10 Best Places For Live Jazz In New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisana has become so central the birth and formation of jazz that "New Orleans Jazz" is actually a musical style of its own. For music lovers who've been bitten by the travel bug, add New Orleans on to your list of musical cities to visit!

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With an entertaining nightlife and streets bursting with color and personality at any time of the day, New Orleans' is a hotspot for live music. From its inviting diners and lively jazz clubs to its welcoming restaurants and theatres, there isn't a corner you'll turn and run into a great place for live jazz on the streets of NOLA. Check out these 10 Best Places For Live Jazz In New Orleans.

10 Blue Nile

On Frenchman Street in New Orleans sits the Blue Nile, one of the longest-standing music clubs on the Frenchmen strip. For those aged 21 and up, the Blue Nile is a great place to go for anyone who loves to watch funk, blues, and soul musicians play live.

Named "one of the best nightclubs in New Orleans," this live music venue has live music starting around 7 pm every single night. The Blue Nile doesn't take a night off and is always looking for new ways to entertain its patrons. Don't skip out on this one if you find yourself in town!

9 The Jazz Playhouse

From showcasing some of the greatest Jazz musicians that New Orleans has to offer to serving handcrafted cocktails and appetizers, the Royal Sonesta Jazz Playhouse is an intimate and warm music venue located in the lobby of the Sonesta Hotel. If you're looking for a spot to close off your night, this jazz club is the one you'll want to be at.

Admission to The Jazz Playhouse is free and open to all on a first-come, first-serve basis. The holidays are also just around the corner, and the Playhouse is known for hosting some of the greatest New Year's Eve parties in the city. You might want to consider ringing in the new year at this exciting venue.

8 The Maison Bourbon Jazz Club

The Maison Bourbon Jazz Club was first established with a mission to do one thing for the New Orleans music community: to "preserve jazz." While there are hundreds of places to watch live jazz in NOLA, The Maison Bourbon prides itself on being the place to go for "non-stop authentic jazz."

The venue is one of the city's oldest live jazz clubs and brings life to the community by keeping one of America's most loved musical genres alive. A favorite stop for both tourists and locals, the Maison Bourbon not only provides great live entertainment but also hosts private parties that leave no guests disappointed.

7 The Preservation Hall

At 726 St. Peter Street, you'll find The Preservation Hall, a place so unique and full of dedicated musicians that this music venue has its very own jazz band. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band has been playing jazz for New Orleans for more than 50 years. With their captivating way of entertaining, the band is now touring the country!

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The great thing about Preservation Hall is that this venue is open to everyone and anyone of all ages. The Hall not only provides great music for its community but supports its youth by funding student programs and hosting artist residencies. If you're looking for a great place to support NOLA art, make a stop at this beautiful location!

6 Bamboula's

Located in the heart of New Orleans, Bamboula's is one of the newest theaters on the block that provides live jazz music to its patrons. However, just because it's a newer addition to the classic NOLA street doesn't make it any less authentic. Bamboula's has quickly become a local hot spot.

Open 7 days a week, Bamboula's is the perfect place to go if you're looking to spend a night out dancing with friends and loved ones! Bringing jazz to life, this theater has plenty of room for patrons to dance the night away.

5 Maple Leaf Bar

Located in Uptown New Orleans, the world-famous Maple Leaf Bar is not only home to great jazz music, but also a hub for live art ever since its opening in 1974. From hosting poetry nights to housing musicians, this venue has been bringing live entertainment to NOLA for decades.

With musicians who specialize in everything from jazz to blues to rock, the Maple Leaf is known for its unique musical acts. While all shows are 21 and up, there is a show every single night. With entry fees as low as $10, it's guaranteed you'll find a great night of music at the Maple Leaf.

4 The Spotted Cat

Known as "The Quintessential Jazz Club of New Orleans," The Spotted Cat is a legendary music club located in the heart of the French Quarter. Surrounded by bustling locals and curious tourists, The Spotted Cat is home to music ranging from traditional jazz to modern funk. Anyone who loves music would love spending a night at this club.

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The Spotted Cat is so invested in its ability to showcase artists for its community that it has tons of bands coming through, in, and out of its doors every day. Whether you're hoping to catch a great acoustic set or a fun-filled jazz show, you won't be disappointed visiting The Spotted Cat.

3 Palm Court Jazz Cafe

The Palm Court Jazz Cafe takes pride in being NOLA's #1 live jazz and dining destination. If you were hoping for a way to have dinner and catch a show at the same time, you don't have to travel far from central New Orleans to get it.

At The Palm Court Jazz Cafe, you'll find a friendly, open atmosphere that loves showcasing the best of Louisiana's jazz musicians and serving quality food. In an elegant and relaxed setting, this jazz cafe will make your stay in New Orleans worth all the travel.

2 B.B. Kings Blues Club

Legendary blues musician B.B. King and his music continue to live on at B.B. King's Blues Club on Decatur Street. Surrounded by so many other live jazz spots, this club is still one of NOLA's most popular music clubs. With a staff who recognizes the specialty in both live music and great food, this club's atmosphere is perfect for a concert-like night out or an all-night-long party.

One of the greatest things about B.B. King's Blues Club is that its shows are non-stop. Starting at 12:30 pm almost every day, you'll be able to catch shows from just after lunchtime to as soon as the sun goes down. Don't pass up on spending a night at this iconic venue.

1 Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro

The Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro is not only famous for great live music, but for its creole and regional cooking. Looking for a place to have authentic Lousiana food packed with flavors? Making a stop to Snug Harbor is going to make your night on in New Orleans worth it.

Providing the best live jazz for the city for the last thirty years, Snug Harbor loves prioritizing its patrons whether its to give them a great night of music or serve them the best food in town. If you're looking for a place to genuinely escape into the world of music, you're in luck, as Snug Harbor's music room allows no cell phones - just you and your love for music.

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