London isn't a city that's mentioned much when it comes to food markets. This, in itself, is surprising, since there are so many reasons to love this British city... and its food markets is one of them. Now, London is a vast city and its restaurants are some of the best, adding both ambiance and tradition to what's appropriately called the 'capital of the world.' But if Christmas markets are to Denmark what food markets are to the summer season in London, then it's fair to say the analogy is accurate.


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This analogy is so accurate that it's actually easy for newcomers to be thoroughly overwhelmed by all of the options they have when it comes to strolling through these expansive outdoor markets. They're the best combination of farmer's markets and street vendors and it's also easy enough to get lost in one for a day without knowing where the time went. So, in order to make the most of any London food market trip, here are some of the most essential markets to check out during any visit.

Borough Market

Borough Market is more than 1,000 years old, believe it or not, and was first started in 1014. Since then, it has only gained popularity and in the modern-day and age, this market has garnered quite the crowd. Visitors can find this market to the south of London Bridge and it's easy enough to spot once you're close enough - just follow the delicious smells!

The best thing about this market is the variety of foods one can find there and cheese, chocolate, meat, and vegetables are in large supply. The other great thing about this market is that many of the vendors will happily offer free samples, so you're never likely to leave with an empty stomach.

Maltby Street Market

For those who find the Borough Market to be a bit too intense or crowded for their liking, the Maltby Street Market is much smaller and offers a low-key atmosphere. This market can be found in South London and opened in 2010 so, in stark contrast to Borough, it's still relatively new.

The location itself is gorgeous and iconic London so not only is it fun to simply walk around, but the vendors have also been carefully procured since there are so few spots to fill. This means each and every booth will be something new and visitors will have no problem finding something they love, as there's plenty of diversity in the food offerings.

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Camden Market

Camden Town is a great place for creatives and visitors will immediately notice the artistic vibe that can be felt throughout. This same atmosphere is what makes Camden Market such a fun stop and its diversity in flavor is precisely why so many people love it so much. According to Free Tours By Foot, Camden Market is the 'heart and soul' of Camden Town.

The food market is actually a smaller market within the larger, center market, which has boots ranging in anything from clothing to artwork. It's definitely worth the stop for those who happen to be in the area and it's easy enough to spend an entire day just wandering through the booth aisles.

Broadway Market

Broadway Market went through a bit of a revival period when it was reopened in 2004, as the surrounding area was falling into disrepair. That didn't stop this food market from becoming a beloved staple in the community, though, as it has since grown to include more than 100 vendor stalls.

The market itself was first started in 1900 so it has a long history behind it and is likely to have a long history after, with plenty of vendors ready to bring their wares and creations. Visitors can find things such as gourmet cakes and artisan bread, as well as other creative venues such as artwork and local merchandise.

Leatherland Market

For those who don't mind rugged and rustic, the Leatherland Market is the place to be. It's not nearly as big or flashy as some of the others and doesn't appear to be anything special, but its uniqueness lies in the quality of the food from its vendors.

While visitors aren't likely to find anything profoundly high-end or thrilling, they're certain to find local fruits and vegetables of good quality as well as good street eats. Leatherland is well-known for having the most affordable street food and while it's nothing super fancy, it's authentic, traditional, and delicious. It's also fairly diverse, so visitors have a chance to try something new.

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