up to 16 (+2)
  • Features: 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, pet-friendly, pool

Fit For a King & Queen: Tall John's House, A Georgian Manor

When a Georgian Manor is thrown into the mix, no one would argue that it would make for the perfect Bridgerton-esque experience. Tall John's House is one of a kind in Powys, Wales, and visitors will realize this the second they walk through the manor gates. With stunning views of the surrounding country hillside, plenty of space on the ground for leisurely strolls, and period-accurate interior details, there's nothing not to love here.

Those staying here will be entranced from the moment they walk in; the home's ceiling details, crown molding, chandeliers, chair rail details, and traditional wooden floors are absolutely transportive. It's easy to daydream of living in another time period when gazing out of the (massive) dining room bay window at the surrounding views, or listening to the fire crackle in the background while enjoying a proper English breakfast.

All the little details, from the collection of antique plates to the silver that's used for tea service, only serve to enhance this idyllic stay. Cozy up by the fire in one of 11 bedrooms while taking in the room's exposed wood beams, gorgeous hillside views, and vintage furniture details.

Rental Details:

  • Cost: £1,620/night
  • Guests: 16 for up to one night (max of 19, dining room holds 20)
  • Features: Pet-friendly, views of the Black Mountains, walled gardens, breakfast included in the rental price

Decadence, Simplicity, & Family-Friendly: Somerset Manor

The village of Horsington in Somerset plays host to Somerset Manor, which exudes elegance from the moment one steps foot out of the cab. The exterior stone of this manor combined with the creeping flora reaching its second story is enough to make one's heart flutter.

While this house offers modern features such as a heated pool and a sauna, there's also a tennis court and croquet set up outside, and a snooker room with table tennis inside. Each bedroom is decorated simply but elegantly, enough so that one could easily imagine a lazy Sunday morning with sunlight and a warm breeze streaming through an open window. To start the morning, a glass-walled sunroom overlooking the back gardens is the perfect place to enjoy coffee and some pastries. Meanwhile, the formal dining room is cozy and can easily accommodate a family, and then some!

  • Cost: £1,552/night
  • Guests: Up to 20 - 22 with two to a bedroom
  • Features: 10 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, heated pool, sauna, gardens

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Redefining What It Means To Be Regal: The Manor

The second of two properties in Somerset is The Manor. This home is regal from the start, ad guests will feel as though they have truly stepped back in time and onto the set of Bridgerton here. The home has been featured in The TimesThe TelegraphYahoo!Red MagazineAspire Magazine, and Platinum, giving it quite the reputation for excellence. Featuring tall Romanesque columns to greet guests at the entryway, followed by a gallery of artwork on both sides guiding guests to the home's winding staircase, this manor is nothing short of a dream.

Upstairs, the landing opens up to reveal door after door of elegant bedrooms, with a stained-glass skylight shedding hues of blue and red as the sunlight streams in. If this isn't captivating enough, the manor's kitchen is surrounded by garden views, and is large enough to cook - and fit - an entire family, possibly three!

The home's sitting room is perhaps the most Bridgerton-esque of the entire manor, however; window boxes with beautifully draped fabric frame the sunlight as it shines through the windows, highlighting a fireplace in the center of the room, a piano off to the side, and ample sitting room underneath a stunning chandelier.

  • Cost: £1,619/night
  • Guests: Up to 24
  • Features: 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, pet-friendly, pool, gardens, period-accurate features & decor

A Historical Daydream: Ardington House

The third and final house in Somerset is the Ardington House. This is the second Georgian manor to grace the list, and its features speak entirely to that period's accuracy. Not only does this house look like it could have been an extra on Bridgerton, but it could also pass for one seen on Downton Abbey.

Ardington House has a commanding presence that softens the second guests walk through the door, met with a double stairway and deep hues in both the stairway rug and in the wallpaper, echoing historic details from the Georgian era.

A sitting room boasts tall glass doors out into the gardens, featuring equally breathtaking window treatments, framing a fireplace at the center, and antique artwork adorning the walls. The dining room is fit for royalty with its wood-paneled walls, large fireplace, and more doors that swing out onto a gorgeous garden patio. The bedrooms sport features such as four-posted bedframes and bed crowns draping with material, while the kitchen features plenty of cooking space, a large island, and several steps up into a cozy eating area. Downstairs, guests will find a plethora of pastimes from pool to table tennis in a vaulted hall.

  • Cost: £2,734/night
  • Guests: Up to 25
  • Features: 12 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, pet-friendly, pool, gardens, kid's playroom, antique features & decor

No matter how one chooses to spend their Bridgerton-inspired getaway, any one of these homes would be a dream come true for fans.

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