The world is full of unbelievably beautiful beaches but lakes are often excluded from that list. Rather than going to the Caribbean to find perfect sands and aquamarine surf, a lakeside beach might be closer than many realize - not to mention, the conditions are always right for swimming.

Lakes are great for families and even make for the perfect family-friendly summer destination, and many times, they're far less crowded than other well-known beaches. Lakeside towns are also a great adventure for those who have never been and it's usually super easy to find cabin rentals nearby.


Lake Tahoe In Nevada

Nevada might be known for the big lights of Las Vegas, but Lake Tahoe is getting the attention during the summer months. It's known as the second-deepest lake in the country and also massive in size; with more than 70 miles of shoreline, there's no shortage of great beach spots to choose from.

Secret Cove is the best location along Lake Tahoe's shores and its waters are so clear that visitors are usually able to see straight to the bottom. Other fun activities here include snorkeling and, of course, swimming, both of which are a fun experience in this lake's crystalline waters. The surrounding area is also stunning and hikers will be happy to know that there are short trails that follow along the lake's shoreline.

South Haven On Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is a popular destination but South Haven is absolutely beautiful. This lake's beaches only go on for about five miles, but the surrounding town and scenery are well worth the shorter coastline. It's a laid-back atmosphere and visitors can indulge in volleyball courts and bonfires, and also take part in the Blueberry Festival, which happens every season.

South Haven also offers specific areas for barbecuing, public restrooms, and even a lighthouse, which is a commonly-visited attraction in the area.

Lake George In New York

Most well-known is probably Lake George and for good reason. After a four-hour drive from New York City, visitors will be thrilled to find this little slice of heaven near the Adirondacks. This tranquil lakeside town is nothing short of spectacular, offering all the amenities anyone could need to spend an entire summer there.

There's also no end to seasonal activities to be done here, from parasailing to scenic cruises, which is the good thing about such a well-known beach. The accommodations vary from affordable lakeside cabins to extravagant resort suites.

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Lake Winnipesaukee In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known for its White Mountains and stunning vistas, but it should also be known for its lakes. Lake Winnipesaukee is massive and is home to 264 islands as well as 72 miles of beachy shoreline.

Its waters are shallow making it a great family-friendly destination, and it's not likely to be overcrowded due to the sheer expanse of sandy land. Cruises on the lake are also a great way to see this area from a new perspective, including its surrounding mountains.

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Lake Chelan In Washington

Lake Chelan is great for all types of outdoor enthusiasts, from hikers to swimmers and everyone in between. The surrounding park is good for an adventure before cooling off in Lake Chelan's sparkling waters.

This park is also home to a concession stand and paddleboard rentals, providing plenty of options for all-day visits. The park can get pretty crowded, though, so choose times wisely and be sure to book camping stays in advance.

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